10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle

Lead photo by Kevin Cox

Wednesday’s article, 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Motorcyclist caused quite a reaction, not just because of the suppository laxatives and not least from readers who disagreed. So, we thought we’d examine the topic from a different perspective. Would you believe we found an actual woman who rides motorcycles to write this one? — Ed.

I got a chuckle from last week’s “Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Motorcyclist”. But something in the satire made me feel…I don’t know…guilty for laughing. I mean, if you re-read the thing (and I think you should), you’ll see this is clearly a cry for help. First of all, the author uses the word “motorcyclist” to exclusively define the heterosexual male rider, so right there, you know he’s either ancient or been hiding under a rock. Either way, you shouldn’t laugh at these people. Secondly, the poor guy must be so beat down by the unrealistic expectations of non-riding females, he’s actually trying to talk them out of dating him (and you, too, if you’re a heterosexual male who rides a motorcycle). That’s tragic. Then, he’s outing his rare disorder of the nasal mucosa, which apparently, a lot of heterosexual males who ride motorcycles suffer from. I don’t really know what he’s talking about, being a girl and all; we don’t get “boogers.” Anyway, the article got me thinking. Maybe you motorcyclists (heterosexual males who ride motorcycles) are looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe what you should do is find yourself a woman who rides a motorcycle. Consider some less-obvious reasons why hanging out with someone who digs what you dig might be the way to go.

10 Reasons To Date a Woman Who Rides:

1. We Travel Light

It is a scientific fact that all a girl really needs for any given vacation fits easily into a tank-bag: toothbrush, bikini, a little black dress, heels, sunscreen, lip-gloss, mascara, and a tire pressure gauge. Girls who ride motorcycles know this. No bulky bags crammed with “essentials” like clean underwear and shampoo that you’re expected to shlep around for her. Chances are, we’ve got a cool tank bag that doubles as a stylish purse anyway.

2. We’re a Cheap Date

Forget $15 martinis and $40 sea bass; we’re good with a Frog Dog and a beer at the races. Of course, our dream-date is a long ride on a twisty road with lunch someplace where they bake their own bread and the hostess calls the guy making sandwiches “dad.” Bonus: we show up with our tanks already full.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle
We’re a cheap date.

Photo by Jason Sibre


3. We Get You

Feeling like a rock-star for taking your scarlet-faired torque-monster of an Italian race bike down the “scenic route” on your GPS that turned out to be sixteen miles of winding, mostly-dry, dirt logging trails and moss-slimed riverbeds? We get that. You are a rock-star. Pull off a stunt like that and we’ll probably throw ourselves at you.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle
We get you.

4. We’re Tough

Another scientific fact: if you ride a motorcycle, at some point, you’re going to fall down and go boom. Been there, done that, and we’re not about to boo-hoo when (not if) it happens again. It takes a lot to make women riders cry. As in, “sorry ma’am, that repair bill is going to cost you a lot”.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle
We’re tough.

Photo by brutaleforever


5. Crazy Ex-girlfriends Are Afraid of Us

Doesn’t matter what we ride (not like she’d know the difference, anyway), your nut-job ex sees you holding hands with some girl who’s holding a helmet in the other, and suddenly, camping out on your porch with a batch of your favorite cookies on what would have been the two-year anniversary of your first date doesn’t seem like such a good idea. You could be escorting the new gal to her pearl-pink Vespa, but all’s that psycho sees is “BIKER-CHICK”. In the twisted hierarchy of feminine badasses, we’re sort of up there. Right under female Navy Seals and Heidi Klum.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle
Crazy ex-girlfriends are afraid of us.

Photo by Michelle Sobina


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  • CluDmoto

    Convinced me alright :P

  • roma258

    Yeah, I really don’t think you’re going to get a lot of resistance here.

  • SteveNextDoor

    Where’s the article? I just see a bunch of pics….

    -Heterosexual Male… Next Door

  • Donnie Byers

    motorcycle chicks = hawt

  • HoldenL

    You had me at tire gauge.

  • phoebegoesvroom

    Hey, not all of us are into leather (I’m vegan), though I do like the look! ;)

    • Jake Isbill

      Well then don’t eat your jacket. Problem solved.

      • phoebegoesvroom

        Har har

    • Brian

      Aerostich then….problem solved…

      • phoebegoesvroom

        That’s what I have: a Roadcrafter 2 piece and another pair of Roadcrafter pants paired with a Power Trip Dakota textile jacket.

        • Brian

          there is a small part of me that has a slight fantasy of a girl showing up somewhere in a Roadcrafter and peeling open that long zipper to reveal in a superhero like way the POW factor of “I am female and see/hear me RAWR”…maybe I am just kinda weird with that one ?!?!?!

