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Riders For Health – Do Something Good

This holiday season, join RideApart in supporting Riders For Health, an organization that maintains and manages a fleet of motorcycles to help deliver healthcare to those in need.

Riders for Health mobilizes healthcare workers on motorcycles to deliver goods and services to rural regions of sub-Saharan Africa. A motorcycle is often the most effective means of delivering medical services to people in remote rural regions where the roads are remote and unpaved.

Here at RideApart, we know how important good healthcare is and want to support the inherent benefits of two-wheeled transportation being used to help those in need.

We’ve started our own fundraising page for Riders For Health. We’ve set our goal at $1000. Join RideApart in supporting this incredible organization and give a buck or two. Donate now.

Are things tight for you this holiday season? That’s OK. You can still help by getting the word out to your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and anyplace else online you hang out. Every post helps us get closer to our donation goal for Riders For Health. Thank you for joining with us at RA to do some good this holiday season!

Here is the direct link you can share on your social media pages:

Who else is supporting Riders For Health: Dainese, DucatiEwan McGregor, Indy Motor Speedway, Mazda Raceway, MotoGP, Yamaha, and many more

For more information, check out the Riders.org website.

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Riders For Health – Do Something Good

  • 200 Fathoms

    Great idea, guys.

    My family has realized that we just don’t need to buy each other gifts at Christmas anymore. Everyone is donating to a charity instead. This will be mine.

    • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky

      Right on!

  • michaelse

    This is a great idea, I’ll throw in a few bucks. Does anyone know what kind of bike that is in the title photo?

    • ontarioroader

      The bike looks like a Yamaha AG200, similar to the TW200 sold in the US, but with ‘normal’ sized dual sport wheels.

      • Jake F.

        Very close, Ontarioroader. It’s a Yamaha AG100. Inexpensive and very reliable.

  • Generic42

    I think the goal should be 10 times that amount, for a site with the traffic of Ride-A-Apart all you need is $1 from 10% of the visitors.

    • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky

      If we reach 1K by Christmas, we can increase the goal through the end of the year.

  • APG7

    Chipped in. Great cause.

  • http://krtong.com/ Kr Tong

    Wee that was fun. Wouldnt mind more of these.