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Indonesia Motorcycle Videos

The Southeast Asian country of Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation. Given the sheer number of people it is only natural that motorcycles play a big role in the daily and recreational lives of those who live there. Whether it is the pristine coastlines or the awe-inspiring national parks, Indonesia is an exotic destination that is on the list of must-see places. Here is taste of what its like on two-wheels in this exotic local.

Photo: The Stupidest Thing

Lawless Highway
Deus Ex Machina gave Ali Rusmiputro, an up and coming junior superbike competitor, a custom built cafe racer and let him loose on a closed stretch of highway in Bali.

The Great Bromo Adventure
A short video featuring a group of friends exploring Bromo National Park in East Java. Bromo is a volcanically active conversation area boasting unique landscapes and one of Indonesia’s highest peaks.

Indoprix National Series
125cc scooter/motorcycle hybrids going head-to-head on what appears to be a fun-sized track. This video is as perplexing as it is fun to watch.

What are the best videos from exotic locations that you’ve found online? Share the link with us.

  • Kemal Kautsar

    My Country! that’s me with my Honda CB150R (no that’s not a typo it really is 150cc, 250cc bikes is the maximum cc you can get without an insane amount of tax)

    • Ricky Mohammad Nugraha

      yep, over the 250cc capacity bikes, we get the “luxury item tax” for a japanese 600cc supersports its roughly twice the price of its supposed normal price.damn.

  • Jack Meoph

    I’ve seen other vids of the scooter/hybrid racing, and some of the tracks they’re on have fencing right next to the tarmac, and the crashing looks horrific. But, those guys untangle themselves and attempt to get right back into the race. It’s crazy. The track in the vid is the best one I’ve seen of those races.

    • roma258

      You’re right, that’s an awesome looking track! I race minis and I would love to bomb around a track like that on some of the bikes we ride.

  • Guest

    Here’s a waste of 3 minutes of your life. A video montage look at 2 wheel traffic in Saigon from a trip I took a few years back. Cheers.

    • mulderdog

      Been there done that
      what a hoot, eh ?
      thanks for the rekindle

  • Joel Sparks

    I’m headed to Indonesia in 2 months for some islandy biking goodness. Thanks for this!

  • Mr.Paynter

    My lvoe of motorcycles comes directly from my first trip to Bali and riding around overloaded with a best friend and board etc for weeks!

  • anmben

    Why doesn’t the Deus bike in the first video track straight? See 1:06. The front wheel is not in alignment with the rear wheel. Possibly a warped swing-arm or a mal-aligned head tube?

  • tmcblog | motoupdate

    I Love My Country a lot Indonesia

    Yes the population of motorcycle here is very huge

    can you believe, More than 7 millions new Bike sold each year in Indonesia

    great market isnt it?

    but the terain is also lovely for motorcycle riding

    here for example i rode a bike for almost 700 km between most east city at sumbawa Island ( Sape) to most west city ( Mataram) of Lombok Island . .. great Country . . . you have to try

  • Vincentius Kennaldy

    those two men (in The Great Bromo Adventure) on moped is my friends (and also my “guru” on motorcycle riding :)

    hope they will always bring the best of Indonesian moto-Living to the world

    ps: sorry for my bad English