          • phoebegoesvroom

            Haha I’ve had a few people tell me that they thought I looked cool/badass in a weird sci-fi spaceship mechanic sort of way.

          • Guest

            oh jesus. I wasn’t gonna pipe in with a pic, but you just had to go and make me. this is from a little test ride on the Enertia to a black tie event…

          • Guest

            wow. oh jesus. I wasn’t gonna pipe in with a pic, but you just had to go and make me. this is from a little test ride on the Enertia to a black tie event…

          • susannaschick

            oh jesus. I wasn’t gonna pipe in with a pic, but you just had to go and make me. this is from a little test ride on the Enertia to a black tie event…

            • Brian

              musta been hard to ride in the ‘Stich with those heels? LOL ;)

              • susannaschick

                nah, riding in heels is MUCH easier than walking in them, especially on a single-speed moto. Normally I’d keep the fashion shoes boxed and safely tucked away in the Givi, but this loaner bike had no such place! I still believe platforms are more protective than any soft-soled shoe, including most boots. All the foot & ankle bone breaks I’ve had were in boots, none of which were platform. I think the solid nature of the platform protects your foot to some degree. Open-toe completely negates that, though and of course it all depends on just how you crash. I’ve crashed about 15 times and only 3 have resulted in broken foot/ankle bones. YMMV.

            • NOCHnoch

              Amazing. Great dress btw

              • susannaschick

                thanks! I made it.

      • phoebegoesvroom

        Btw, there is no “problem”. I have all the non-leather safety gear I need and eat well. I was just stating that not all of us ladies are into leather. I also find it funny that someone would down-vote my comment too for stating that.

        • Brian

          my guess is that it was someone being egotistical about the “vegan” thing….but I am purely just assuming.

    • appliance5000

      vinyl – it’s what’s for dinner.

      • Brian

        disagree…Vinyl, its what spins on my turntable !!!

    • Kipling Inscore

      Have you found non-leather gloves and boots?

      • phoebegoesvroom

        Yeah, I wear Aerostich’s 3 season vegan (and keep hoping they’ll make a winter vegan someday), and for boots I wear Sidi Vertigo Rains, whose outside is Lorica instead of leather. I highly recommend both products and have been using them for several years now.

  • Price Action Guru

    “When some poor guy stops to ogle your bike and utters that familiar,
    most emasculating phrase ever voiced by the human male, “I’ve always
    wanted a motorcycle, but my wife won’t let me have one”, go ahead, twist
    that knife. Tell him your girlfriend/wife bought it for you.”

    Love it!

    • Heather Qotw

      Love the comment, Price Action Guru. Would it be emasculating if I gave my husband my old one? He’s a new rider, and after putting him through a rider safety course, he took my old KLR650 after I upgraded to a Ninja ZX14R. :-) 165mph on an onramp is exhilarating to say the least…

      • BeerKeg

        165mph? Just warming it up then.

      • airtexaco

        Thank you for posting this picture =)

      • Jack Meoph

        I’ve been married too long, I just noticed the breasts. :(

        • phil carpenter

          My wife my wife is so hot I missed then too.

      • Price Action Guru

        No, not at all.
        The KLR650 is not a bad hand-me-down and certainly not emasculating.

        Besides, it is not _what_ you do, but _how_ you do it.

        If you gave him the KLR and said, “here ya go punk” I am pretty sure that will not be received as well as , “Hey babe, learn on my KLR and next year I will get you ZX14R so we can both burn up these streets!”

        Nice photo by the way.

      • orangelion03

        Be honest, you gave him the KLR so you could be sure to borrow it every now and then. KLRs are awsome! Total Enduro Hooner bike.

      • John Tiedjens

        I’m too die hard riding stuff…. it took me some time to get this… and thankyou LOL!!

      • phil carpenter

        That’s fast on an on ramp, Ricky Gadson runs m 150′smph in the quarter mile! You need to hit the drag strip!

        • Stephanie <3

          DRAG STRIP! Curves are better!!!!!! :P

        • Heather Stiletto

          It’s a long, uphill onramp, but I hadn’t even hit 8 grand… was just wanting to see what it felt like to unleash her a bit… looked down and uttered a few choice curses as I let off the throttle! Those things are BEASTS. My husband told me that my bike comes equipped with a “teleport” button, haha! I’m beginning to believe him. :-D

      • Rick Parsons

        Heck no!…..are you kidding me??? Thats the problem with the world….there aren’t enough biker girls out there for every Dude!

      • Stiletto Tara

        Nope, not at all. lol

    • IRS4

      That’s pure evil (genius).

