Yamaha PES1 Concept Video Released

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This week Yamaha pulled the wraps off its electric sport motorcycle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show and shortly afterwards released a video to show the Yamaha PES1 concept in action.

The PES1 maybe a concept but unlike so many that are built just to put on a show stand, it looks like this one actually works.

According to Yamaha, the PES1 is powered by a brushless DC Power module e-mill motor, which is mounted in the bike’s modular frame and it has a gearbox with an automatic as well as manual mode and smartphone integration. Overall the PES1 is said to weigh less than 220 lbs.

No word on if the PES1 will go into production but we like the way Yamaha is thinking.

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  • TestSalad

    Make it!

  • Ken Lindsay

    Dare I say it looks too small to be effective? Looks super nimble but lacking batteries. Nice to see Yamaha taking a crack at electric bikes!

    • kinscore

      It looks small to me, too. That will limit range but reduce weight, so it’s probably a blast to ride for maybe 20-40 miles. It looks maybe slightly smaller than the Zero FX, which can get up to 70 miles city or 30 miles at 70 mph. I think the PES1 wouldn’t look worse at least a little bigger, but maybe Yamaha came up with the size optimizing it for TTXGP (I think about 20 miles per race, and I hope Yamaha will race the PES1) or decided to prioritize weight/handling over range.

  • Jack Meoph

    You had to wonder when the big boys were going to step in and take over the show. I guess it will be in the next 5 years or so. I thought it would be around 10, but they all seem have near production level prototypes. I still think that there isn’t enough rare earth materials in the world to make electric vehicles cost effective over traditional infernal combustion engines.

  • Kr Tong

    OMG its tiny and I want it.

  • JT

    RVers take note, could be the best bumper bike ever made.

  • Yamawho

    The bike looks nice enough, but why do so many motorcycle preview videos have to sound like a 1992 German diskothek?