UD Replicas Superman Motorcycle Leathers – Release Your Inner Hero

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UD Replicas Superman Motorcycle Leathers

Looking for the ultimate Christmas gift this year for a motorcycle enthusiast? UD Replicas has just launched a set of Superman motorcycle leathers, which may not give you superhero powers but will certainly get people’s attention, good, bad or otherwise.

Called The Man of Steel suit, the leathers feature the famous Superman logo on the chest and belt buckle with trim details made from injection-molded body armor.

UD Replicas, based in Toronto, Canada, said: “Our Man of Steel jackets also incorporate form-molded, leather muscle groups in the front torso, as well as the back, shoulders and biceps, and also have a removable collar. The pants feature muscle groups in the front thigh.”

The leathers were apparently inspired by he Superman film Man of Steel and are finished in Grade-a cowhide blue leather and based on the costume used on screen by actor Henry Cavil.

UD Replicas Superman Motorcycle Leathers
UD Replicas Superman Motorcycle Leathers

According to UD Replicas, the Man of Steel leathers include removable CE-certified body armor in the forearms, elbows, and spine with additional protection in the sides, knees and shins of the legs. Additional decoration includes raised silicone chain mail that’s been incorporated into the design.

Although described as a suit, it’s effectively a leather jacket and leather pants that zip together at the waist. To complete the ensemble there is also a pair of red leather boots that can act as the cherry on this DC Comics sundae.

The Man of Steel leathers are available in wide range of sizes from XXS to XXL. Prices start around $1,267 depending on exchange rates. (We are guessing that the XXS is what will sell the most, but you never know…)

For those wanting to release their inner superhero this Christmas, visit UD Replica’s website at: www.udreplicas.com

  • zion

    I just spit my drink out on my keyboard!

    • eddi

      I’ve seen their other offerings, but this wins some kind of prize. Get a friend to go for a Batman suit and complete the look.

  • SteveNextDoor

    The Man of Leather. Oh, wait….

  • James Jamerson

    I posted this on the article about Costumes, but it’s worth a repost:

    The UD armor looks great – I have the UD StormTrooper armor, but as riding gear there are several problems with it:
    1)The stitching is poor. The velcro is ripping off all over the place, and several seams have come undone. After only a dozen hours in it I had to break out the needle and thread to resew the entire crotch and reattach the straps that hold the outer pads to the jacket.
    2) The leather is easily damaged. Just kneeling on pavement is enough to scratch through the colored surface, turning that part of the armor permanently grey.
    3) They don’t really understand motorcycle armor. They have kneepads and elbowpads in the right locations, but that’s it as far designed protection. There aren’t any shin/forearm/spine protectors. The gloves and boots definitely aren’t up to snuff. The boots are loose slip-ons (and aren’t CE like advertised) and the gloves are just simple leather things with no additional protection. Years ago, I fractured a bone in my foot in an accident, so as soon as I saw what they had shipped for boots I ordered a set of white A-stars and ride with them instead.

    That said, it is amazing to roll down the road and see how many people wave/snap pics, but for the top-tier price you’d expect build quality at least up to the off-brand armor manufacturers. Or some semblance of customer service, instead of an angry guy who insists he didn’t break the law and can’t be held responsible since you got what you ordered.

    So if you want to get it, go for it! Just skip the excessively overpriced gloves/boots, know that you will have to wait 4 months, and be prepared to patch up the seams once you break it in.

  • ms

    Just went to their website.. the guys get Batman, Superman, Cobra Commander, Star Wars, Halo. And women get… My Little Pony color-themed jackets wheeeee zomg barf

  • Send Margaritas

    These looks perfect to humiliate someone who loses a bet.

  • jng1226

    And the first set has been pre-sold to Wyclef Jean. He’s got Orange County Choppers working on the bike to match the suit and compliment his Spiderman chopper:

  • Justin Henry

    who in their right mind would be seen wearing this on any day other than halloween?