Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag Review

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Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag

The Good:
Fits anywhere: under the seat of a modern sportbike, behind the headlights, inside a Roadcrafter’s oft-forgotten thigh pocket, behind your license plate, inside the fairing. No matter what you ride, you have room for one.

Holds heavy loads. Even after five years of occasional use, my old one hadn’t torn or popped a thread or do anything but gain a fine layer of road grime.

Straps securely. Pull the straps over your shoulders, cinch them down and not only does that close the bag tightly (the heavier the contents, the tighter it gets), but pulls it tightly to your back, too.

Doesn’t flap around. You’d think a bag like this would fly around wildly at high speed. But, because you pull it on tightly, it holds securely.

Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag
Modern sportbikes like this GSX-R600 leave little room for extras, but the Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag still fits.

The Bad:
There are going to be things that won’t fit. You’ll be limited to 12 beers, not 24. A large bouquet of flowers is probably a bad idea, go for the small, friendship bouquet.

And some stuff is too small. A bottle of wine? We’d keep that to low speeds only. The bag just doesn’t get secure enough to avoid small stuff flying about a bit.

Your friends will steal it. Invariably, you’ll loan it to one of them in a fit of camaraderie as they try and take home a spur-of-the-moment purchase. You’ll never see it again, unless you look under their seat.

Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag
High quality hardware holds the Aerostich Lightweight Portable Bag tight.

The Verdict:
An essential item for any motorcyclist, you’ll find uses for it you never knew you had. It will make your life easier and more convenient and more spontaneous. Not bad for $25. Heck, get two.

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  • michaelse

    I keep a similar string bag from my alma mater under my seat. I like the idea of this bag, and would consider it if I were to lose mine, but the price seems steep. I paid $12 for mine, and it looks to have sturdier fabric, thicker strings, and is roughly the same size.

  • Justin McClintock

    That has got to be, hands down, the most expensive string backpack I’ve ever seen. I keep two around, they both work great, and they were both free.

    • Rameses the 2nd

      As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Aaron

    $25 is too much?? hahaha

  • Blu E Milew

    At $25, it isn’t much more than an expensive 12-pack. The other, however, might bring you more happiness.

  • Piglet2010

    “As with all Aerostich products, the reason for that is simple: quality.”

    More than just quality in construction, but you can tell Aerostich gear was designed by people who actually ride.

  • orthorim

    Great, this came just in time; got a new bike with pretty much zero storage capacity.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    I want to see how Aerostitch Banana Guard comapres with Banana Bunker.–tutorial

  • lordkenyon

    I’ve always liked the Sea to Summit bag. 2.4oz, 20L capacity, and has better straps than just string.