Enter To Win Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans

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Enter To Win Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans

Deth Killers jeans denim weave is made from 16 percent Kevlar fibers. This gives them a strong resistance to both abrasion and tearing. They’re a good looking pair of jeans that look great both on bike and off and they’ll protect you from road rash in a low speed crash.

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ENTER TO WIN a pair of Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans worth $250.00 below. The winner can choose from either indigo or black, in either the Slim Guy or Style 105 fit. The entry period for this giveaway ends at 11:59 pm ET on Sunday January 26, 2014.

You can enter to win once a day throughout the contest period, so the more you enter the higher your chances of winning. Good luck!

Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans
Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans

About Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans:

These jeans are woven with 16% Kevlar and are abrasion and heat resistant. The two aspects of road rash that make you miserable are the abrasion and the burns from the heat of the friction between your body and the road surface. These jeans have been crashed in safely at speeds up to 70 mph (113 kph) and they definitely work. They’re practically guaranteed!

Additionally, rivets in areas where they can generate heat in a slide and burn you have been replaced with “X” stitching for anti-burn-ness. More Product Information >>

Enter To Win Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans
Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans


  • Alex

    Man, do those look sweet.

  • Mr.Paynter

    *Holds thumbs.

    *Is daunted by having no opposable thumbs until the 26th.
    *Gives up the thumbs idea, but enters anyway.

  • Mr. John

    Could anyone say how the Deth Killers compare to Swrve’s cordura jeans? The Swrve’s are marketed as bicycle wear, but they have some pretty nifty motorcycle relevant features and the price is definitely right.


    • Tall Jones

      I emailed them to see if they use the 12.5oz cordura denim like the recently reviewed RevIt jeans do. Mostly I’m excited about being able to order a custom length (37 inseam)…and the price. Thank you for the link!

      DK’s are kevlar weave instead of cordura. I’m not sure of the properties differences exactly in terms of abrasion resistance, but obviously both are used with similar quality brand name motorcycle jeans, so I’d think they would be similar in function as well.

      I’ll reply with whatever they tell me. I’m thinking of pairing this with some of the alpinestars knee inserts velcro’d in place for around town protection, provided they aren’t using some lesser weight cordura denim.

      • Tall Jones

        Received some info back from their sales dept, these jeans use a 10oz Cordura denim (as opposed to the 12.5oz in the RevIt Lombards). They are triple stitched as well. They say their local customers commonly use these for motorcycling. (Of course people commonly use regular jeans as well ;)) Their customer service folks seem very happy to help answer any questions though.

        • Tall Jones

          Just to note a bit more on this, I don’t know that I’d stand by my statement comparing these to the RevIts. RevIt also has what they call a PWR layer (their version of Cordura) in addition to the 12.5oz Cordura denim exterior. Combined, these two layers give them that extra level of abrasion resistance. I’m sure these pants are great given the right circumstances (smooth pavement, low speed, lucky rider), but I’m leaning toward some more expensive :( riding jeans unfortunately.

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    I’d happily put a pair of 105′s on. The Slim Guys I have are mighty slim in the quad and calve on me, and I’m not a bulky dude.

  • John

    My $25 jeans protected me from road rash at 70 mph. You just have to learn to rotate.

  • John

    Also, whatever happened to Toughskins? Those were indestructable.

  • blood brain

    The jeans looks nice and I’d like a pair but I’m waiting until they’re available through another retailer. I tend to have weird sizing with denim regardless of what the manufacturer claims and I don’t wanna deal with the typical hipster boutique attitude if I have to make an exchange. “Refunds will be issued and exchanged items will be dispatched only after
    after the returned goods have been received and undergone a quality
    control check. We will then notify you of the approval or rejection of
    your refund.” Sounds reasonable, but at the same time the tone makes it sound like they might be dicks about it… Hard to tell but I’d rather not risk it. For $250 I want the right size. Also, wtf is this: http://dethkillers.com/pages/contact I can’t tell if it’s photoshopped but you shouldn’t be holding an adult cat by the nape if you don’t absolutely have to. It’s not painless. Even if it’s shopped I still find the photo disturbing and not something I’d like to throw money at. The whole we don’t play by the rules badass thing is nauseating. I actually like the name Deth Killers but only because it’s so stupid. All in all I really like the jeans but I kind of want to tell these guys to piss off.

  • Tall Jones

    I came across the Eddie Bauer ones in my search today as well, but they had very limited sizes available (seems to be discontinued or something) so I was out of luck there. They seem to market that to climbers and such due to the nice stretch Cordura denim has.

    I’d second that request to Wes, but I have seen his opinions in other gear articles (see his recent riding boots piece). Not speaking for him as he may reply as well, but I’m pretty sure that he’d condemn any thought of an article like that. Wearing “sub-standard” gear is not something he typically condones.

    • Tony N

      So I just emailed Swvre asking them similar questions that you had. Erin, the office manager, had let me know although their Cordura jeans are tough, they are designed for cyclists and unsure if they would withstand a motorcycle crash. With that said, she did let me know that Swvre is working on a pair of Cordura motorcycle jeans, but did not have a timeline or price point on them yet.

  • AZCreeker

    I find that comfortable protective riding jeans are a really an important part of the riding gear arsenal.
    read the rideapart article about crash stats relating some of the most common injuries are around the legs…
    I have been riding for 10 years and never wore protective pants, even if I had everything else.
    now we now…!

  • 480272

    1 in 15,783 chance of winning and and Rafflecopter will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list and email address.

  • Gene Weir

    Good looking pair of jeans!

  • Randy S

    Just bought a pair of these (105s) and they ride great. I laughed out loud at the pack of moto cards and stale gum that came with them. Brought me back to riding my 10-speed to get baseball cards at the gas station in 1990. I CHEWED that f-ing nasty gum every time.