    • YahooSerious

      Or “my wife told me to buy it”, as in the case of my 1985 Honda VF1000F Interceptor… ;)

      • Price Action Guru

        Lucky man.

        • YahooSerious

          I know – she understands. Doesn’t ride herself (yet), but she understands. And buys me all sorts of gear for presents.

      • TBI Rider

        My wife said “if you really want a motorcycle I will take you to get one.” So we jumped in car with no further discussion.The Interesting thing is she wants nothing to do with riding she knows it is something I have always liked doing.

        • Stephanie <3

          We just had our first son and although I couldn’t ride pregnant and it’s hard to ride now without a lot of coordinating… I can’t just jump on anytime anymore…i have to worry about who’s watching the baby…I wouldn’t dare make him get rid of his bike… That’s just something he loves too much

  • Joe Bielski

    What is this “dating” you speak of?…….

  • Bonnie Lover

    Motorcycle chick = I’m in love! :-)

  • NextTurn

    I didn’t need convincing – I married a biker chick, and there are way more than 10 perks. …but fun article.

    • phil carpenter

      Same here, Next. The list is fun to read. I dated some Bike Chicks, but I married a woman, strong with or without her motorcycle. Just happens she enjoys her R6.

  • Jeffrey Behiels

    I don’t need no 10 reasons for that; Just one!

  • Kosta Chachanidze

    get me one :D :D :D

  • Matt Mason

    The crazy ex girlfriend part was hilarious

    • Brian

      the picture even moreso!!!

  • Kimberly Poovey

    YES. Love seeing my ladies represent!

    • Guest

      I hope you are about to switch to riding boots, right?

      • Guest

        This picture was 8 or 9 bikes ago, but these boots were super fun. As a side note, I experimented with various colours of leather jacket and never have so many cars gunned directly for me and tried to splatter me across the freeway as the one day in my adult life that I wore pink. Not sure if they were thinking “Aaagh! I just got passed by a girl!” or “Aaagh! I just got passed by some skinny guy wearing pink!” So the lady in the photo above is brave on several accounts.

        • Brian

          Roller Blades on a 750SS? nice CR fairing conversion though!

          • mms

            Thanks! That bike got run over while parked in a parking lot about 3 weeks after this picture :( Poor thing.

      • Kimberly Poovey

        But of course; just snapped a quick picture before actually hitting the road ;) Boots are essential!

  • Kimberly Poovey

    YES. Love seeing my ladies represent!

  • William Connor

    My wife checks all the boxes but two. She does not ride her own bike…yet. She also cannot pack in just a tank bag….yet.

    • Zhanne

      If you ride a bike with carrying capacity then she doesn’t have to pack in a tank bag… :) (Thanks to my hubs for mule duty on the 1050, we did Phoenix to Colorado last summer and it was a blast!)

      • William Connor

        I have a Tiger 1200 so carrying capacity is plenty, not quite enough however.

  • Jack Meoph

    My wife gave me $10K to buy a new motorcycle in Oct. of this year, that’s why there’s a Ducati Monster sitting in my garage. I taught my wife how to shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, and do a 20 mile day hike with a 10 lb. pack. she’s awesome………

    • dead_elvis

      Does she have a single, similarly-inclined sister?

  • Harve Mil

    Following the article, should gay men date women who ride motorcycles or does it depend on the bike?

    • mms

      Totally depends on the bike. And if you wear the same size gear.

  • Kyle Art

    Best. HFL article. Ever.

    • The Dude

      Totally agree on being the best ever HFL article. Tire pressure gauge, your mom will love me and all. I did meet (only briefly I must confess) such a woman at The Rock Store some time ago. She was riding an SP2. So they do exist…..

  • Benjamin Kuo

    You had me at the first picture.

  • PenguinScotty

    Would totally date on, IF I COULD FIND ONE!

  • Larry

    Abbreviated version…Reasons 1 thru 10: She rides a motorcycle.


  • katesy

    I really appreciate the introduction. What made the other article offensive wasn’t so much the subject, but the horrible gender stereotypes that it included. It could have been written to be funny, but it just left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  • Big Steve

    Kinda preachin’ to the choir, don’t you think?

  • Soggy McLeod

    Hey! I ride a HD and have tats!! ;)

    • John Tiedjens

      LOL just and observation… not an insult. I actually from time to time borrow a buds street glide just to change it up in onna day ride.

      • Lee Scuppers

        Yeah, I did the MSF ERC with a few sixtyish 100 lb ladies who handled their Softails as well as I handled my 435 lb UJM. One of ‘em, better. Humbling.

