Leaked Online: 2015 KTM 390 Supermoto

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Leaked Online: 2015 KTM 390 Supermoto

A member of KTMForum.eu has captured this first spy photo of the 2015 KTM 390 Supermoto. Based on the KTM 390 Duke, the Supermoto appears to share the same engine, swingarm and frame, adding a dirt-style seat, taller suspension and higher bars.

We first learned about this new bike in an interview KTM CEO Stefan Pierer gave CycleNews in April. In it, he described, “A so-called dual-purpose or dual-sport version… which I would say is a mix between supermoto and enduro.” He went on to explain that like the KTM RC390 and Duke, these new bikes will be made by Indian production partner Bajaj.

All three models weigh about 306 lbs (dry) and develop 43 bhp and 26 lb.-ft. from their shared 373cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor. Both the Duke and RC are allegedly U.S.-bound, but on-sale dates and prices have not yet been announced. Complete, the trio represents a frontal assault on the beginner bike market, all three are faster, more appealing and just as affordable as any other motorcycle in the class.

2015 KTM 390 Supermoto
2015 KTM 390 Supermoto

Like its platform mates, the 390 Supermoto is equipped with a visually prominent steel trellis frame and an aluminum swingarm with exposed webbing. Together with relatively high quality (but unadjustable) suspension, decent brakes and angular design, the bikes leave behind the budget look and feel of most beginner bikes, elevating themselves to the realms of genuine desirability, regardless of engine size.

In other markets outside the U.S., 125 and 200cc versions of all three models will also be available.

It’s not currently known if the Supermoto will be joined by a matching Dual-Sport version fitted with larger diameter, spoked wheels, but that’s the model we’re most hopeful for. Such a bike would be a blast to ride in the city — like this Supermoto — but good off-road, too, where it would benefit from much lower service requirements than existing dual-sport KTMs.

Of the three 390s, which are you most excited for? Supermoto, Duke or RC?

  • appliance5000

    I was waiting for these but decided to buy the cb500f when I heard they wouldn’t be here in 2013; now I’m a little pissed. Not because I’ll have to trade in the 500 and lose money, but because I love the 500 so much that I’ll never get to ride one of these.

    Truth be told though – I tested the 690 duke and I think I’m not a big singles guy – I’ll stick to the twins. For someone though these are going to be wonderful bikes.

  • Taco

    Gimme the supermoto, NOW!!!!

  • Alex Carlson

    I would beat on that Supermoto like a rented mule that owes me money.

    • Reid

      That is the coolest thing I’ve read in a long time. Mind if I swipe it for a line in a fictional piece I’m working on?

  • Chris McKendry

    Supermoto all day!

  • JT

    Really want an RC390, thing looks great and I need a beginner sport bike.

  • Jono

    YES! more of this in the market space please…

  • Comic Chuck Ludwig

    Every night I have the same dream: I wake up, maybe a little hung over, and I stumble to my computer. I press the bookmark bar for ride apart and there it is…the release price and date of the KTM RC 390
    Then my alarm goes off and I awaken in the real, much darker, much crueler world.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      You and me both!

    • Luke

      And the good version of the dream has a release date in the US…

  • Jeremy

    Hot diggity!

  • Piglet2010

    Sorry Suzuki, but I think I will wait for the KTM, unless you significantly update/improve the DR-Z400SM.

    • Justin McClintock

      I like my DRZ400SM and all but this is definitely a more complete package from the factory. The big question will be price. A DRZ can be built up pretty easily and inexpensively, so if this is too far above the DRZ on price, it makes the competition all the more interesting. That said, Suzuki needs to get off their butts and give the DRZ a 6 speed and a tach at the very least. The stock gearing on the 5 speed drives me nuts.

      • metric_G

        and FI.

