5 Videos That Get Me Off The Couch And On My Bike

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It’s 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, your alarm went off a half hour ago and you’ve managed to crawl out of bed and onto the couch. You told yourself yesterday that you were going to get an early start and take advantage of the beautiful weather. An early night turned into a late night and now you’re stuck. You know as soon as you hear the purr of your bike’s engine you’ll perk up and be ready for the road, but the trick is getting from the couch to the bike. You need some inspiration beyond caffeine, so here are five videos that are guaranteed to do the trick.

1. Shinya Kimbura- Chabott Engineering
A well-constructed short that explores the creative process behind Shinya Kimbura and his hand-built motorcycles. His perspective is humbling and his bikes are works of art, especially when you watch one speeding down an airplane runway in the middle of the desert.


2. Highest Road In The World
While this is essentially a giant ad for GoPro and Royal Enfield it will still get you going. The video follows a group of guys on their journey to, you guessed it, the highest road in the world. Their ride takes them through the chaotic streets of India, and up into the mountains where they ride inches away from the edge of some pretty serious cliffs.


3. It’s Better In The Wind
It’s Better In The Wind is the brain child of photographer Scott Toepfer. It documents a group of friends as they explore different parts of California. This video always serves as a good reminder that motorcycles are supposed to be fun, especially when buddies are involved.


4. Long Way Down
A ten-part series chronicling Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman riding BMW R1200SG Adventures from John o’ Groats, Scotland all the way to Cape Town, South Africa. I know you probably seen it, but if its been awhile, this one will leave you craving an extended adventure. The entire series as well as their original series “Long Way Round” can be found on Netflix too.

5. The Greatest Show On Earth
Last, but certainly not least, here is one to really get your blood pumping. The Isle of Man TT is by far one of the craziest and most exciting motorcycle races in the world. Just remember, these guys are the best of the best. Please resist the urge to go out and blow through your town at 180 mph.

What motorcycle videos get your blood pumping? Share the link with us in the comments below.

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  • akaaccount

    Amazing speech, debatable applicability for motorcycles, but awesome none the less.


  • Rameses the 2nd

    Great videos. The last Isle of Man video is insane. My blood is pumping, but I am not going out in 13 degree weather. :(

    • zion

      I always show my MSF basic classes this video on the first day, after lunch. I tell them that by Sunday afternoon, this is the riding evaluation!

  • Lourens Smak

    This is a great video, and strange enough it’s a commercial for a bank…

    Based on a true story it makes perfectly clear what riding adds to your life.


    • zion

      One of my favorites… ad or not.

  • Johnny Sailor

    RideApart’s own video about a weekend away with a triumph Bonneville makes me wanna hop on mine every time I see it:

    • Jason

      Absolutely!! I found this, while searching for Bonneville vids, after I found out I was going to buy a friends ’05. I can’t wait to get it down to my house so I can do exactly this!!

    • JamesM

      One of my favorite rideaprt videos of all time! -Thanks for pulling it out of the archives.

  • Brian Reynolds

    This is a motorcycle commercial, of course, but it never fails to give me a bit of a thrill. And too, never have I ridden a bike that gave me more big grins than this one.


  • Shawn Edmondson


    This documentary tells the story of a 5,500 mile motorcycle adventure from Seattle to the Arctic Circle and back. While traveling the back roads through British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, and Alaska, we interviewed the unique and inspiring characters we randomly met along the way. The tale of our journey is flavored with these interviews, providing a glimpse of life in the North Country. These are tales about bears, glaciers, gold, dog mushing, the Midnight Sun, and even whiskey shots garnished with a severed human toe.

    • roma258

      Great job dude, wife and I really enjoyed it!

  • HyperRider
    • Thatmanstu

      Not to slag your “go to”…but crossing the center line like this is just not the way to do it……

      • HyperRider

        to each their own. i don’t criticize the video for the antics of the rider because they are few compared to the amount of artistic thought that went into making this video special.

  • Michael Howard

    I don’t need videos to motivate me to ride. Videos are for those times when I want to be riding but can’t. ;)

  • Alberto G.

    This has to be on the list. It is PERFECT and an all time favorite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLBJcZlNVtc

    • Chris McKendry

      Been a fan of this group since their ‘Riding September’ vid. Really nice, mellow vibes goin’ on.


