What Makes You Most Thankful For Motorcycles?

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Thankful For Motorcycles

Today is Thanksgiving here in The United States, so we asked our readers what makes them most thankful for motorcycles. Here’s what they had to say.

Sean Desmond: “I’m thankful for the places I’ve gone and the people I’ve met. All thanks to motorcycles.”

Susanna Schick: “My awesome bikes. A cozy garage to keep them in. My sweet new Rev’It Cordura jeans that fit perfectly. Going to Day In The Dirt this weekend instead of schlepping through the holiday crowds.”

Loren Lee: “I hadn’t ridden in 30 years when I hooked up with an old buddy who coaxed me into riding his Hayabusa. That was all she wrote; I have been passionately riding for the last three years. I’m thankful that an old friend reintroduced me to something I love and reminded me what a good friend he is.”

Jason Griese: “Trips I would have never taken. Wrong turns that turned into the right roads. The close calls that remain just that. That perfect sweeping curve at exactly the right speed.”

Scott Lathan: “I’m most thankful that CBR600RR riders, supermoto hooligans and Harley guys still give me a wave, even though I’m only on a little Ninja 250.”

Wendi Round: “I just got a little TU250X and am going for my license at 42. I’ve always loved bikes, now I can ride my own anytime once I get my license. I can’t wait and am so thankful to have the opportunity to finally do this.”

Bahamut: “I am thankful for motorcycles because riding is an escape from my job.”

Vickram Krishna: “Motorcycling has taught me a lot this past year. Most of all, humility and patience. I’m thankful for that.”

Sandy: “I am not thankful for Thanksgiving because it marks the end of the riding season where I live!”

Rob S: “It kept me sane when I was somewhere I didn’t want to be.”

Brian Milburn: “I’m simply thankful that motorcycles exist.”

How about you? What makes you thankful for motorcycles?

  • michaelse

    I think Bahamut summed it up pretty well. Most of us have pretty stressful lives, and hitting the open road on two wheels is a great way to decompress.

  • Scott Otte

    Every Journey is an adventure when on a motorcycle, they make life more epic, you are the lone hero versus the world.

  • taba

    Because the thrill of acceleration doesn’t leave me hungover.

  • Bill

    I am thankful that I survived my 1st year on a motorcycle in 1 piece.

  • lysdexia

    I am thankful for Soichiro Honda. Anata no sensei ni kansha!

  • Tee Jay

    *Insert jaded motorcycle expert Thanksgiving comment here.*

  • bammerburn

    As an addendum to my comment (Milburn), I got into motorcycles after my very good friend unexpectedly passed away from HIV, which he didn’t tell me about. This death unsettled me to the core and made me feel completely lost. I got a scooter and suddenly found it a form of therapy, bringing forth solitude at a time when I needed it. I loved to just ride around and meditate on my own terms. Since then I’ve fallen further into that two-wheeled world, finding motorcycling to be a necessary respite from the chaos in my busy life. They help you connect with the true core of yourself.

    And for that, I’ll always be thankful that motorcycles exist.

  • Stuki

    Probably about an entire year of my life saved not sitting in LA & SF traffic and looking for parking. Plus all the places I’ve gone and people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had, that I would just have passed up if it involved an hour of gridlock in a cage.

  • andr01dm

    Travelling in solitude. That kick in the butt from acceleration. Free parking in the city, steps away from my office.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    I’m thankful for wet autumn deserts and friends who take dirt riding only just seriously.

  • David Burgis

    That I am still riding since I was ten till now 50yrs later, nothing else beat,s the freedom you get on a motorcycle ! where is my next adventure going to take me.

  • Joel Sparks

    Teaching middle school in a foreign country (Korea), my day is a bit of a pressure cooker. Cultural and linguistic frustrations compound the hormonal energy of the students. My 4:30 ride home, cutting through gridlocked traffic and cracking the throttle from the front of traffic lights, is by far the highlight of my day. It’s kept me going for the last 3 years here, paying down my debt and financing motorcycle travels in nearby countries. Motorcycling simply makes my life better.

    • gregory

      Joel, I live in Seoul. Give me a ping on Kakao: gceaves.

  • http://krtong.com/ Kr Tong

    Im thankful for motorcycles because it brings my friends together.

  • gregory

    In no particular order, I am thankful for the convenience of being able to practically and economically navigate a massive urban metropolis. I am thankful that I was able to hold down two jobs, plus school, only because I was able to zap across the city on a bike. I am thankful for the little bits of makeup and snack packet that the girflriend leaves in the jacket’s rear pouch after two-up touring for a while. I am thankful for my heated grips and plastic grip gauntlets. I am thankful for an inexpensive mechanic who worked for Honda for 15 years and now runs his own small one-man shop. I am thankful for the stupid, drunken zips around the neighborhood with a fat buddy on the back, careening here and there. I’m thankful I don’t have to stand in a cramped subway like a zombie for two hours a day. I’m thankful for the dragonfly that smacked into my mouth on a summer day, making me choke. I’m thankful for the ice patch I slipped on last winter, going down. I’m thankful for the large rear top box that can carry all my finance textbooks. I’m thankful for the runningboards you can install on cruisers so that your girlfriend can have somewhere to place her feet. I’m thankful for my old KLR’s carrying rack. I’m thankful for the guy on a CBR 900 RR who travelled with me all the way back to town when I was on my 125cc Yamaha YBR. I’m thankful for that offroad dirt bike place at the top of the grapevine where I had my puncture fixed for cheap. I’m thankful for the borderguard in Blaine, WA, who invited me in out of the rain for a cup of coffee. I’m thankful for the little tickles my girlfriend gives me when she grabs hold of me. I’m thankful that I can have two motorcycles, and a bicycle, and still be within budget every month. I’m thankful for the smell of the trees when you ride through a park. I’m thankful for the ocean spray when you ride too close to the sea wall. .. there are so many things…

  • eddi

    The best mental and physical therapy I’ve ever found was riding down a country road. You have to focus outside yourself and all worries and minor aches just go away. And they don’t come back most of the time.

  • DrRideOrDie

    I’m thankful to survive two crashes in my first year on 2 wheels. I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met and made friends with. I’m thankful for the new take on life that #lifeon2wheels has given me.

  • The Blue Rider

    The trips I’ve taken, and the people I’ve met, that have changed my life. And I’m thinking of one girl in particular…

  • ThruTheDunes

    Things I am thankful for:
    - MSF classes (especially since it substitutes for a road test)
    - That my wife learned the art of motorcycle shifting on an ATC 250R
    - Glamis
    - That my wife and son want to get their motorcycle licenses
    - The Wave (this from an old Jeeper…)
    - ability to talk to other riders and watch the awed look of non-comprehension from others
    - dirt road rides (sponsored by SecondWind BMW)
    - RideApart (keep up the great articles!)

    And most of all for Pete, my kid brother, who brought home that Honda Super 90 all those years ago that infected me with the motorcycle fever that has (thankfully) never been cured.

  • Michael Howard

    I never got asked (until this article). I see how ya are.

    I’m thankful that riding puts my head in a good place and saves me the expense of a therapist.

  • NorvinShadow

    I am really thankful to my bike, because it gives me the opportunity to disconnect from the society. For that moment its me and my motorcycle and nobody else.WoW