Gear Pick: Rev’It Jerez Gloves

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Gear Pick: Rev’it Jerez Gloves

Rev’it may not have the immediate brand recognition of Alpinestars or Dainese, but rest assured, their products are quality. The Jerez is their top-of-the-line racing glove with full impact and abrasion protection; kangaroo leather, pittards, SuperFrabric. 3D air mesh makes up the structure with TPU knuckles and dual-comp protectors and palm sliders. All good stuff.

Price: $290

Gear Pick: Rev’it Jerez Gloves
Rev’it Jerez Gloves

Why We Like It: Racing gloves will always provide the utmost in hand protection and control feel, but they are also a good choice for street riding if the weather permits. The only caveat when it comes to wearing racing gloves as everyday riding gloves is that they are big on breath-ability and short on insulation; making them a terrible choice for winter or early spring riding. Still, the Jerez happens to look great in black if that’s your thing.

Less Expensive Competitor: The Racer R-Safe comes in at $260 and is another excellent quality, fully-protective racing glove from a less prominent, but still top-notch, manufacturer.

You Should Also Check Out: The Spidi Carbo costs $300 and looks to have even more protection for those lovely hands of yours.

  • Piglet2010

    My (no longer made) Alpinestars SP-2 gloves are comfortable in cool weather, so not all track gloves are for hot weather only. The biggest issue with street riding for many track gloves is the near life-or-death struggle to get them on and off.

    • Gerardo Astroball

      I only use race gloves, but I’m still on the quest for an easy access glove that offers prottection. I gave away my SP2 because of the time I needed to put them on… race gloves and ear plugs are the most time consuming things in the whole “ready to ride” ritual.

      • Piglet2010

        Especially when you realize you forgot to put your earplugs in after putting your lid and gloves on. BTDT. :(

        • Sjef

          My riding buddy probably hates me for always forgetting my ear plugs and having to stop.

  • FiveG

    I had a pair of these on when my bike and I decided to be in different parts of the space/time continuum while riding about 18 months ago (and yes, I’ve figured out what I did wrong). Worked very very well — while I did dislocate my left thumb (because I was pulling in the clutch when I high sided), there was no other injury to my hands at all. The gloves definitely met the road — the knuckle guards were smushed in several places, for instance. But they did their job. One seam came partly apart, and while I’ve replaced them, I could easily have that sticked up and go back to using them.

  • jonoabq

    Bought a pair of the Jerez, fit perfectly like spray on leather but had a stitching defect that caused great discomfort. Sent back for warranty replacement, but the pair that came back didn’t fit anything close to the first pair, couldn’t believe how “off” they were. Switched back to Held, got a pair of Phantom 2′s (luxurious Roo everywhere) and have never been happier with a pair of gloves. I’ve got two other pair of Rev-It gloves, which are only ok in comparison to any of the Held gloves I’ve owned.

  • Justin McClintock

    I dig the finger construction. Note the seems at the sides of the fingers on the palm side. They’re turned out, not in. I’ve owned one pair of gloves like that….a pair of JR Highside gloves. While the Highsides aren’t exactly the best protection out there, they given INCREDIBLE feel for the controls. Why? Decent leather and the way the seems are stitched. Most gloves have those seems turned inward. You have no idea how big a difference it is in feel for the control to have nothing else change except those seems turned out. It’s night and day. All gloves should be made this way.

  • Mark

    I got a pair of these gloves this past summer and, while expensive, they’re great gloves. They fit well, are very comfortable, and give great feel on the controls all while providing very good crash protection. They’re warm enough for 50 degree weather and aren’t too bad when it gets hot.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I use these in my track kit. They’re a few seasons old so getting a little knackered, but it has been a great glove and gone through a lowside okay. The sizing of these runs a little small, which is great for those of us between sizes in other brands. Rev’It USA customer service helped me with sizing as well. Wish they made them in a Fluo yellow style!