First Look: ICON 1000 Iron Lung Project Bike

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ICON 1000 Iron Lung

ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung profile
ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung tank


ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung exhaust
ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung tail


ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung #91
ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung brake


  • Mykola

    Looking at this, and recalling that delicious Thruxton, I think retro-faired bikes could be the next wave in custom bikes.

  • Jesse

    Top shelf madness. Love the x-ray pinstriping. 10/10 would ride questionably.

    • Jon B.

      Would ride/would buy.

  • Justin McClintock

    Nice bike, horrible name.

  • Jonathan Ward

    The exhaust looks slightly reminiscent of the Derbi Mulhacen 659…

  • Dustin Coury

    Icon does such a create job on their cinematography.

  • Clint Keener

    So sick! I love the vintage endurance racer bug eye headlight look.

  • BigHank53

    What size is that front tire, and how does it like tipping into corners? How comfy is that oil tank after ninety minutes…and 175-degrees?

    It does look very pretty.

    • ICON Motosports

      The front tire is a 150/80-16 rear, specifically not rated for front use (but we’re outlaws). I think AVONs exact words to us were “Do Not use this tire on the front!!”. So naturally we did. As for the oil tank, I think it would not be very comfy after ninety minutes, but that’s just a guess as our test riders jewels could only withstand 25 minutes. We actually made a leather heat shield that attaches to the front of the tank, but we forgot to bring it to the video shoot.

      • SteveNextDoor

        You know, that may have something to do with the handling problems mentioned in the video. I admit I’ve never built a custom bike so I could be wrong, just throwing this information out there.

        P.S. When you need a custom heat shield for the family jewels, you know you’ve built something special.

        • Davidabl2

          Maybe they won’t need heated gloves in the wintertime :-)

  • Davidabl2

    After it gets some rusty patina, the Icon folks can rename it “La lavandora de fierro” Since so many chops have silly mexican names, why not one for this ‘fighter-type thing? Lavandora de fierro translates to “Iron Washerwoman” It’s an old mexican term for a washing machine:-)