2013 EICMA: 2014 Yamaha MT-07 — First Photos and Specs

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2014 Yamaha MT-07

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In Europe, the Yamaha FZ-09 is getting a little brother. The 2014 Yamaha MT-07 is powered by a 689cc parallel-twin and should cost considerably less thanks to its steel-tube frame and more basic components.

That’s not to say that this is a budget motorcycle. The all-new engine produces strong power and torque at relatively low revs and the whole thing is surprisingly lightweight. Think of it more as a more city-oriented take on the FZ-09.

The new “Crossplane Crankshaft” engine uses a V-like 270-degree firing order for strong low-down torque and to increase feel at the rear tire. It makes 74 bhp at 9,000 rpm and 50 lb.-ft. of torque at just 6,500 rpm. The bars that make up the tachometer in the digital dash are “taller” through the 4-8,000rpm range where torque is strongest.

2014 Yamaha MT-07

Weight is kept to an extremely low 394 lbs, a figure which includes a full 3.7-gallon fuel tank. That will help deliver excellent handling and around-town maneuverability, while helping make the bike accessible for newer riders. In comparison, the 847 cc FZ-09 weighs 414 lbs (wet).

The MT-07′s low weight is made possible by a simple, steel tube backbone frame and diminutive proportions.

2014 Yamaha MT-07

Like the FZ-09, the MT-07′s preload-adjustable shock lays horizontal, bolted to the swingarm via a linkage at the rear and to the crankcase at the front. Front forks do not appear to include adjustment.

ABS brakes will be optional, adding 6.6 lbs to the all-up weight.

Sadly, it’s not expected that the MT-07 will make it to the American market.

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  • Justin

    “sadly,it’s not expected…”

    Does that mean there’s still hope?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      There’s always hope.

  • Daniel

    Another shafting of the US market. GIVE US OUR NAKEDS!

    • Justin

      ‘later that night, outside Yamaha’s US headquarters in Cypress, CA’

  • John

    Can I go back to calling the CB500s porky yet? Heavier than a Yamaha 700!

  • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

    Glad to see Yamaha is back making innovative bikes. This and the FZ-09 look like great machines. I wonder if any IOM TT racers are going to try to use one of these as a light weight TT bike? Could make for an interesting budget racer.

    • TP

      Great point, the Supertwins they race right now Ninja 650′s right?

  • Rameses the 2nd

    This is 394 lbs wet. FZ-09 is 414 lbs wet. Not a huge difference. Given the low price of FZ-09, no license restriction at home (you can get your license today and go buy Triumph Rocket or Yamaha V-max tomorrow), and given our general philosophy of “bigger is better”, most people wouldn’t miss FZ-07 here.

    • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

      This doesn’t fall inside any license restrictions I’m aware of, certainly not in Europe. My take is that, looking at the lower spec compared to the MT-09/FZ-09 (steel frame, conventional forks, almost same weight although it’s a considerably smaller motorcycle), it will be significantly cheaper than the 09′s allready low price. Might not be far off CB500 prices. Then it might be missed?

    • Ben W

      Exactly my thought. You can swap the mode on the FZ-09 to cut the power if you want the feel of less displacement, then swap it back when you want a “new bike.” At the asking price, why not?

    • Khali

      MT-09 has 115hp, thus it can not be used by european A2 license riders.
      MT-07 has 75hp, it can be limited to 47hp and then used by A2 riders. It is said that the price will compete with Kawasaki ER6N (one of the best-sellers for A2 riders), making the MT-07 a lighter, sportier, and very attractive option.
      I have seen a great response from non-A2 riders too. Most people do not want 100+hp, 75 on a bicilindrical is enough for most mature riders who want an economical commuter and a fun bike for the weekends. The only point most people has disliked is the conventional forks.

  • Bruce Steever

    Has anyone noticed that there appears to be some kind of cam phaser on the exhaust camshaft? Yo Wes, any mention of variable timing on this thing?

    • Robert Horn

      Compression release for easier starting?

      • Bruce Steever

        Possible, but those are usually compact enough to fit inboard of the cam chain gearing. Still, a more likely component than variable timing, especially on such a budget machine.

        Color me interested. I’m riding the FZ-09 now, and it’s a hoot, but i’d like to think the twin could be even more fun (and cheaper, i like cheaper)

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Not that I’ve seen. The info is pretty basic. Be interesting though!

