Deth Killers Asphalt Resistant Denim Re-Opens Shop

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Deth Killers Asphalt Resistant Denim Re-Opens Shop

Following a year off, RideApart’s favorite line of motorcycle denim is going back on sale. Deth Killers just re-opened its web store, complete with updated jeans featuring new, more traditional fits and upgraded features.

Regular readers will be familiar with the Deth Killers brand; I’m frequently pictured wearing my pair. By incorporating Kevlar fibers into the denim weave, these jeans do without the Kevlar inner panels used in most other riding jeans, as well as the awkward external stitching that comes with them. Further distinguishing the Deth Killers jeans from other brands are modern, fashion-conscious washes and cuts. These jeans will keep you safe, while looking as good as anything your non-riding peers have on.

New for 2014 are “indestructible” pocketing front and rear, reinforced rear pockets and reinforced side seems designed to prevent blowouts while sliding.  In the three years I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve had all the above problems, so these are smart changes. My pockets are in tatters and I blew out the knee stitching during a small low side awhile back. Not a lick of road rash and a tailor was easily able to repair the damage, but it did leave me with a small, abraded hole in the knee (pictured).

Deth Killers Asphalt Resistant Denim Re-Opens Shop
Deth Killers denim jean

Other than that, they’ve been perfect, standing up to the rigors of day-to-day wear and urban motorcycle riding with equal aplomb, while developing a nice, faded patina in the process.

I’m not the only one to have experience a surprising degree of abrasion protection while wearing Deth Killers jeans. Reader Scott Pargett credits his with saving his hide during a major highway get-off this summer.

In fact, my only real problem is that a weight-lifting regimen has grown my quads to the point where they barely squeeze into the jeans’ legs. Thankfully, Deth Killers now has a new, more generous cut.

“For this new round of denim, we are introducing a new style similar in fit to Levi’s 501s that  we’re calling ‘105s,’” Deth Killers head honcho Greg Minnig tells us. “We are also continuing to offer our original cut, ‘Slim Guy,’ as well as new t-shirts and tank tops.”

What took so long? Greg’s been busy, saying, “I’ve been working on new designs, perfecting patterns and sourcing materials. We’ve got even more stuff coming in the New Year.”

More Information: Deth Killers

  • Ayabe

    How would these compare to some Rokkers? I have a pair of Dainese kevlar jeans, they are good but I’m looking for a more normal cut.

    The ability to add armor to the Rokkers is nice but $500+ dollars is a lot of scratch for a pair of ‘jeans’.

    • imprezive

      I tried on some Dianese Montanas at the D-Store and it’s a more normal cut than the D6s. Still not baggy though if you want the walmart fit Draykos are pretty generous in the legs.

      • Ayabe

        Haven’t seen those yet, the D6′s are just a little too skinny jean, especially in the crotchal area. I’ll check them out, thanks for the suggestions.

    • Clint Keener

      Rokkers look like middle age rich guy nightclub jeans.

      For $500, you can get some leather “denim” Kushitani jeans.

      • Ayabe

        I’ll check those out, thanks.

        • Clint Keener

          They reviewed them on Rideapart a few years ago.

  • Jesse

    New DKs that I might be able to fit my quads through? Sign me up. I love my current pair, but it took some time to get the upper leg to open up a bit.

  • yakimushi

    I was all ready to add some 105′s to my Christmas list until I saw that button fly.

    • Jesse

      I’m totally okay with keeping gnashing metal teeth away from my man parts.

  • Justin Henry

    outrageously over priced.

  • stever×433.jpg

    That looks like bad fucking news, and the guy in that crash says he landed on his back. Has anyone gone down on their legs in these and can tell us about it? What’s changed?

    • Aaron

      Pants: Deth Killers Asphalt Resistant Jeans

      “These jeans are a great fit, thick denim with kevlar woven in. I’ve
      really loved these jeans and run through just about everything you could
      imagine in the past year, now including a crash. I’ve waxed them for
      added weather protection. As you can see they did a really phenomenal
      job. Zero rash. That’s the exact effect we’re looking for. I had some
      seam splitting on the opposite leg same as the leather in the jacket. No
      injuries were suffered from this so while it’s not the best thing, they
      still did their job and I plan on repairing and continuing to wear
      these. Will I buy again? Yes, love these jeans. Worked great.”

      I think they did pretty good??

      • Jason

        Any material may wear through if you slide long enough but seams should never fail.

      • stever

        Yeah, I can cut and paste, too:

        “I landed square on my back slid to a stop.”

        Has anyone landed on their knee, hip, butt, or any other kind of crash where weight wasn’t spread over a large, leather, surface area, in these and can tell us about it?

        • Aaron

          No road rash after sliding to a stop seems good to me. looks like the left side of the butt made pretty good contact with the road.

        • Wes Siler

          Well, you can cut and paste, but apparently you can’t RTFA. I slid on them at a realistic speed and didn’t suffer any rash.

          • stever

            That’s cute, the way you can’t RTFC, LATFP, or WSFJ.

            Maybe lay off the weights. You’re raging.