  • John Tiedjens

    One suggestion for girls out there who hate being sexually stereotyped…. please….when choosing riding gear don’t choose pink or worse have your bike custom painted pink…… it’s so cliche’ is off putting.

    • Jenny Lynott Thomas

      True wearing one inch of pink on your motorbike gear ages you by 30 years. It’s not cool

      • appliance5000

        Not in Japan. Hello Kitty!

        • John Tiedjens

          Haha… that some how has merit!

      • susannaschick

        No. It doesn’t. People still react with shock and awe when I tell them I’m 43, and I’ve been wearing pink on my bikes for oh, at least the past 15 years, when my racing suit matched my hair. You’re welcome to tell me it ages me, I will continue to not give a flying fuck what you think of me.

    • mms

      Or anything that says “LADY RIDER” anywhere on it. Might as well say “PRINCESS” or “omg treat me special”. Personal pet peeve, and this is coming from a straight chick who loves helping anyone of any age, body shape, gender or sexual preference get into riding / set up their bike.

      • Roy Blanco

        I think it’s hot for a “girly” girl to ride and not be afraid to put what she WANTS on her bike instead of worrying about someone else’s pet peeve. To me that would be much more interesting. I’m all for everyone adding their own personal touch to their property. It gets annoying when those “personal” touches aren’t really personal because they’re worried they’ll look “cliche” or because they’re trying to fit in.

    • susannaschick

      oh sorry. neon pink happens to be the greatest color EVER INVENTED. Hate being passed by a girl in pink & pigtails? Ride FASTER, buddy.

      • John Tiedjens

        Honestly? I’d love to see any gal give me a flyby in pink or not as I would any rider (I’m a great admirer of talent and skill)…… I’d tip my visor with respect… which is apparently more than you gave me or my suggestion. It wasn’t personal but you chose to get personal. Oh and I’m not your Buddy!

        • susannaschick

          it’s just annoying that people assume things about women who wear pink gear. In case you didn’t notice, most women’s gear comes in pink, often in lame shades of pink chosen by male “designers” who just girlify a men’s jacket by making it in pink, even though it’s still cut for a man. If turquoise was my favorite color, I’d seriously be pissed, as it’s very hard to find women’s moto gear that fits, looks cool, and isn’t pink. Try it. I’m lucky in that I happen to like pink, and I like being seen by cars. Wearing black isn’t conducive to that. I’d much rather be seen by cagers than worry about what some straight dudes think of my clothes.

          • John Tiedjens

            A valid point on safety…. just remember there are a lot more supporters out there than nay sayers. You just assumed an insult here when there was actually none given. Even as a male rider I tire of the 3 basic colors available Miami Beach white, Fire Engine Red or Badass BLAAAACK yeesh so sick of black. So I get it more than you know. The real bottom line is I don’t think any “straight doods” (why that needed to be a qualifier) really give a crap if you wear pink… prolly much like me would admire your sand being a rider in the first place.

            • susannaschick

              thanks John! yeah, my first reply wasn’t just to you but all the other comments. sorry! I just can’t stand people hatin’ on pink.

    • Red Spade

      I hate seeing all that pink everything stuff bc to me it just screams–look at me i’m a girl and i ride and i’m just so friggin awesome. I get it though, it’s a personal choice and to each their own.

      • John Tiedjens


    • Zhanne

      Pink. Ha. I love women who wear pink, it makes me look more badass by comparison. ;)

    • Tami Nelson

      I love my pink bike and I get a LOT of compliments on it. It also has bling bike parts on it. Its just as matter of what you like.

      • John Tiedjens

        Not a huge HD guy but that’s pretty and clean! Tho the ape hangers.. hahah! Yur a badass! I was speaking mostly to those on here grousing about motorcycle stuff and dudes being sexist and then not to feed into it BUT yeah Tami…. nicely done and the white keeps it from overbearing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Christa Chrissie Brandkamp

      My bike has ‘fuchsia’ trim and pannier racks… I got tired of people thinking it must be my bf or hubby’s bike… I don’t even have one of those!

      • John Tiedjens

        More sanding is always better..don’t forget to buy a can of bull dog adhesion promoter. It helps paint stick to plastic hard!

  • Hugo Espadas

    10 reasons? As if we needed even one.

  • Lee Scuppers

    Why would my mom want me to date a “strong woman”? What’d I ever do to her?

  • Steve

    So, how many guys have asked you out because of this article so far?

  • frankfan42

    I like all these reasons, and the one that really means something is one not mentioned. That you have a chance to bond over something out of the bedroom as well.

