Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag Review

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Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag

You get this text: “Honey can you pick up some [insert domestic item here] on the way home?” Unless you’re already wearing a backpack, you’ve had to respond in the negative. No longer, this little bag fits under your seat and can totally manage a dinner’s worth of groceries and beverages. Read how in this Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag review.

The Gear:
This is a usefully-sized bag made from a thin, but strong ripstop nylon. There’s grab handles on top, the bag tucks into its own 4.5-inch wide, 2-inch thick pouch for stowing and webbing straps perform double duty, passing over your shoulders and in turn, pulling the top of the bag closed. There’s well-designed pinch closures on those, making it easy to pull the bag tightly to your back in order to carry it securely.

That may sound incredibly simple, but there’s no other product like this in the world. As with all Aerostich products, the reason for that is simple: quality.

Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag
The Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag is just large enough to take a 12-pack and even one of the famous Banana Guards.

Before I lost my last one (left it under the seat of a press bike when I returned it), I’d used it for about five years. While no, that wasn’t every day, it was an awful lot of bottles of wine, packs of meat, random dinner ingredients, late night tacos or quick errands on the way back to the office from lunch. I think the biggest load I ever tasked it with was a twelve-pack of beer bottles, two steaks, salad materials and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. It managed that for a few highway miles, then a short ride up through the Hollywood Hills.

While the LP Bag is by no means intended to be a regular use bag, it’s still built to perform above and beyond what a simple reusable grocery bag could ever do. This means that when you need to rely on it, it will hold more than you expect, hold it securely and not flap around even at relatively high speeds.

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  • michaelse

    I keep a similar string bag from my alma mater under my seat. I like the idea of this bag, and would consider it if I were to lose mine, but the price seems steep. I paid $12 for mine, and it looks to have sturdier fabric, thicker strings, and is roughly the same size.

  • Justin McClintock

    That has got to be, hands down, the most expensive string backpack I’ve ever seen. I keep two around, they both work great, and they were both free.

    • Rameses the 2nd

      As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Aaron

    $25 is too much?? hahaha

  • Blu E Milew

    At $25, it isn’t much more than an expensive 12-pack. The other, however, might bring you more happiness.

  • Piglet2010

    “As with all Aerostich products, the reason for that is simple: quality.”

    More than just quality in construction, but you can tell Aerostich gear was designed by people who actually ride.

  • orthorim

    Great, this came just in time; got a new bike with pretty much zero storage capacity.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    I want to see how Aerostitch Banana Guard comapres with Banana Bunker.–tutorial

  • lordkenyon

    I’ve always liked the Sea to Summit bag. 2.4oz, 20L capacity, and has better straps than just string.