Video To Watch: Aether Chasing Winter

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We’ve been a big fan of Aether’s jackets ever since they came on our radar. Why? Because they push function and aesthetics equally and do it better than almost anyone else in the gear business. We also love a good riding video as much as anyone else, and Aether really did this one right.

The Trip
Aether co-founders Jonah Smith and Palmer West set out to chase winter and the last of the snow up into the Rockies. They rode from Telluride, Colorado, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and stopped at every major ski resort along the way. Their motorcycles, BMW GS’s, were specially modified to carry their ski and snowboard gear, including one which was rigged for a sidecar set-up.

Aether Canyon Motorcycle Jacket – $750
Aether Canyon Motorcycle Jacket

Aether Canyon Motorcycle Jacket – $750

They were joined by Raphael Bertolus of Rawhyde Adventures and Davide Berruto of Shelter Half. The whole gang completed the trip wearing Aether gear (in case you were wondering how the gear holds up), specifically the Canyon Motorcycle Jacket, Skyline Motorcycle Jacket, Altitude Ski Jacket, Apex Snow Pant, and much more from the Aether lineup.

Sit back and enjoy!

Aether Chasing Winter from Aether Apparel on Vimeo.

  • Mark D

    That Canyon jacket in olive green looks as close to a street jacket as I’ve seen.

    • Strafer

      that pic is of the “skyline”
      i tried several colors – ended up keeping the olive green skyline jacket:

      • sean macdonald

        and how is it?

  • Nemo Danneskjold

    Such awesome gear…just so damn expensive. I try to ride year round here in chicago—where it gets cold to the bone. This is all good stuff…but i can get by with my old leather jacket, my merino Chrome cycling hoodie and a thin cycling jacket from Dainese—all amounting to less than Skyline. Cold weather tolerance is also very subjective…as i know i can take more than some and less than others—so this gear might be more than necessary for a few folks. Again…it’s really nice stuff with an awesome fit.

    • appliance5000

      Check out the Teknic closeout jackets -Teknic is going out of business and stuff like the freestyle are great jackets for short money.

  • Dustin Coury

    Great video, put a smile on my face.

  • M. Dubé

    Is the Skyline jacket warm enough for a 30 minutes commuting ride by 32° F (0° Celsius) like what we have in Montreal ?

    • DaveDawsonAlaska

      With a heated jacket underneath, just about any jacket that’s not mesh should be able to handle that. Especially if your bike has even a tiny little bit of wind protection. So yes. But, in my experience with my Klim jacket, D3O armor is terrible in cold weather, very stiff, rock hard, and uncomfortable.

      • Stuki

        A standard issue Roadcrafter with a heated and insulated underlayer will keep you toasty commuting at any speed you have any business riding through Chicago at in subfreezing temps. It does get a bit stiff when used as a snowmobile suit, though……

        Leather keeps it’s suppleness at lower temps, but most suits I am aware of aren’t cut roomy enough to be comfy with thick insulating and heated layers. Aerostich makes a Dainese priced leather suit now, which may change that assessment.

        Come to think of it, here’s another request for the Aerostich guys, in addition to my standard issue plea for a mesh Aircrafter; a competition weight Leathercrafter……. both made in Minnesota, allowing for quick turnaround with the same customizations available on the standard RC…….

    • Strafer

      not on its own as it does not have a warmth layer
      however it is windproof so if you can fit warm layers underneath it can work
      it works for me but i don’t do much highway and i ride for shorter stints like less than an hour

  • AHA

    Been wondering for a while: does motorcycling have a Rapha? This may be the closest yet? Nice jackets but do they compare to GoreTex Pro Shell at the same sort of price? What’s the abrasion quality like? Pity they don’t do matching trousers (yet?) Won’t be able to get another brand to zip to the jacket. None of the above will stop me getting that Canyon Jacket if I can find a retailer.

  • Matt Mason

    I like the guy’s ice beard at 3:10 haha

  • CherokeeOwner

    Cool as the jackets are, I’m more interested in the sidecar rig. Has it been darksided on all three wheels?

  • DaveDawsonAlaska

    Love the look of these. Not that expensive compared to Klim, BMW, Aerostich, Rev’It, etc, but actually look like regular clothes. Love to see them make a set of pants with the same sort of design philosophy i.e. functional, stylish.

    Great video too! Riding in a snow storm is so much fun… so peaceful and surreal. Your very presence out there on a motorcycle at that moment is so wrong, yet so right.

  • Jane Meland

    Very cool. Would love to see a women’s version of the mc jackets.