2013’s Most Popular Motorcycle Videos

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2013’s Most Popular Motorcycle Videos

6.  GoPro: Red Bull Harescramble 2013 Erzberg

This is an awesome POV account of the Harescramble in Eisenerz, Austria. Why try and ride out of and old gravel quarry? Because it’s there of course.

7.  World’s Fastest – Triumph 2013 Highlight Reel

A highlight reel showcasing what Triumph’s riders have been up to over the past year. This video has a good mix of riding styles.

8. Why We Ride – The Official Theatrical Trailer

Why We Ride is an upcoming film that explores what drives peoples passion for motorcycles. It is safe to say that any motorcyclist who watches this trailer will relate to it in some way or another.

9.  Half-Mile Rhythm Section – Red Bull Straight Rhythm

As I am sure you know Red Bull has a knack for making dreams a reality. Their straight rhythm section showcased in this video is one of those instances. To make it, they took a supercross track and stretched it out into a half-mile straight.

10.  GoPro Himalayan 4,500km Adventure

A motocross racer and his significantly less experienced father embark on a 4,500km motorcycle adventure through the Himalayas. Can you imagine your dad agreeing to something like this?

  • Jai S.

    Wow, in “Harescramble”, that scream at 1m14s is chilling.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    Never owned a dirt bike, but “dirt” has got to be the most fun category of motorcycling.

    “Drift battle” and “Defiant Order” are the type of videos that make people hate motorcycles in general.

  • zion

    The Modern Motorcycle Diaries…. those type of films/videos always make me wistful. I can’t even begin to fathom a 500 odd day journey like that….I’d be happy with a two week Backcountry trip… That’s incredible to me.

  • robot
  • Matt Mason

    It’s Christmas and all I’m doing is salivating over motorcycle videos…

  • Rowtag

    that’s it I’m going to get a dirt bike

    • roma258

      Do it!! So much fun…

  • William Connor

    Very cool videos. Really want to see Why We Ride.

  • David Bober

    I submit for your consideration