        • Justin McClintock

          Updates I’d do to the factory DRZ, in order of preference:
          1) 6 speed tranny
          2) Tachometer. I don’t care for the Trailtech units as much as a nice, big analog tach.
          3) 450 CC. This and more can be done via the aftermarket, but it ain’t cheap.
          4) FI. Yeah, it’d be nice. But honestly, I’m not sure how necessary it really is. The DRZ is super easy to throw a FCR39 carb on (the offroad only models actually came with one) and it works extremely well. Sure, it won’t meet emissions with one of those on it, but the vast majority of us simply don’t care. And courtesy of the aftermarket, tuning a DRZ carb is VERY easy.

          • metric_G

            Yeah, but what why would I want to work on a carb when it could come with FI from the factory. My DRZSM was perfectly jetted for my area when I bought it used, but when I built my XR sumo, I had to re-jet it 3 times to get it right, and still, when I rode up on the mountains the bike lost power.
            Enough of that and chokes, new bike, better come with FI. In the end it doesn’t matter, Suzuki wont update the DRZ, same way Honda doesn’t update the XRL.

    • 87484848

      At least with this coming out, the DRZ SM won’t be so bloody overpriced on the used market.

      $5000 for an ’04 with 20,000 miles and $7000 for a new one. Fuck off!

      • Justin McClintock

        You must live in a bad area for price gouging. I bought my 2005 DRZSM used in 2010 with 5000 miles on it for $3200.

        • 87484848

          Granted. Insurance where I live favours motorcycles with <400cc so they really hold their value.

          I paid $3900 for my '08 400S with 7000 miles and considered it a good deal.

  • chad west

    I was mad hype about the duke and Rc390 but i prefer the supermoto. If this has a 6th gear and has all the modern bike stuff (fuel injection) And is indestructible like the drz, Ktm will beat the Suzuki and maybe force Suzuki to update drz. Ktm is steping up their game, they need to work on their dealer network though

    • Justin McClintock

      I think this will be a completely modern package. The big question will be price. A DRZ can be built into something very impressive pretty easily. Well, that and reliability. I don’t think KTM has ever made a bike as bullet-proof as the DRZ (although truly very few manufacturers have).

      • chad west

        Thats true it has to be less than $11,000 and easy to maintain. I see a lot of horror stories about maintaining the exotic supermotos (i.e husaburg,husqvarna,ktm,aprilia)

  • Justin Turner

    My next motorcycle. Roughly a year after it gets released, I’ll be at my computer surfing craigslist with a stack of cash next to me. And a gun, just in case.

  • NONo443

    AWW YEAH! This is going to make for an interesting motorcycle.

  • shamowfski

    I always get tired of my supermotards. I’ve had 2 and I always end up getting back on a sport bike. I think I don’t have enough hooligan in me to properly exploit the motard.

    • appliance5000

      I felt that way about the 690 duke – someone can make this sing but I don’t have the chops – it’ll always be a beautiful paint shaker in my hands.

      • Reid

        I tried out the mystical “setting 2″ for the first time on a trip for work yesterday…it will make you change your mind. You will feel like a barely civilized barbarian lord of some dark ages fiefdom.

        • appliance5000

          It’s a beautiful bike.

    • Justin McClintock

      I’d get bored of my motard if it’s all I had too. That’s why it shares the garage with a sportbike.

  • skeelo221

    I pray to jeebus the RC is “reasonably priced” and in a few years will replace the Ninja 250 spec class…

  • ThinkingInImages

    The RC390. I’d even go for an RC200. We need small displacement, high quality, high performance motorcycles in the U.S. The small CBR’s and Ninja’s have the potential but stop short of reaching it. They’re too heavy, relatively speaking, and the suspension is “just enough”. They’re excellent small motorcycles but stop short of being great.

  • Brian

    “…Of the three 390s, which are you most excited for? Supermoto, Duke or RC?…”
    none of the above. I would love an Enduro or perhaps a Ralleye ( ala Dakar or Baja1K ) full safari tanked style of this machine. Light, nimble, load capacity capable, extended fuel range, and ample power to do it all.