  • mike

    The engine looks like it would be good for a flat-tracker with the cross planed crank

  • http://statesofmotion.blogspot.com/ FastPatrick

    Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
    6555 Katella Avenue
    Cypress, CA 90630




    Much love,
    Me and about 50,000 other guys

    • John

      It’s obvious that these guys really don’t know and don’t want to know, or they’d actually have an e-mail address. Honda has no e-mail address or phone number.

  • Jack Norton

    Love it all except for the stupidly small fuel tank, why Yamaha, why?

  • Justin McClintock

    Funny….Yamaha built a new SV650 before Suzuki did!

    What’s with calling it a crossplane crank though? We’ve entered full-on marketing territory here. Guys, it’s a twin, not a I3 or I4.

    • hugh

      I think crossplane is legit terminology here. Yamaha used 90/270deg cranks in the TRX850 (hence why they sounded awesome compared to other parallel twins).

      This bike will sound amazing…

    • Khali

      I like 90′s awesome names for technical things.
      CROSSPLANE!!! fuck yeah!

  • Nathan Haley

    At first glance it looked really exciting but after looking through the photos, it’s clear this is a parts bin bike (in spirit if not in actual parts). I love the silhouette and I also like the ABS option – wish we could get it on the FZ-09. I also wish Yamaha would make a psuedo-ADV-esque version using the engine from this bike but with long-travel USD cartridge forks and higher ground clearance (a tall order I know, but it could be the ideal compromise between something like a Tiger 800 XC and a Honda CB500X). I guess that would basically be a XT660Z Tenere, but that ain’t available here in the US.

    • Ulysses Araujo

      Uhh.. How’s this a parts bin bike if Yamaha didn’t have any 2-cilinder bike available before?

      +1 on the Adv version, the mono tenere vibrates too much up on the revs. Plus it’s ugly.

      • Nathan Haley

        a) there’s a lot more parts to a motorcycle than just the engine, e.g. the cheap damper rod forks and steel-tube frame. The USD fork on the FZ-09 is already being called “budget” by most reviewers and seriously limits the bike’s capability. I’ll concede that the suspension on this bike might be appropriate for the bike’s price.

        In any case, I very much wish Yamaha would bring this to the US because I think it would stack up favorably compared with the CB500F, depending on how much they charge for it.

        and an ADV version! C’mon Yamaha, how hard can it be? (maybe I shouldn’t say that…:p)

  • nick

    “Like the FZ-09, the MT-07′s preload-adjustable shock lays horizontal, bolted to the swingarm via a linkage at the rear and to the crankcase at the front. Front forks do not appear to include adjustment.”

    Except the FZ-09′s shock doesn’t actually attach to the crankcase…

  • Sentinel

    So far there are at least 2 bikes for 2014 that I think are great bikes that “aren’t” going to be coming to the US; this one and the new Honda CBR650F. But I am glad that at least the new Honda VFR800F will be! :)

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    Although I love the look of the naked, couldn’t they just slap some fairings on it and replace the FZ6R? This looks like it’s better in every way to fill that segment.

  • Mathew DeLano

    Between this and the new Honda 650′s, I am so disappointed. Does the US market have any desireable, modern bikes with around 80 hp any more?

    Everything either has less than 50 or more than 100 hp.

    • John

      It’s the same with DP bikes. They’re either 250cc or below, or 450cc and expensive/unreliable and up. Nothing in middle sells. Or so they tell us.

  • Michael Love

    Are those build in frame sliders??? Has anyone else done that?

  • Reid

    The line about more basic components vs the FZ-09, already not exactly a paragon of high-end kit, makes me think this will be a “nice” bike and not a “great” one. The 09 has the advantage of that incredibly strong motor and low price point, so the lack of adjustable everything and the spotty throttle response at low revs is somewhat forgivable. Though this 07 will be cheaper (and is lighter, of course) it’s still just going to be a nice budget proposition, whereas the 09 is a legitimate “Bargain.”

  • Davidabl2

    “Sadly, it’s not expected that the MT-07 will make it to the American market.”
    Sadly true that that’s true of most of the streetbikes that interest me..middleweight, lower priced bikes.
    Fun bikes that can can double up as economical transportation.
    I don’t imagine that Yamaha’s revived SR400 will come stateside either…

  • Joe Bielski

    ZOMG!!! Give to me this bike!!! I’d love something like this!!! And I wonder how much cheaper it would be than an FZ-09???

  • Dominic Michaud

    There is nothing in this range in the US/CAN market. I can’t belive both the mt-07 and the cb650f won’t be coming here. We should REALLY have a petition for that. Who’s down?

  • Tommy Holland

    I knew I was on a winner in 1988 with my Honda nt647 hawk.