  • Shane Turner

    Reason 13: They are far superior at writing a Ten Reasons article! This one is so much better lol. Another good read is The Moto Lady’s response to the 10 reasons not to date a motorcyclists. I rest my case.

  • Nats

    Yup me and my sis love our ride outs!

    • Brian

      AWESOME Machinery!!!

    • HankBWYT

      Oh my god, a VFR400, sweet! Whats the Suzuki?

      • Nats

        RG125 Fun :)

  • Jenny Lynott Thomas

    They’re disguised as marshals at road races around Ireland! Season starts in April goes til September

    • John Tiedjens

      well that does us no damn good here. haha!

      • Jenny Lynott Thomas

        Time for a holiday so. On yer bike!

  • Tammy Charbonneau

    Loved the story…

  • Melissa Craig

    On the flipside, I’ve found that I could only date a guy who rides a motorcycle. They have to ‘get’ or share the passion. Else all my babbling about and vast quantities of time spent on bikes would be unappreciated!

    • appliance5000

      The other good thing is that the guy can’t pretend not to care how he looks – he just spent a month trying to find a helmet that matched his pants/jacket ensemble.

      • Donnie Byers

        Biker chicks who actually ride are non-existent in my town. They all usually ride on the back of hogs. Get your own damm bike. lol.

      • Literdude

        Ha, yes … only a month …

    • whirled

      Yeah me too!! I spend way too much time thinking about bikes and riding, and planning rides, and wanting new gear and spending hard earned money on gear, and more motorcycles… ah.. it’s a whole philosophy of life. Motorcycles are a prerequisite. LOL.

    • Christa Chrissie Brandkamp

      Totally agree… that’s why I’m currently single, I just can’t seem to find a single biker guy my age… and then I’m fussy too, he has to ride a dual purpose bike, otherwise he can’t go where I want to go!

    • R6ymum

      Definitely. I was married to a biker, but he passed away five years ago :-(. But I’m now dating a guy who is not only a biker but also races :-). Tried dating a few non biker guys but it was hopeless as there was little to no conversation, especially as I talk non stop about my bike and biking lol. An added bonus is… my daughter is a qualified bike mechanic as is my new guy, so no worries there, got my own personal mechanics lol.

    • Dracula

      me too i would date chick on a red bike and i would prefer endless ride rather than endless talks about the bike!

  • Chase Lancaster

    If only I could find a girl that rides…

  • Mr.Paynter

    Very few things have ever made my heart flutter like my girlfriend getting off the back of her first ride ever (on the back of my Ninja 650) and saying “That was fun, I want to get my licence and ride.”

  • eddi

    Three cheers for the Glorious Ladies Of Motorcycling! And lucky the guy who gloms on to a GLOM. Don’t forget to wave at grandpa as he goes by, it might be me.

  • susannaschick

    how is Heidi Klum badass? Even in the red leather thigh-high stiletto boots she wore to tonight’s taping of Under the Gunn, I knew I could easily take her. Navy SEALS, on the other hand, I would only ever want on my side. Same goes for Marines, and really, all other service women.

  • ThinkingInImages

    Brilliant, Heather! I must be living on the wrong coast. Damn.

  • Justin McClintock

    I must say, I do wish my wife rode. That said, there’s still plenty of time….and she DID buy me a DRZ400SM for my 30th birthday a couple years back. :-)

  • Red Spade

    This is fantastic…and spot on ;) love it! #5 was something that never even crossed my mind until it come up in a conversation at a party one day, lmao.

  • smartmouth

    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, ooooh YES!

  • Salman R

    Hard to find one here in India.

  • http://www.motard.ca/ Guillaume Béliveau

    I think we all agree that women who ride are fine dates. We don’t need an article to convince us on that. Now, where are these girls ?

  • orangelion03

    I started riding in the 70s, stopped in the late 80s, and resumed riding again in 09. The biggest single change I saw when I returned was the number of women riders. I thought “It’s about time!”. I now have several female riding buddies.

    Back when I was first riding (RD400), I met a young woman at work who rode a BMW R75S (she was a volunteer EMT for the county and flew in helos). She liked me, and I liked her (did I mention she was gorgeous?), but I was immature and felt threatened by her independence and free-wheeling attitude so I didnt pursue that relationship option. Idiot…

  • A P

    I have been fortunate to find a wife who enjoys riding nearly as much as I do. We became interested in each other when she wanted to go for a ride on my new GS1100E (in 1980). She didn’t ride then, but soon after got her license and I bought her a bike, a new Ascot v-500. I gave her the choice, an engagement ring or a bike… her Mom was even less impressed with me after that. Now I REALLY enjoy pulling into the donut shop when I borrow her new 250R, and all the REAL BIKERS comment “nice bike, but a little small?”, I retort, “wife’s bike, I have a 600RR”. 30-plus years of never having to explain “why” to her. And seeing how lucky I have been in the pained expressions of the guys who say “my wife won’t let me” or “I gave it up when the kids were born”.

