Three New Electric Off-Road Bikes From Italy

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T-RE Enduro
Tacita T-RE Enduro
T-RE Enduro
Tacita T-RE Enduro has Ohlins!
T-RE Enduro
Tacita T-RE Enduro tail
T-RE Enduro
Tacita T-RE Enduro
T-RR Rally
Tacita T-RR Rally
T-RC Cross
Tacita T-RC Cross front wheel
T-RC Cross
Tacita T-RC Cross
T-RC Cross
Tacita T-RC Cross tail


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  • Beale

    As much as l love the sound of ringdingding/braaap, I also love the idea of exploring tight trails almost silently with an electric trials bike or enduro. It’s getting close to being a practical idea.

  • Chris

    No oil changes or valve adjustments every 15 hours, sign me up. Just oil the chain and ride. 4 hours endurance is plenty for dirt riding. eDirtbikes will be successful in the market, it’s the perfect application for electrics.

  • William Hardy

    I’d be knackered before the battery with 4 hours run time ;) Maybe build in the ringdingding/braaap sound track from my EXC stroker somehow…

  • Markus

    I like the potential of the adventure bike very much. Would be excellent if you could carry renewable energy accessories to recharge the bike during your trip.

  • kswaid

    Please try to learn a little bit about electric vehicles before posting these articles. I am no expert in the field but I am annoyed by the general ignorance of the press about such simple machines, which leads to confusion and misconceptions in the general public.

    1. Electrics have motors, not engines. An engine is usually defined as a device that converts thermal energy to mechanical work.
    2. Regenerative braking is not done with the discs. It is performed by treating the motor as a generator and charging the battery (or dumping heat through a load resistor for excessive load.) This is the electrical equivalent of engine braking.
    3. Battery capacities are not rated in kW, which is a measure of power. They are rated in kWh (kilowatt-hour.) As an example, the offered 10.6 kWh battery running for 4 hours would be able to provide an average power of 10.6 kWh / 4h = 2.65 kW (about 3.6 HP).

    • Tim Watson

      Thank you for clarifying.

  • Adam

    I assume the saddle bag looking things on the Tacita T-RR Rally are batteries. That seems pretty vulnerable on a dirt bike…do they just expect you not to crash? I realize they are reasonably mechanically durable (relative to say, a radiator) but they can be the most expensive component of the bike.