2013 EICMA: Caterham Launches Three New Motorcycle Concepts

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Caterham Brutus Motorcycle

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British sports car company and Formula One Grand Prix race team owner, Caterham Group, revealed three concept motorcycles at EICMA today and announced the launch of a new motorcycle division, Caterham Motorcycles.

The company already revealed in September that it would be entering Moto2 in 2014, under the entrant title of “Caterham Moto Racing Team,” with its own works team using in-house designed, engineered and built motorcycles. There are no details yet of who will be riding for Caterham, or what the bikes will look like.

However, in Italy this week, Caterham said it would now launch a new bike division to manufacture and produce motorcycles that it will sell around the world including the U.S.

In Milan it showed three design concepts to give consumers an idea of what to expect in the near future. The first is the Brutus 750, which has been seen before and was created by former Lambretta designer Alessandro Tartarini. Essentially it is a two-wheeld quad bike, with a 750cc engine and CVT transmission (also from a quad) and uses oversized tires on 14-inch rims.

Caterham describe the Brutus as “surprisingly nimble to ride” and say it can be used on road, off-road or, after a four-hour conversion, turned into a snowmobile.

Caterham Classic E-Bike
Caterham Classic E-Bike

The second concept is a retro-styled electric bike called the Classic E-Bike. It has a false V-twin engine to house the Classic’s batteries. No details were given on the bike’s electric motor but Caterham claims a range for the Classic of 25-50 miles from a full charge.

Caterham Carbon E-Bike
Caterham Carbon E-Bike

A second electric bike – the Carbon E-Bike – described by Caterham as a premium electric bike with modern styling taken from Formula One racing cars joins the line-up. Again no technical details were revealed.

According to Caterham all three concepts will be launched as full production bikes in 2014 and will be sold in European, North and South American markets as well as Asia.

Caterham Bikes has appointed Al-Ishal Ishak as its CEO and he will oversee the launch of all three models. He said: “We are realistic and honest enough to know that we’re not in the business of rivaling the establishment, we’re here to offer an alternative that befits the spirit of Caterham.”

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  • grb

    the Carbon looks pretty cool, but maybe slow. But I just remembered, what happened to that Lotus motorcycle with so many promises?

  • Lee Scuppers

    “Essentially it is a two-wheel[e]d quad bike…”

    You mean, a motorcycle?

    That Classic looks endearingly weird with that eared engine-like thingy in it, though.

    • Pete Plassmann

      “Quad-bike” is what they call ATVs over there.

  • Guzzto

    Top pic is reminds me of the Suzuki VanVan 125 (my girls daily ride)

    • Piglet2010

      The Van Van of course shares tire sizes with the great, awesome, exhilarating Yamaha TW125/200/250 super-dual-sport.

  • DucMan

    Great, more vapor ware.

  • DG

    Are you f-ing for real??? “There are no details yet of who will be riding for Caterham, or what the bikes will look like.”

    The current AMA superbike champ Josh Herrin will be riding for them!! Announced weeks ago..

    • Tim Watson

      You are absolutely correct. My mistake. Josh was announced on October 13th at the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. No second rider, bikes or sponsors have yet been announced.

  • Faysal Itani

    Anything Caterham is very, very, very cool. Love the Brutus.

  • runnermatt

    I expect their is one very good reason for Caterham starting to make bikes and that reason is bike Lotus announced several months back. Several years ago Lotus was up for sale and a Billionaire Lotus fan from India tried to buy Lotus, but he was outbid. Well, he was kinda peeved about it so he bought the next best thing, Caterham. Additional info everyone may not be aware of is that Lotus and Caterham have a long relationship as Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus and Graham Nearn, the founder of Caterham were apparently friends and came to an agreement whereas Caterham was allowed to purchase the rights to build the Lotus 7 with the conditions that Caterham could not change the “essence” of the 7, and they never have. Colin Chapman is the originator of the phase “add lightness”.

    Lastly, Wes did an article a few days ago about the Mclaren P1 is a car that is finally faster than a motorcycle. The higher end versions of the Caterham Super 7 (1200 lbs, 260 hp 2.3L Cosworth engine) is probably close to, if not faster than a motorcycle (due to aero the 7 has a lower top speed than a lot of bikes though). The Super 7 is probably just as difficult to drive at speed as a bike is too ride at speed though, bike might actually be easier.

  • Guzzto

    I have to say I remember when I would check HFL for updates and maybe every few days something new would pop up and I would devour the content, now I feel like Agustus Gloop at Willy Wonkas and there so much to eat I don’t know where to begin!. Great work on the coverage and content of late, you guys probably need a holiday.

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    Looks like a TW200.

  • Justin McClintock

    Hey Tim, that Brutus doesn’t look all that big. Whatta ya say you put in with your checked baggage on the trip home and drop it off at my place. Big thanks in advance!

    • Tim Watson

      Consider it done!

  • Brian

    Brutus reminds me of a Rokon

    • grindz145

      Me too, but not 2WD.

    • ThruTheDunes

      Any of you old desert rats remember the Honda Fat Cat? The Brutus reminds me of one of those on steroids (many, many steroids). One of my buddies had one, and I am sure he would be drooling over this!

  • Justin McClintock

    Given the placement of the passenger pegs on the Brutus, I guess you’re not supposed to carry a passenger more than 3’7″ tall.

  • Likhi Ondov

    So, the Brutus looks kind of like a TW200 with a giant engine and CVT.

  • nick2ny

    None of these will ever go on sale, though the last one looks fantastic. A combo of Alex Pong’s magic bike and a confederate. MTB’s need VPP’s nowadays. As an actual MTB, the Caterham would be horrible.

    This is what car manufacturers can do when they aren’t totally misguided: http://lopro.blogspot.fr/2012/01/lotus-108-uk.html

  • Kr Tong

    It would be interesting to know why a race engineering company, which has always made competitive vehicles, is turning to making vehicles that compete with absolutely nobody.

  • Stuki

    More than anything, this just reminds me of why Europe seems to be in some sort of permadecline. It’s basically art school design projects with no though whatsoever as to how they can be built in anything resembling reasonable numbers, nor for whom.

    Well, Siiir, then who is the target market for these “innovative” and cutting edge British motorcycles?
    Toffs, Sir! Toffs! And Toffs only.