  • Davida Dean

    Love IT – I ride dirt – not street – but I think it holds true regardless. I ride with my husband and all three of my sons. I dont ride a quad – I ride a bike -because a quad is no different than an arm chair with wheels. When you crash – you get back up and ride – even if you did tear your rotator cuff and require surgery later – you still ride all day damn it – because you are 100′s of miles out in the dessert and damn it – the Advil will fix it later. The best thin my husband ever did for our marriage is sell his custom chopper and buy the whole family (from the 7 yr old on up) dirt bikes. The family that rides together and gets dirty together = stays together.

    • dead_elvis

      Are you guys looking to adopt a 40-something who rides street, but hasn’t ridden dirt in 20+ years? I’m housebroken, if it helps!

  • Bill J

    OMG – this is GREAT! One of the best dates I ever had, she took me out on her Ninja and I rode on back. Hanging onto her waist, keeping her warm while we zipped around San Francisco at night, I’ll never forget that night… That was THE one that got away…

  • Jeannine

    Great article! I have a couple more, not sure what number we’re at.

    - We never run out of presents to give you! Christmas shopping is so easy when you both ride :)

    - Vacation or weekend away? We will always be willing to A) take a trip on the bikes (my boyfriend and I did a week of motorcycle camping this year) or B) take a trip somewhere with the purpose of riding when we get there (Our favorites are trackdays and dirt riding at Hatfield McCoy in WV!). Hopefully we’ll get to a motoGP race this year.

  • mms

    That’s pretty sweet.. Barbie Superbike! I only object to pink when chosen _solely_ to broadcast “I’m a girl! Girl girl girl!” Oddly enough, pink was considered a “boy” color up until the 20th century– a watered-down version of virile, masculine red. One of my bikes is white with big roses and sparkles– the last time I listed it on Craigslist, all the responses were from straight men with Elvis fantasies. Side note, the guy I was dating when I bought it refused to ride anywhere near it ;) It would probably not get stolen unless it were spotted by a hot-rodding criminal Liberace impersonator or porcelain shepherdess.

    • NOCHnoch

      I heard that about pink and blue…thank the baby jayzus for QI.
      My red ’98 Viffer is slowly turning pink due to sun exposure, so maybe in another decade I’ll have a pink bike!
      Oh, and please post a pic of your rose bike!

      • mms

        Aw I suppose a bike cover would get ganked almost immediately? Rose bike as requested. This darn thing. It corners like a cow but it is fun on long trips.

        • NOCHnoch

          I’ve never been a fan of cruisers but I’d ride that all the same. It’s like a punk 50′s vibe. and I love the Duck!

          I do cover my bike on occasion, but since I go on a bunch of short rides throughout the day, it’s not so practical. I leave it in an alley where it doesn’t get much sunlight so hopefully it won’t fade too much, but the previous owner left it uncovered for ages so it started to fade. If I ever move out of NYC I’ll replace all the plastics and have it looking shiny and new again (or do matte pink over the whole thing).

          • mms

            Thanks! Yeah the rose bike gets a lot of notes left on it, and a truck once followed me off the freeway to a gas station in the middle of nowhere just to say “dang!”. A guy riding a matte pink VFR would be pretty awesome, especially if you did all the metal parts black. Do you ride year round in NYC? I just moved to VA from somewhere warmer, most days I’m the only bike I see out and about. It’s surreal and kind of unnerving.

            • NOCHnoch

              Yeah year round for me…I don’t have any heated gear so it’s mostly shorter trips. I’m considering getting carbon fiber clutch and brake levers, as they won’t get as cold. I have a suspicion that my fingertips would stay a lot warmer that way.

              I did see a guy on a cruiser the other night in Williamsburg…maybe 25 degrees out. There was a nod of mutual understanding passed between us. Most riders where I live, though, are squids/gangbangers on supersports and literbikes, and they put the bikes away once it’s too cold to wear a tshirt and armored vest, so I don’t see too many bikes.

              • mms

                Heated gloves. Holy crap. They’re so magical. At least consider it ;) They’re problematic– in the past 7 weeks (since moving here) I’ve shorted out the wiring harness for my heated glove liners in heavy rain, and also purchased a pair of battery-powered gloves with totally pathetic heat output, but even if you don’t touch the levers you’ll still get cold fingertips unless you stick your hands in the engine at every other stoplight. I have a heated jacket liner but haven’t used it yet– a couple of sweaters under my jacket have been adequate down to the mid-20s, which is the coldest it’s been here thus far.

