2015 Yamaha R25 – Is This It?

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2015 Yamaha R25

Japanese magazine Young Machine has scooped what it says is the first image of the production 2015 Yamaha R25. Styled to look like the Yamaha M1 MotoGP racer, the R25 will compete head-to-head with the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Honda CBR300R.

We first saw the R25 in concept form at last November’s Tokyo Motor Show. There, Yamaha announced it would be fitted with a 250cc parallel-twin, while it also obviously used a steel tube perimeter frame, RWU forks and an aluminum swingarm. Adding to those details, Young Machine says there will be a six-speed gearbox, an overall length of 78.7 inches, a width of 28.3 inches and a height of 44.8 inches. Those dimensions make it even more compact than Yamaha’s own R6.

2015 Yamaha R25 Concept
2015 Yamaha R25 Concept

In production form, as shown by Young Machine, the R25 ditches the M1-esque large central airscoop in favor of twin headlights and similarly loses the MotoGP-influenced paintjob for a more traditional red and white Yamaha “speedblock” design. The bike can be seen to wear both a separate pillion seat and diminutive passenger pegs, as well as a black-painted exhaust canister. The production version also appears to use a less angular fairing than the concept, but a more complex, angular screen design.

If this is the final production version of the bike, we expect to see an official debut this summer, in time for sales starting in the fall.

  • 2wheelsgood

    Is this something we could get in the U.S. ? We have the Honda and Kawi, so I hope so. I think both those bikes sell well here currently ?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Yeah, exact model sales numbers aren’t publicly available, but for a time the Ninja 250 was the fifth best selling bike of any kind in the US and the CBR250R is currently the best selling Honda (even eclipsing the Gold Wing), so it’s likely Yamaha’s going to want to get in on that action.

      • TP

        Wes, what’s a good source to take a look at motorcycle sales data?

      • Dustin Coury

        For good reason. I saw a kid on a CBR250R this weekend at Streets of Willow blowing past people, including me (not saying much about me).

  • Jack Meoph

    Player 3 enters the game. I hope the US gets this bike. And I hope that the manufacturers diversify these small displacement platforms, like Honda did with their new 500.

  • Ayabe

    300cc-ish arms race, I say bring it on. Get a bunch of new riders excited about these and they’ll be demanding better upgrades in a couple years, which might bring back some excitement to the 600cc-ish/middleweight class.

  • roma258

    Young Machine is a great band name, someone should get on that!

  • Rameses the 2nd

    Yamaha is the coolest of big four. I wouldn’t buy a 250cc bike at this stage, but it looks really nice.

  • Speedo007

    I thought the little Ninja and CBR looked great for what they are, but if I was 16 again, this is what I’d be getting. Looks as good as it gets.

    • chad west

      Im 16 now and it looks great but the ninja and new cbr look great too and have a little more power (i dont like cbr’s passenger rails and would love ktm supermoto or rc390)

  • hunkyleepickle

    Looks good, competition in this sector of bikes is great for everyone. Would be nice if some of these models could evolve to be somewhat racier, with higher spec parts. I for one would definitely consider going down from the 600cc class of bikes, if these 250-400cc bikes were just a tad more exciting on the road/track, with some higher spec parts thrown it. Obviously this would effect the price….

    • tobykeller

      That’s why god made KTM ;)

      • Piglet2010

        Yes, but will the RC390 be imported to the US?

        • Texicans

          Spoke w/KTM dealer in NOVA area last week on the phone. Sales guy told me the larger KTM dealers in FL, CA & NY will get first allocation and that the smaller dealers will get what they can as available. So maybe a low single digit supply for the year in ’14 for smaller dealers. Consequently he had no insight on whether the Duke and RC 390′s would both make it. I was hoping for one of these but have decided on a larger bike now as the wife green lighted a new bike! Buying while its cold. :-)

          • Piglet2010

            It seems that KTM only cares about selling dirt bikes in the US – hard decision to make a purchase from a company that does not seem to respect the customer that much (although, better than Piaggio).

            • John

              Well, it may also be that Americans will try it, not like it and not buy it. The Dukes didn’t sell well at all with a 650cc engine, so this is that much smaller and I read that they aren’t terribly comfortable either. If KTM would make road bikes that were comfortable also, they might do better selling them. As it is, one reviewer said that as much as he’d like a 390 Duke, he would buy a CB500. Another said it wasn’t all that great for straight lines at high speed, being light and twitchy and a thumper. Still, they’re dead sexy and that might be enough if they’re not overpriced. Could actually be as little as $6K in the US for a Duke 390 and the RC390 more like $7K.

              I suggest that they need to twin that engine and make a 750cc for the US, built in India. Which would make it ideal for a new Duke “790″ or an Adventure “790″. I want a Duke 390, but I NEED something more like the NC750X.

  • Stacey

    I find it funny that they are rolling out a 250 while the rest is rolling out 300cc bikes. I’m seriously looking into picking up a Ninja 300 in the next few months, probably before summer.

  • lux Aureole

    It will be a mildly updated R125 with bigger engine. Not meant as criticism.

    To be critical: Where the Japanese may struggle is with spec’ing lower capacity bikes with dirt cheap, poor quality components. This despite comparatively high price for fancy fairing and clip ons attached to a basic commuter.

    The only way these bikes will ever be taken seriously as sports bikes is if they spec them as such.

    KTM’s RC series suggests it can be done but I fear they have missed a trick by not styling them to mimic their pretty Moto3 machine.

  • 200 Fathoms

    Love these small bikes. Get more new riders into the game. Keep them coming.

  • Martymcflytw
  • Renax Ortiz

    That front cover is just a regular R15 with shopped headlights