Unveiled: Yamaha 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Concepts

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Yamaha PES1

Are you feeling retro or futuristic? Yamaha is bringing both to the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Here are the first specs and images on its new concept bikes.

Bolt Cafe Racer
Yamaha Bolt Cafe Racer Concept

Bolt Cafe
We’re honestly surprised it’s taken them this long to make a cafe racer based on the Star Bolt. Sadly, it doesn’t sound as if this one is destined for production, with Yamaha saying this is, “a prototype showing an example of how owners can customize the bike to their own tastes.”

Yamaha PES1 Concept
Yamaha PES1 Concept

“Passion Electric Street Sport,” no, we’re not sure why there’s only one ‘S’ in the name either. Yamaha says this is intended to deliver, “the same operational feeling that current motorcycle riders are used to.” In the pursuit of that goal, it’s equipped this lightweight sportbike with a gearbox capable of operating in manual or automatic modes. It’s powered by a DC brushless motor and weighs just 220 lbs.

Yamaha PED1 Concept
Yamaha PED1 Concept

Yamaha PED1
“Passion Electric Dirt Sport,” again equipped with that auto/manual gearbox and a swappable battery pack. There is not really anything new here (we suspect the BRD RedShift would eat its lunch), but it’s a good sign that major motorcycle makers will be moving into electric bikes in the very near future.

Yamaha EVINO Concept
Yamaha EVINO Concept

Yamaha EVINO
Take one Vino scooter, pull out its ICE drivetrain and swap it for Lithium-Ion batteries and an unspecified electric motor and you have an electric commuter that makes a ton of sense. Electric scooters like these will be taking over city streets worldwide in the very near future.

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  • Richard Gozinya

    Got to wonder if those EV weights are with or without batteries. If with, they either have a very short range, or are made entirely from carbon fiber.

    • Joe Bielski

      I have to do some research on the types of batteries used in EV’s but I remember from RC racing, Lipo (Lithium-ion polymer) batteries are getting lighter and their Mah and discharge rates are constantly going up. Back in the day, “Nitro” powered RC’s were the fasted around but with the advent of brushless motors and Lipo’s all that changed VERY quickly. Like that freaky tall guy from twin peaks says; “It is happening again……”

  • Flying Wsan

    Just listen to the manly whine of that motor……… I look forward to the day that I can hear the birds chirping at the track…NOT.

    • 200 Fathoms

      This should be interesting, though:


      • Joe Bielski

        It is pretty inevitable. And 0-100km/h in 2.9s and onto a (limited) top speed of 225km/h is pretty SICK!!!

  • John

    Obviously, there is a perceived correlation between speed and the thinness of the seat.

    • Dan

      … it’s worked for Ducati for decades.

      • AndrewF

        It did, but eventually they had to start making Multistradas and Diavels in order to survive.

    • metric_G

      Look at the new KTM RC390, talking about painted on seats.

      • John

        Motorcycling has become an S&M club.

    • Stuki

      Weight on the pegs, you lazy slob………

      • John

        At some point, sport bikes will merge with trials bikes and hmmm, not sure how that will work…..

        • Richard Gozinya

          A sub 200 lbs bike with 130 bhp? I’m not seeing a downside.

  • Tutivillus

    No need to release that Bolt Cafe Racer, so I agree with Yamaha. As a Bolt owner, we’re doing a lot of these mods just fine on our own. It’s a great bike to own and mod!

    • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

      How? That looks like a different rear subframe than the stock Bolt.

      • Tutivillus

        }:) Torches and cutters. Heheheheh! Although, most of us are waiting until the warranty goes away before making blood.

        • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

          Gotcha. Quick question, and this is not me being a smartass, but if one desires a “cafe racer” kind of bike, why not just start with a Bonneville/Thruxton/V7 base? It would seem that would be the more economical route rather than cutting up a Bolt and trying to make it something it totally wasn’t designed to be. Are there inherent qualities to the Bolt that make it more attractive than those other bikes?

          • Tutivillus

            I couldn’t answer that one, since it’s not a look I’m going for with mine. Choppers, Bobbers, Baggers, Trackers, Rats, Racers…those are all the different looks that are coming out of this bike. It’s very versatile with little (relative) modification. And it’s a lot of fun stock as well.