                • NOCHnoch

                  So heated gloves over heated grips?
                  IDK I just have a weird thing about being plugged into my bike.

                • mms

                  Yeah that was why i tried the battery powered ones… Heated grips you wind up with frozen thumbs and you contort your hands into strange configurations trying to get as much coverage as possible. Last year I had the heated grip wrap things, they were great down to about 50F when my hands would just be cold no matter what (then again, last year my commute was 35 miles each way).

                • NOCHnoch

                  I’m gonna stick it out as long as I can. My winter trips are usually less than 10 miles, and thats mostly stop and go NYC traffic (hence my desire for a less conductive lever). What brand do you use?

                • mms

                  The heated glove liners with the questionably waterproof wiring harness are Powerlet, the battery powered gloves that kinda suck are Volt, and the velcro-on grip wraps (they were really neat actually, they plugged into the jack for my trickle charger) were purchased from Aerostich. This is such a comedy of errors. Have never tried non-metal levers though, good luck! :) Let me know if it helps , now I’m curious. My commute here is 15 miles, the big shock was needing a balaclava not for my neck but because I get brain freeze at freeway speeds even with helmet visor down. Was NOT expecting that one.

              • dead_elvis

                HELD Freezer Gloves. Wind & waterproof, even at extra-legal speeds, and kept my hands warm through a miserable slog through sleet for a few hours on one epic ride. They ain’t cheap, but man are they good!

        • Zhanne

          Now this has got to be the most over the top unique girly bike I’ve ever seen. I can totally see Liberace or Elvis impersonators wanting it! Cool.

  • John Tiedjens

    Haha… well that’s a valid reason as I see it.

    • jonoabq

      …and hello kitty.

  • Kathy Jane Gibson

    My ride…. Canam Spyder RS SM5 Purple with Metallic flakes (purple and blue). She is awesome to ride and gets so many comments, smiles, waves and smiles.

  • Campisi

    People needed convincing of this?

  • Becca Lamar

    I cant imagine lumping all of the male motorcyclists together and saying they are all bad but the one i dated was probably the worst person i have ever known. But at least i got into riding because of it and I love it :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/princessbiker PrincessBiker

    We are a rare jewel indeed, but some man are scared of us.

  • Madame Mim

    All of this plus: “When the going gets tough, we keep on going.” PS: I wear a pink reflective belt when I ride at night. I have NO problem owning my gender with a bit of pink. If you think this makes me look like a sissy, that would be all your problem ;-) ;-)

  • Akkaphinya Hughes

    Once a biker….you are a biker for life. I gave up my bike 6000 miles away from home to be a mother for my 2 wonderful children, never regret that decision.
    I am finding my way back to ride again and with the love of my life who is also a Biker :D my life couldn’t be more fulfil.
    Thanks Heather McCoy for sharing… it makes me smile and always… always…. reasons to date a BIKER-CHICK with a little more realistic and little less expectation..

  • Zachltc

    At 50+, here with 03 Concours

  • Melissa

    Funny how that describe my personnality better than I would have done! :) Been riding for 10 years… Live to ride and ride to live ;) !

  • Reality Check

    This article forgot to mention that MOST of the women that rides look like men and nothing like what you see on magazines.

    • Madame Mim

      No glamor shot here, but I would beg to differ. Or does your “fantasy of women that rides” include hot pants and stiletto heels? ;-)

    • Heather McCoy


    • ‘Sweets’

      I ride a 2013 Dyna switchback. I sure as heck do not ride to get attention. I ride for the feeling of freedom I get in the wind. I ride everywhere, in any traffic. I ride more than many male bikers who have been riding their whole lives. I have been riding 2 years. There is no going back. Ever.
      Nor, do I think I look like a man. Nor do I dress like a man when riding. Come to S. AZ. Lots of female bikers here. Maybe you better not….. you might not handle it. :-0

  • John Tiedjens

    LMAO…. Heather Nailed it! Slayed!!

  • Guest

    I only did all black for Halloween – just had to go there, though. Sport touring? It’s not a Strada but I’ve taken her to Colorado… hear hear for your So Cal riding ladies!!

    • John Tiedjens

      Nice choice on your bike…. that is actually considered an ST bike of sorts… I know they’re faster than shizzle. Thanks for the pic… love seeing your out there gettin after it!!

  • Alex Pappas

    I painted my ZRX 1200rrat pink for the month of OCT. It was hilarious. Nothing like walking bro’s in muscle cars on a neon pink bike, it really doesn’t get old. I used plastidip – took about 3 cans – but then it was super easy to peel off at the end of the month.

