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Star Bolt Cafe Racer

Last week, we revealed the concept bikes Yamaha will be bringing to the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show on November 19, 2013. Now, here’s more, high-res images of the Yamaha 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Concepts, along with the latest information released today.

Yamaha PES1
Yamaha PES1

Yamaha PES1
This electric sportbike concept is ultra-lightweight at just 220 lbs. Despite that, it is equipped with a gearbox capable of operating in either manual or automatic modes. The battery box is used as a stressed member of the chassis, bolting to very small swingarm pivot plate at the rear and to a very large headstock at the front. The DC Brushless motor sits between those pivot plates, under the batter, then, under that, is the shock.

Take away the zany lights, add mirrors, indicators and a plate hanger and you have what could be a production bike in the very near future. The big question is going to be range and performance; you can’t pack too many kWhs into 220 lbs.

Yamaha PED1
And the same goes for this electric dirt bike. The modular approach which sees both bikes sharing the same stressed battery box and similar swingarm pivot plate/headstock arrangement is perhaps the strongest indicator of production intent. Such a shared arrangement reduces production costs, just don’t get your hopes up about swapping one bike between dirt and sport; there’s too many small differences like the shock arrangement to make that practicable.

Yamaha says that the battery is swappable in the PED1, although we don’t immediately see how that is possible. The limited range indicated by the low weight should be less of an issue on a motocross bike.

The lack of a seat is totally bizarre, but was likely a decision made to emphasize just how minimalist an electric bike can be. Fewer parts equals less weight and less complication; the PED1 weighs just 188 lbs.

Yamaha EVINO
Yamaha EVINO

Yamaha EVINO
Take a Vino, pull it’s ICE drivetrain and swap in an electric one. We expect to see this in production soon. Scooters like this mount their motors on the swingarm for packaging reasons, which compromises ride and handling. A lighter electric motor should reduce unsprung weight, this one appears as if it might be concentrically mounted to the wheel.

Yamaha EKIDS
Yamaha EKIDS

Yamaha EKIDS
Equipped with the same Lithium-Ion battery and DC Brushless motor as the EVINO, expect the EKIDS to have about the same performance as a 50 cc ICE equivalent. Yamaha has always had a strong presence in kids dirt bikes, adding zero-emissions, zero-maintenance electric bike to that range makes a ton of sense and should be easy to do with that shared powertrain. This should be production-destined too.

Bolt Cafe Racer
Bolt Cafe Racer

Bolt Cafe Racer
Kids these days. Not satisfied with a stock cruiser, would you believe they’ve been modifying their perfectly nice stock cruisers into cafe racers? Sadly, it doesn’t appear as if Yamaha intends to production-ize this bike or even sell parts for it, instead it is simply hoping this factory custom will drum up consumer interest for the better-than-a-Sportster Bolt.

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  • Justin McClintock

    I take offense to the idea that an electric bike is “zero maintenance”. It’s lacking the typical maintenance of an engine. That doesn’t mean there’s no maintenance to be done. There are plenty of things I do to keep my bikes on the road that don’t necessarily involve the engine. Besides that, no electric motor is going to run forever with no attention paid to it. Finally, can we consider any time spent charging batteries beyond what it would take to fill it up with gas as maintenance? Because I can’t ride it during that time, so that seems fair.

  • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

    The Bolt Cafe just needs a less tear-droppy tank and right-side-up bar-end mirrors and it would look fine.

    It’s a dud as is.

    • Dave Day

      I certainly agree with you on the tank and mirrors. I also think the forks just look too skinny in relation to the rest of the bike.

  • Don Fraser

    Yeah, spend $10 grand for a new bike and then spend another $3 or $4K making it look cool and what do you have? Something you couldn’t sell for $5 grand.

    • darngooddesign

      You left out the whole, “enjoy riding around on a bike you made cool for yourself and learned a little about how to work on motorcycles”.

      • Don Fraser

        I should clarify, been riding and wrenching for over 40 years and have never left anything alone, but I tend to keep stuff for a long time. Have seen lots of bikes modified by their owners and given away a short time later at a big loss. Better to buy something old like Greg Hageman at hagemanmc.com and make it better and worth more.

  • carbon

    That cafe’d Bolt is pretty sweet. Bore her out to 1200cc!

    • Mr.Paynter


  • Guest

    What’s going on with that weird gap between the hump and the fender eliminator/tail light bracket?