            • Twin Verb

              I look at that Bolt and think that isn’t exactly how I would want it. But it could be the beginnings of a great little project and a great utility bike. I think it’s great.

          • Mark D
  • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

    Man, subliminal branding really does work. I don’t even like Pepsi.

    • http://www.motard.ca/ Guillaume Béliveau

      This, hahah.

  • mikki sixx

    I was wondering if there was going to be any fanfare about the return of the SR400, until I learned that their “return” was limited to Europe. Seems like a natural bike to mod into a cafe racer, but I suppose the Bolt works too. Looks really nice.

  • Reid

    lol that Yammy cafe racer is EXACTLY the kind of thing HD should sell as a production motorcycle. Or, you know, something like this:
    Aaaand that’s the last jab at Harley from me for a while. I’m wearing myself out lol

  • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

    Upside-down mirrors on the Bolt Cafe look like:

  • Michael Uhlarik

    Here comes the tip of the spear.

    Modular chassis design, production-level finish, and the very “normal” styling and suspension elements suggest to me that these are production teasers, based on tarted-up mass-production models. If these were merely fantasy concepts, they would sport delicious milled aluminum swing arms, custom designed secondary parts like brake reservoirs and handlebar levers, and very high end shocks, forks and wheels. GK Design, Yamaha’s design branch, has never made pure concept motorcycles this low-key. The way I see it, the only thing “concept” about these is the bodywork, which is almost entirely missing from the PED1.

    People forget that Yamaha has more experience with two-wheeled electric propulsion than anyone (they pioneered and dominated the electric pedal-assist bicycle market since the 1990′s), and together with Honda actually sell electric scooters (good ones) in Japan and Asia in good numbers. This is the beginning of serious electric motorcycle products in the mass-market segment. The start-ups operating in the $8000-$12000 price point had better take this seriously.

    To quote Bert Cooper from Mad Men, regarding Japanese motorcycle companies:

    “I would not underestimate these people.”

    • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

      Good analysis. I would say ANY e-moto start-up should seriously worry about a early entrance into the market by the mainstream manufacturers.

    • susannaschick

      seriously. they know the market. now we need to prove we’re ready to buy. I’ve got a killer electric motard, that leaves my R1 collecting dust most of the time. That PESI (needs a new name) and has plenty of room for more batteries, so I’m looking forward to the day when I can buy one to play in Malibu and on the track…

      • Michael Uhlarik

        We’re working on it, Susanna. We’re working on it.

  • chupa

    Love the look of that Bolt.

  • Stuki

    I wanna buy some property near the Rockstore in Malibu, and install chargers………..

    At 220lbs, if those motors have any power at all, these bikes are going to be soooo much faster though tight canyons than double weight gas bikes it isn’t even funny. And while the range may not be all that, it should suffice for a videotaped run through the Snake.

  • Chris Davis

    Pegging the awesome meter.

  • Chris

    whoa boring.

  • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

    Yamaha seems to be coming out with some great stuff this year. All the new FZ bikes, and these electric bikes look great too. The Bolt cafe racer looks like a winner too. Reminds me of the V7 Racer.

  • Kemal Kautsar

    there’s rumor circling around here in Indonesia (Yamaha plant) that they are going to produce 250cc bike to compete against CBR250 and Ninja 250, they planned to market it world wide. and its rumored to have 2 cylinder engine

    i’m pretty sure Yamaha will sell it in 2014 because already ordering parts such as front forks and catalytic converter fo test it.

    pic related, artist rendering for yamaha 250cc bike.

    • ThinkingInImages

      Very nice. I like Yamaha’s sports motorcycles. I just never seem to buy them. Maybe this one….

  • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

    I really like the skinny wheels and slicks on the PES1. Makes it looks like a naked, electric 125GP bike!

  • Dan Kearney

    Electric scooters took over the streets of all the Chinese cities years ago. So much in fact that a few of them have started to ban electric scooters altogether. Why? Because too many pedestrians were getting mowed down by “the silent death”. Too much of a good thing I guess. . .