    • NOCHnoch

      I’m really into that idea. How easy is it to apply? Do the plastics need to be completely smooth for it to adhere or could they have some scratches?

      • Alex Pappas

        You apply it just like regular rattle-can spraypaint. It worked the best on smooth painted metal. And that’s where it was easiest to remove as well. I was not trying to keep the paint underneath nice or anything… as I ended up stripping all the paint off after and going with bare metal. It’s really easy to peel off after a few days… and I found that the longer you let it sit in the sun, the harder it gets to peel off. I recommend it on a rat bike, not so much on your show bike. Then again, I’m not friends with anyone who has a show bike, so I highly recommend it to all!

        • susannaschick

          excited! so gonna try that on my R1…

        • NOCHnoch

          I have to try that…I live in NYC so the concept of a show bike is pretty much foreign to me!

      • John Tiedjens

        Just depends how you want the finish to come out… more sanding is always better. And id you’re shooting plastic buy yourself a can of Bulldog adhesion promoter. Make paint sick to plastic really well.

  • John Tiedjens

    This is the discussion that won’t give up…LOL

  • Sugar Brown Cunningham

    love this…gotta steal it and repost…this is MY 2nd GOLDWING

  • Rich Wentz

    All true. I got my rider girl.

  • Natascha

    Whether it’s my FLHX or Wide Glide…I love every minute of it!!!

    • Natascha

      05 wide glide

  • Tobi Holderbaum


  • Kimberly Krause

    My new baby I got 5 months ago 6000 mls later I’m in love like never before! Me mapping out my route ~

    • Nemosufu Namecheck

      Congrats on the awesome ride – its great to be in love with a new thumper. That bike will never let you down.

  • Marisol Pie

    halloween xp

  • LuckyOne

    Great article, I liked it a lot. Photo is of my wife on HER bike. When
    our son is at school we take small trips around our place to have a
    cappucino. You bet that quite a few are jealous. However, she still
    plays pillion when we go on tour which is her choice I am trying to change (my bike is next to hers).

  • LuckyOne

    Sorry for double photo upload.

  • Rick Parsons

    This is a great article. My wife bought me my current adventure sport bike and she helped my son get on his current cruiser(he is just out of HS and going to college). She likes to ride on the back with me or my son occasionally. She brings her camera and takes photos while en-route to where ever and gets some really great shots. I think the more girls who ride the better. I tried talking my wife into riding her own bike and then we could really do a great family trip…but she won’t do it. I told her I wouldn’t mind riding on the back of her bike every now and then. What guy wouldn’t love to ride on the back of his girls bike with her….granted, you are not in control of the bike…….but you can’t be held responsible for where your hand end up either!!! hahahahahaa. Man I love my wife…..she is awesome!

  • Mike Ostrom

    Love the list and the pictures! Great job! Cool bikes too!

  • danieltorridon

    I emailed you last week expressing my surprise that one of my copyrighted images has been used on your website without permission. The image in question is on http://rideapart.com/2013/12/10-reasons-to-date-a-woman-who-rides-a-motorcycle/ Although a link has been provided to my Flickr photostream this has been done without my authorisation and the article is in violation of copyright. It is both illegal and unethical when the original work of a photographer is stolen and used without permission. I made an offer to you to continue using the image on the article by changing the link from Flickr to my website at http://www.danieltorridon.com but I have received no response. I therefore rescind any license, free or otherwise, of the image on your website or elsewhere and ask that you remove the image. I will give you 3 days to act on this request. If the image is still online on Monday March 3rd, I will issue you an invoice for a one-off use of the image. If I do not receive payment I will take legal action. I am also posting this request to your website, Twitter and other social networks. Hopefully you will remove the image and provide an appropriate apology. Sincerely, Daniel Torridon (Director – Daniel Torridon Ltd)

  • sebastian

    Hahahaha female Navy Seals and Heidi Klum. I love that, so far so good. I find women who ride very attractive, it’s just something about jeans a helmet and a leather jacket. You don’t even have to be on anything crazy. As long as you’re relaxed, know what you’re doing and you’re at least semi down to earth. =)

  • Guest

    This photo is fantastic, I luvz it.

  • sebastian

    Hey, not a girl, but now I wanna put up a cool picture too =’)

  • Dennis Laporte

    last week: my bike was in the shop; my car broke down, so i had to take my mothers drag star;
    everyboddy at work: did u buy another bikke?
    me: nop, it’s my mom’s (she just passed the age of 50)
    i tell u: the look on their faces is priceless.