Weekend Round-up: Our Favorite Marc Marquez Videos

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Marc Marquez is one of our favorite riders. Here are five of our favorite videos of the boy wonder.

Awesome rider. Awesome track. Awesome footage. Enough said.

Great footage from MotoGp’s “Best Battles” series.

BBC compiled some great footage along with this neat interview.

He even helps the grounds-keeping crew!

Onboard footage is usually rather dull, unless it’s of Marquez…

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  • msay

    So 2 of these still work, Dorna seems to have cracked down on MotoGP videos.

  • Stuki

    Man, that picture makes the one of Wes dragging knee seem pretty pedestrian……

    This guy is pretty much dragging his whole side; laying down sliding around on pavement with a motorcycle on top of him.

    • michaelmatos

      I agree. That lean angle is insane. May I ask what the point of knee dragging? This gentleman has impeccable form and his knees seem to be where I would imagine them to be in order to grip and maintain control. Is the knee down to help shift more weight to the inside? Is it to give a rider a sense of how far to push the bike? I’m genuinely curious.

      • engageit

        Both of your guesses are correct.
        I have also heard riders say they can sometimes just prop the bike up using it when they lose it for a second.

        • Ken

          I remember Mick Doohan crashing in his last race (Phillip Island I think) desperately keeping a sliding 500 off the deck with his knee. Incredible. It was a testament to his gimlet-eyed competitiveness.

          A moment’s pause though to salute the amazing Mr Marquez. I wonder if Rossi will throw in the towel now? He might feel he can best Lorenzo again, but Marquez is different. Like staring in a mirror at his much younger, hungrier self.

        • Ken

          And here it is! Immaculately transferred from a state-of-the-art CRT television with full 4:3 “tall-screen” aspect ratio. Go to 1.22.


  • Rowan

    I think Dorna don’t like these clips imbedded here. There are 2 that I like that aren’t here. Type this into YouTube: MotoGP Best Moments — Márquez’s bodged start in Japan 2012, and Best of 2012 – Marc Marquez