Gear Pick: XENA XA601 Garage Alarm

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Gear Pick: XENA XA601 Garage Alarm

For those of us fortunate enough to have a special place to store and work on our bikes, you might want to have a bit of extra security to augment that sturdy Schlage padlock you’ve got outside. The XENA XA601 is a passive infrared zone alarm that behaves like a motion detector. Whenever movement is detected within the 19-foot protection range, it sends off a beep, allowing the owner to either disarm the alarm or it will fire off an ear-splitting siren in 15 seconds.

Price: $42

XENA XA601 Garage Alarm
XENA XA601 Garage Alarm

Why We Like It: Keeping bikes secure is tricky business. At the end of the day, you can’t really guarantee security, but you can bolster it and improve the effectiveness of your system. The XA601 adds a dimension of security that can be useful for those who have a garage or shop-space that could use an extra layer of protection. Make sure to mount it high or out of reach so that a thief couldn’t simply locate and destroy the sensor before the alarm goes off.

Alternative Competitor: A German shepherd can be just as effective at warding off intruders and will also be a loving companion for years to come. Inquire at your local animal shelter.

You Should Also Check Out: Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. It’s a relatively cheap way to gain peace of mind.

  • Zanpa

    A dog is expensive!

  • el_jefe

    These types of alarms are good cheap insurance. While my garage was still under construction, someone kicked the door in. He ran when my $20 door alarm went off. Had to replace the door and repair the jam, but all my tools which were strewn about were still there. I’m very interested in the added sophistication of a remote control.

  • PeteN95

    Corgis are just as loud and cheaper to feed than a German Shepard! Plus the thieves may trip over them before the alarm goes off! ;-)

    • Jason 1199

      The corgi in that pic has a tail, I thought it was a trait of the breed they didn’t lol

      • Aaron Baumann

        Pembroke Welsh Corgis have really short tails. Cardigan Welsh Corgis have long tails.

  • kevin

    Can the sensitivity on this be adjusted such that household pets don’t set off the alarm?

  • Ross McCurdy

    I had a 20 dollar variant in my 94 civic after it got broken into. Set the sensor in the dash, where a coin holder was removed. Aside from the first few times scaring the crap out of myself when I forgot to disarm it, I know it worked as I would come out to have it blare out 115 db as soon as I got in ( meaning somebody else had triggered it).

  • Gunnar

    Geese, much cheaper than a dog.

    • Jesse

      Goats, will also mow your lawn.

  • Jack Meoph

    15 seconds is too long from the time it beeps to the time the alarm goes off. Needs to be half that. But it’s a good idea to have a motion alarm as well as motion lights for your garage.

  • William Connor

    Pretty cool. Price is not bad either. Only helpful if people are around however. If you already have a security system you can just add a sensor to the garage.

  • Jesse

    My 100# German Shepherd / Akita rescue thanks you for reminding folks to inquire at the local shelters. She loves my toddler, and (for better or worse) lets us know whenever anything is amiss in the neighborhood.

  • AE Holton

    From the link provided in the article:

    Comments about Xena XA601 Garage / Shop Alarm:

    The concept is great.

    The device sorta of worked before mounting.
    Its performance was intermitten.

    Mounting screws were tiny, like something off of a motherboard. They ended up getting stripped and I had to cut the heads off . My install had to be fisnished with self tapping screws.

    Once mounted, the remote had limited range. I practically had to be right underneath it with my arm raised in the air…..not very covert or inconspicuous.

    After the 30 second arming delay, the red light would blink, but the device would not give the chirp to indicate it was armed.

    Thing would work about one out of 10 times.

    I gave it 2 stars only because if it worked, it would be a great product.

    BOTTOM LINE No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Nate Terrill

    2 Min Pins and an Italian Greyhound. Yea, they won’t hurt anybody, but they SOUND like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. I’m sure they’ve prevented my house being broke into, when many of my neighbors were not so lucky.