Crashed Suit Leather + Alpinestars = Collectors Item

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Crashed Suit Leather + Alpinestars = Collectors Item

When we saw this one, RA staffers collectively said, “What a cool idea.” Just in time for the holidays, Italian gear manufacturer Alpinestars has just released a limited edition, commemorative book in honor of the brands 50th anniversary. This isn’t your typical limited edition hardcover though. Alpinestars decided to take it up a notch by binding each 256 page book with crashed racing leathers from actual MotoGP, WSBK and AMA riders.

Crashed Suit Leather + Alpinestars = Collectors Item
Alpinestars 50

The books themselves are handcrafted at Alpinestars’ factory in Northern Italy and stitched together with pieces of different suits making each book one of a kind. They are available now in very limited quantities, so don’t miss out on a chance to own a little piece of Alpinestars and racing history.

Retail Price: $300 – Available now.


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  • Michael Howard

    “More” link points to “… /2013/12/crashed-suit-leather-alpinestars-collectors-item/2/” and doesn’t work. “Page 2″ link points to “… /2013/12/crashed-suit-leather-alpinestars/2/” and does work.

    Very cool idea for the book cover, but what is the book’s content? Photos of Alpinestars-wearing racers over the years? Biographies of said racers?

    • Jen Degtjarewsky


  • Jack Meoph

    Corporations promoing their merch as culturally significant is just weird.

  • Darrick Anderson

    F*ck it, ordered one! Merry Christmas to me

  • Stef

    Soo, why is this a two page article?

    • Mattin11225

      Page views.

  • Aaron

    want it.

  • William Connor

    Pricey but very cool.

  • phoebegoesvroom

    That’s really neat, and a great idea for reusing damaged leather that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

  • Aaron Averett

    So like, what’s…. in the book?

    • Michael Howard

      Apparently it’s supposed to be judged only by its cover. ;)

  • James

    Here’s hoping they expand the concept to do wallets too!