            Did you land on your knee, or a seam, or in a different way from that guy? The article says the seams fell apart.

            My pairs are absolutely worn out, and I didn’t crash in them. I did wear them four or five days a week for a year and a half straight.

            • Domenick Yoney

              Yeah, Wes! When will you ever learn to Wall Street Fucking Journal? Eh???

  • Clint Keener

    Gotta get some of these jeans.

    Damn they don’t have anymore crazy all over print t-shirts like the homepage screen.

    • imprezive

      I tried some on at BeachMoto in socal. They felt high quality to me. The material and the stitch looked really nice. The fit was terrible though. The legs are skinny but the waist is huge. I’m not sure who they are supposed to fit. My friend bought a pair despite the fit because he liked the quality.

      • Clint Keener

        I’m gonna have to swing by next time I’m in LA.

    • sean macdonald

      The new line isn’t available to press until February

  • JerseyRider

    sean be honest, are you the model on the website?

  • Stuki

    $250/pair……. That’s rich for a pair of jeans. I’ll probably get some anyway, but man……

    A cycling friend of mine turned me onto jeans made of a cotton/cordura blend by a company called Swerve, in Los Angeles. They are made for cyclists, so no problem with healthy leg musculature, yet they are still cut close enough not to needlessly interfere with a bike chain. I got a pair for Christmas last year, and they are almost indistinguishable from regular denim in feel, yet much more abrasion resistant. Not sure how they handle falling off a motorbike at speed, but vastly increased abrasion resistance vs cotton should mean increased protection. And, they were about $100, not $250.

    • imprezive

      I never heard of them before but companies do make motorcycle pants with cordura so it should be similar to Deth Killers for protection. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the tip!

  • Rameses the 2nd

    Wouldn’t an overpant be a better solution to protect legs? You don’t have to buy multiple pairs of some fancy $250 jeans, as you can wear an overpant over your “normal” pair of pants. Buy a mesh overpant for summer and a waterproof overpant with a liner for the other three seasons and you are all covered. Thoughts?

    • Clint Keener

      I have overpants, but sometimes I want to look normal when I’m off the bike.

      • Rameses the 2nd

        I think this is exactly what I was saying, I want to look normal when I am off the bike. I can take the overpants off easily (some of them have side zippers) and then I will have just my normal pair of jeans underneath. I am already carying a heavy leather jacket, gloves, and a helmet, so carrying overpaints shouldn’t be too bothersome.

  • taba

    Duluth Trading Company…

  • Fava d’Aronne

    I have had my Dainese D1 (here: for over a year now, and frankly, I don’t think I could go back to NOT having at least that limited padding that they have on the knees and the hips. But that’s just me. If and when I want to go around without padding, I wear my 501: I paid them 30$.

    • Piglet2010

      Several companies (I have Dainese Oak) make CE level 1 certified armor you can wear underneath pants. For riding around town on a scooter, I am more worried about impact than abrasion damage.

      • Fava d’Aronne

        My point exactly.

  • Piglet2010

    Last pair of regular jeans I bought was a couple of weeks ago at the farm supply store for $12.99 + tax. But I guess a designer name tag would make them worth 5,000% more, eh?

    • Gordon Pull

      And they will NOT save you in a crash.

      • Piglet2010

        I am saddened to learn that a designer name tag does not provide additional crash protection.

        • Gordon Pull

          Did you even read the article?

          • Piglet2010

            Did you learn to read *AND* comprehend the English language?

    • Davidabl2

      At $12.99 you’ve saved enough to really help buy a good pair of over pants..

      • Piglet2010

        Got a couple of pairs of overpants. I also got some Shift Racing reinforced jeans on closeout for $39.99/pair. Reinforced knee and posterior panels, and loose enough fit to wear knee armor underneath.

        • Davidabl2

          Haven’t seen those yet. years ago i wanted to get Shift Havoc pants/overpants,

          which were fabric plus leather panels, but the kneepads were positioned wrong for me and weren’t adjustable.

          take a look at my post to ride apart re these:

  • Davidabl2

    Another solution to the “no unsightly stitches from kevlar panels” is to get the Kevlar”liners” from Draggin’ jeans. “liners” is what they call their long johns bottoms. I’ve used their long johns tops.,which they call “shirts” for years and the things wear like iron. And breathe reasonably well, so they work over a pretty wide temperature range.

    Pricing out the Deth Killer’s product and a couple of others, i decided to go with the Draggin’ Liners, plus the Carhartt dungarees I usually wear to work. Unfortunately, the Liners are currently sold out in the size

    I and most of the slimmer Rideapart riders would wear :-(

    btw, both the Draggin’ gear and some Carhartt stuff is made in the USA…

  • disqus_Vp1jt50x1K

    How do these compare to Iron Heart 23oz denim?

  • killian101

    I want a pair so I can compare with Maple Jeans…

  • nick2ny

    How much should I pay to keep Macklemore out of my head?

  • Arno

    I’m looking for some riding jeans without panels and these look cool, just hoping to see proof before buying as I see them all over the site