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I had heard stories about how amazing Jason Britton was, but it wasn’t until the Kawasaki/ICON Gaslamp Takeover last month that I finally got to see him in action. Not only is he is a super nice dude, he also rides a motorcycle like I’ve never seen. Here are five of the best Jason Britton videos on the Internet.

Jason is an ambassador for stunt riding and is also an advocate of properly learning the sport with the correct equipment and safety gear, and in a private and safe location. He has a degree of of bike control not often seen and is able to display his talent, while encouraging fans not to go out and mimic his stunts without proper training.

“To say you’re a stunt rider and you go and do a wheelie down the highway…that’s not what it’s about. That’s the same as saying you’re a road racer and going to Ortega highway to see how fast you can get to the top of the hill.”

Jason does a lot with the military, while also encouraging them to ride safely. Would you let him try and ‘stoppie’ as close to you as possible?

I can’t imagine seeing it wet outside and thinking, “Today seems like a good day to practice sliding the back end.”

If I could pick one of these tricks to have Jason teach me, it might be drifting.

Taking, “Look mom, no hands!” to a whole new level. (Sorry the sound is spotty, the video was just too good not to add to this list.)

What do you think? Is Jason Britton a master of his craft or just another hooligan giving motorcycling a bad name? Can stunt riding be done responsibly?

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  • Eric Shay

    When I first saw him riding during the IMS motorcycle show was the first time I saw a motorcycle ollie in person. It was incredible.

    • Justin Turner

      I didn’t know that was possible until I watched this video.

  • JerseyRider

    does anyone know what bar risers he uses?

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      Look for more content around Jason and his bike in the future.

    • NONo443

      In one of his videos, he explains the modifications on his 636; he uses ConvertiBars on that stunt bike.

      EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HZISHnBPbwE&list=UUsPmwTdClQa-_nVjMMvnv4A#t=233

      Just so I am citing my source correctly.

      • JerseyRider

        Thanks. He calls those bars the greatest invention in the history of man kind lol. I wonder why they aren’t extremely popular among the sport bike crowd, especially just from a comfort standpoint.

  • msay

    He’s the first ‘legit’ stunter I was made aware of and he’s pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned. It’s definitely not a part of riding that I’m interested in but it’s very impressive. I hate seeing people shutting down roads to do this and it’s really nice to see Jason put that kind of thing in its place. Just idiots being idiots. Must be a difficult for him at times, I’m sure the street-hooligan stuff is where a lot of people get their starts and those same people must look up to the pros. The line about calling yourself a road racer when you just blast around on public roads sums it up well, it’s just harder for most people to see the difference between a pro stunt rider and some idiots doing wheelies in the street.

  • William Connor

    The TV show he had for awhile was very good as well. If I recall correctly it aired on Speed. I think stunting is very cool and when done in the right environment as entertaining as racing. I do like the drifting as well and certainly I skill I would not mind having.