World Moto Aims To Turn Wheels Into Billboards

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Think you have the latest high tech kit on your new motorcycle? Apparently you don’t as a Thai company has just developed a system that allows you to turn your bike’s front wheel into a full color video screen.

The concept has been developed by World Moto, based in Bangkok and was recently shown at the Sign Asia Expo in Thailand. Described as a new motorcycle innovation, it will allow a rider to make their front wheel a mobile billboard or have the capacity to screen video while the bike is in motion.

Wheelies debut at Sign Asia Expo
Wheelies debut at Sign Asia Expo

World Moto became the first company to develop a modern meter system for use on motorcycle taxis – which are used predominantly in Asia – but it’s now turned its attention to developing technology that could change the way the front of your bike looks.

Based on the principal of persistence vision where, to the human eye, static images can be combined to give the illusion of movement, World Moto has created what it calls Wheelies.

This involves 424 LED lights being mounted on an eight spoke wheel with a computer tracking the wheel’s speed and where the spokes are at any given time. Then the lights have to be lit in a series of sequences to create the image you want.

Wheelies LEDs
Wheelies LEDs

World Moto began work 18 months ago on this idea and is now looking for a company that will use the system for advertising on motorcycle taxis in its home country of Thailand.

Wheelies - Tech
Wheelies – Tech

Although still in its infancy, Wheelies can currently show 30 seconds of video on a loop. Long term though World Moto plans to be able to stream video and play full length movies on the front wheel of any motorcycle or scooter, or for that matter any vehicle with wheels. Not that screening a movie on a wheel is neither safe nor practical, but rather more of a novelty. Currently the company is using a web application to manage content that streams to the front wheel.

World Moto has not released a price yet for this piece of technology, as it is interdependent upon the size of a given bike’s wheel, however they are estimating initial cost could be around $1,000 per front wheel unit.


Wheelies debut at Sign Asia Expo
Wheelies debut at Sign Asia Expo

It’s also not clear if this is something that could be sold to private individuals outside of Thailand to use on their bikes or what the legal implications are of riding a motorcycle while playing a video through your front wheel. Our guess is that it would get you a Fix It ticket faster than you could say, ‘World Moto Wheelies.’

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  • Jack Meoph

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • Guy Simmonds

    Sounds like a good way to distract other road users, make them fixate on your wheels, and crash into you…

    • Ben W

      Dream of it as an opportunity to communicate those important things.

      “You have a taillight out.”
      “Put down the phone and drive.”
      “Your tires are low on pressure.”
      “Please stop trying to kill me.”

      • Guy Simmonds

        Pair it up with GPS technology to remind people what the speed limit is… combine it with snarky messages like “I’m obeying the speed limit, how about you?”

        • Ben W

          That’s the spirit!

      • Michael Howard

        Yeah, ‘cuz that’s what it’ll be used for instead of yet more in-your-face advertising. Ah, I guess that’s where the “dream” comes in.

        • Ben W

          Exactly. You’re right about the reality, but imagination is way more fun.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    This will work perfectly on the single sided swingarm rear wheel of my ducati, where I’ll run mood images, pictures of craft beers and designer brands that I like. This is such a great lifestyle accessory

  • Nate Terrill

    File Under: Truck Nuts and other stupidity.

  • Robert Horn

    The bicycle set has been doing this for about a decade now, although which much lower resolution. Look up “Hokey Spokes” and “SpokePOV” (The latter is much more hacker friendly/DIY oriented).

    • minnjohn.advrider

      I was going to say the same thing … and add that this is the last thing I’d want on a bike – powered or not.

  • SteveNextDoor

    “Hi, John Anderton. Why not pull off and try a Budweiser instead of sitting in this traffic? It’s cool. And refreshing. The 7-11 at 101 Main St. just 0.3 miles away is running a sale. Have a Budweiser, John Anderton!”

  • O’Malley is a Idiot

    This would be great for the DEW TOUR .

  • 200 Fathoms

    Oh, how wonderful. The one thing this world needs is more advertising.

  • Scheffy

    I already have a hard enough time not being turned into hamburger by people watching videos on their phones in their own hands. The last thing I want is one of these monkeys swinging their F-teen-hundert up closer to me to catch a flash of some makeup model’s sideboob.