Best Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves

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Best Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves

Want to use your smartphone without taking off your gloves? You can modify your existing set to work, or just buy a pair with conductive thread sewn right into the fingers. These are the best touchscreen motorcycle gloves.

Make Your Own

The touchscreen on smartphones and tablets like those made by Apple use a layer of capacitive material under the glass that holds an electrical charge. Touching the screen with your fingers changes the amount of charge at that location and that’s then interpreted as a swipe, tap or a pinch. Most regular gloves won’t conduct in the same way that human skin will, so the phone can’t sense your inputs if you’re wearing them. The gloves we are recommending here fix that by adding conductive threads on the fingers.

You can do the same to any pair of gloves simply by ordering conductive thread online and sewing it in. Lifehacker also recommends using something called “thermal compound” on your gloves to make them touchscreen sensitive.

Why would you want to use a touchscreen device while wearing gloves? Well, you’re not going to be able to tap out accurate texts or emails while wearing them, but it can be nice to pinch and swipe or otherwise quickly stop to check directions or a voicemail without taking the time to remove and re-fit your gloves. It’s simply a question of convenience.

Not many motorcycle glove makers have adapted to the smartphone era yet. Here are the ones that have.

Icon Pursuit Touchscreen
Icon Pursuit Touchscreen

Icon Pursuit Touchscreen — $85

These gloves are a modern classic, cleanly integrating impact protection into the knuckles and offering a seriously nice looking pair of short-cuff city gloves. Adding touchscreen threads just makes them that much better.

Aerostich Competition Elkskin Roper Touchscreen Gloves
Aerostich Competition Elkskin Roper Touchscreen Gloves

Aerostich Competition Elkskin Roper Touchscreen Gloves — $83

Want something more classically styled? Aerostich studied the way we use our devices, then offset the conductive threads on the thumb, pointer and middle fingers to be where they’re most needed. Don’t let the low-key looks fool you, these are a seriously tough pair of motorcycle gloves.

Fieldsheer Legend Gloves
Fieldsheer Legend Gloves

Fieldsheer Legend Gloves —$119

Want serious protection? These gauntlets incorporate impact protection on the knuckles and fingers and also include that touchscreen conductivity in the finger tips.

Icon Device Touchscreen Gloves
Icon Device Touchscreen Gloves

Icon Device Touchscreen Gloves — $120

These gloves by Icon are also a gauntlet design, just a little more low-key than the Fieldsheer gloves. Impact protection is incorporated in the textile knuckles and the gauntlet is cut to fit inside a jacket’s cuff.

Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves
Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves

Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves — $83

These are similar in purpose to the Icon Pursuits, but are more aggressively styled.

Do you wear touchscreen gloves? Would you recommend them to other riders?

  • lordkenyon

    Good alternative to sewing and thermal compounds: AnyGlove for Leather.

    • msay

      I got a bottle of AnyGlove for Leather for xmas and have put close to 6 coats on my gloves and it works about 1 out of 15 times I touch the screen. I’m gonna use op the bottle on 3 pairs of gloves hoping eventually it will work. At least it was cheap.

    • therubbersidedown

      Soaked the fingertips of my Knox Handroid gloves in it and they work perfectly. Just make sure to really goop it on there for thick leather gloves like it says in the instructions. You have to make a connection from the inside to the outside.

      • msay

        Well I got it for my gore-tex gloves so there’s no hope that it will seep through to the inside and make a connection and since it says that it is supposed to work with waterproof and insulated gloves I don’t think that’s the idea. It just has to a conductive element in the liquid to make a connection, not make a bridge from my finger tip inside the glove to the screen on the outside. I’d use conductive thread but I’d rather not put holes in waterproof gloves. At least it’s only a minor inconvenience.

        • therubbersidedown

          Oh you’re definitely right. That was me not thinking. I applied enough as to where I could feel it coming through on the inside of my gloves which is why I assumed that’s how it worked. Didn’t realize they advertised it for waterproof gloves as well.

          • Wes Stupid

            “. I applied enough as to where I could feel it coming through on the
            inside of my gloves which is why I assumed that’s how it worked”

            …at least you’re thinking.

    • Smittyman

      Good ideas from good people.

  • Aaron Kirkland

    I wear Held Sambia’s, and a great benefit I found to the fairly thin kangaroo leather is that it works on capacitive touch screens. I’ve had a pair of the Elkskin Roper’s in “touchscreen” flavor, and the stitching was AWFUL. Started coming out in places too…

  • Fausto A. Sanchez Luna

    I have the Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves I always wear medium size this becouse of the leather are a little bit big but… i love them very useful

  • Kr Tong

    I havent tried this stuff yet but something worth looking at. Water soluable conductive paint pens.

  • Geert Willem van der Horst

    Rev’it Striker seems to be a nice touchscreen-glove for warm weather. Better than the RideApart favorite Rev’it Sand Pro in other regards as well according to some reviews.

  • ICON Motosports

    Thanks for the shoutout Wes! But our gloves’ touchscreen capabilities come from the leather itself, not conductive thread. Thread on the fingertips can damage the integrity of glove at impact.

  • Wes Stupid

    finally a useful article
    “thermal compound” is the pasty stuff electronics guys put under heatsinks to increase thermal conductivity between a hot object and a cooling layer, like a CPU and air. You basically can rub it into your gloves and it might stay on for a while but it will get dirty and oily just like any other paste.

    I suspect the same thing will happen with “conductive threads” sewn into gloves. But at least they will stay in place during cleaning.

  • Wes Stupid

    takes too freaking long, there’s too much of a chance of not being able to get them back on in time, and once I have my gloves on and comfortable I don’t want to take them off much less repeatedly

  • treaddown

    Leave the phone and distractions at home and ENJOY the ride.Problem solved!

  • Arclite

    I have a pair of Icon Pursuit (perforated) gloves (non-touchscreen), and they work fine with my iPhone. I tried the AnyGlove stuff for a different pair of gloves and it did not work for me. The gloves had a liner so that may have had something to do with it.

  • Darragh McD

    If you feel like rolling the dice on a kickstarter, this gamble seems like a good one for any set of gloves:

    Conductive paint that adheres to any surface…

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