    • BobasBounty

      What’s funny, or sad depending on how you look at it, is when you watch these gritty “riding around in the mountains” videos, then go to the company’s website. All these people showing beat up old bikes with gnarly bearded dudes eating sardines and staying at trailer parks are selling $75 t shirts and $120 belts. I mean, I get the whole hipster thing where people pay $1000 bucks for an outfit to make them look poor (well get that it happens, not understand the logic), but as to why anyone buys a $200 dollar jean jacket that can be had for less than $50 at the retailer of your choice is beyond me.

      I like nice things, don’t get me wrong, but (and here comes the cliche) if I’m dropping hundreds of bucks on riding gear, it better at least have pockets for armor, or kevlar weave, or epic venting or some such. I’d rather wear Target jeans and spend the rest on a multitude of things as opposed to some brand that is only going to be noticed by other hipsters.

      These videos, while great, should really just show some trust fund LA hipster sitting at Starbucks searching online for some vintage patina exhaust to add to the bike he sits on for his tumblr pictures if they want to be true to the demographic.

  • Schuyler
  • Scott

    Long Live the Kings!

  • Tiago Francisco

    Why hasn’t anyone posted this one? This was the video that made me want to sell my vespa, by a REAL motorcycle and cross Europe.


  • ThinkingInImages

    Anything IOMTT. It’s what got me interested in motorcycling and I’m still fascinated.

  • SteveNextDoor

    Great vids. Not motorcycle-related, but it’s my favorite motivational video:


  • Larry

    Everyone likes to rip on the “Long Way” films with all the whining and the support trucks…but the first one, Long Way Round, is a good documentary. And it really is an organic documentary, not a reality show. You really do get the sense that they’re just winging it as they go, and that there’s a chance they won’t make it, an undercurrent lacking in Long Way Down. Every winter, when it feels like spring may never visit Canada again, I pop it in and watch it all the way through. But the second one just doesn’t pack the same punch. The locations are new, but the experience isn’t, for the viewer and the players alike. The books are interesting too. In the first series, the book plays up the interpersonal conflicts much more than the film does. And strangely the exact opposite is true with Long Way Down…the film really amps up the Real Housewives conflicts, while the book hardly touches on them at all. But they were a big factor making me actually pull the trigger and buy a bike and travel far from home. So. Respect.

    • Thatmanstu

      There is no other way to go truly around the world in 14 weeks and get it on film than to do what they did.. The slagging is completely off base and as you say,they really were winging it and you can feel it…a great adventure,a great film and book,and the second just did not quite have the same spark….expectations,real and imagined, can do that sometimes….

    • Matt Mason

      When they stayed cool, calm, and collected when that Russian mob boss was shooting guns and drinking I knew that they were just winging it and it would be a good show haha.

  • Chris Cope

    For me, it’s this one. Every single time. This and the RideApart episode in Sequoia National Park are the core reasons I finally got a bike after several years of having my license and doing nothing with it. This one almost makes me weep: http://youtu.be/Ph88n-03620

  • Thatmanstu

    Man,the whole open face,flannel & denim,work boot meme is looking pretty tired and “put on” when you watch all the user submitted vids back to back…nothing like a uniform to prove you are an individual….

  • Michael Howard

    This one’s a good attitude adjustment (for me anyway).

    • roma258

      That’s my go-to. Definitely gets the juices flowing. Got me into racing actually (minis, but still).

  • ctrvl

    Awesome idea for a feedback-based article, and love all the suggestions so far. Here is one I that I find gets my emotional part of motorcycling going:


  • Robert Horn

    My favorite video list for motivating me to laugh a lot: http://hipsterbikevideos.tumblr.com/

  • Slacker

    Dammit guys…. It’s snowing outside. This is very upsetting because all I can do is go out in the garage and look at her sitting… crying… wishing to be outside… (and with a new battery since it just croaked on me the other day….)

  • Lourens Smak

    This is another great video I found in my bookmarks:
    (Belgian Classic TT 2012)

  • Larry

    Oh…and there’s this. Nice law-breaking tribute to C’etait un rendezvous. And if you were young in the 80s, the song is pretty cool. And Vancouver does look like a sexy bitch in the morning.