    • zedro

      Think I saw one of those at the unicorn petting zoo

      • Brian

        YEAH, I saw that exhibit also, it was right next to the twin siamese albino narwals display.

    • Andrew Cooler Can

      I’ll be in line behind you ;)

  • AHA

    Supermoto. But if I’m honest I’m really waiting for the 2015 1190 or 1290 Supermoto T. Oh and a suitcase of cash to pay for it!

  • Reid

    If KTM does in fact release a dual sport with this “390″ engine, I WILL own it. Especially if it’s fairly cheap, which, considering the RC390′s suspected price-tag, I don’t see how it could be otherwise.

  • metric_G

    Its all about the price, knowing KTM in the US I’m afraid we will be sorely disappointed, anyway if this will sell less than 9k OTD I’ll be surprised. I’ll just build my own sumo with blackjack and hookers, in fact, forget the sumo and the blackjack…
    Jokes aside, I’m very excited!

    • 87484848

      Many things that make this country were made with blackjack and hookers.

    • John

      The 390s sell for about $6000-$6500 in Mexico.

    • appliance5000

      The 690 duke is around 9k – I’m guessing the 390s will be less.Another thing about ktm is they sell very reasonably priced aftermarket parts.

  • Webbiker

    What does the front tire look to you? To me it looks larger than 17″.

    • Jason 1199

      Looks like a 19″ to me as well

  • Craig McMillian

    I can not wait for the 390′s to make it to the US… Screw a liter bike I want small and nimble.

  • 87484848

    I would prefer some spoked wheels on the supermoto. Otherwise, I’ll just get the Duke.

  • John

    Personally, I’m more interested in an enduro, but something more street/trail oriented than the Freeride. A little less tall, a little more street, a little more win protection, kind of a cross between an enduro and ADV bike. Maybe even some connection points for compact bags. A trail bike, really. Either that or a scrambler.

    • Ken Lindsay

      Sounds like you want a KLR 650 with Dirt Bagz. I don’t know if DB is still in business, but they were an awesome addition to my DR650.

      • John

        Actually, sort of. I just want a smaller, lighter, more fun version. The KLR is pretty big and pretty heavy.

        • Ken Lindsay

          Either take a DRZ SM and put knobbies on the SM rims or get a used KLX 250 and put a big bore kit & pipe. Add a nice set of bark busters for wind protection, maybe a mini windshield, and the saddle bags. You’re set for just a little $$ compared to a ADV bike or an expensive KTM.

  • ookla_the_mok

    looks like so much fun. Seeing it out front of the shop like that, reminds me of when I was 14….leaning my trusty Huffy against the corner store while I ran in for a soda and bubble gum and to play Galaga. It’s hard to imagine anything capturing that awesome childhood sense of bicycle-granted freedom like this would.

  • Jason 1199


  • Benjamin Lindemuth-Mcrobie

    I want a SUB 300 Pound (Dry) 390 Enduro, with moderate but still adjustable suspension. I want it to make at least 38 Horsepower at the wheel. I want it to store at least 3 gallons of fuel. I want at least 9 Inches of suspension travel. I want it to be 8k out the door. With no adjustable suspension, give me the 9 inches of travel, knock off 800 Bucks and I’ll have racetech trick it out. I want canyon / street ready power, and lightweight 250 / dualsport ergonomics for offroad. This could be it. This could be the gamechanger. If my xr650r was fuel injected and had an electric start. You’d already be there. Not sure what the holdup is.

  • tbowdre

    Not trying to be as contrarian just adding some info: A big bore kit will get you to about 434cc and its less money than an FCR39…. I know I know. It only makes sense to go big bore if you have the FCR39 anyway, well, and then cams, of course you need a pipe… i digress, whatever.

  • chad west

    I would love to ride one but i wouldn’t buy one

  • mugwump

    To make this a huge success they need to let their dirt bike dealers get in on this without ridiculous mandatory floor plans. I’m ready for one or more of the 390s

  • Andrew Cooler Can

    I want a 390 enduro and nothing else