Gear Pick: Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot

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Gear Pick: Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot

This is a rugged multi-use boot that will keep your feet dry and not lose grip, even in the slipperiest of conditions. It’s tall design affords you extra support and impact protection. The full grain leather construction coupled with a waterproof membrane also helps these durable boots stand the test of time. The Alpinestars Scout is one that will not leave you disappointed.

Why We Like It: The Scouts afford ample protection in the impact and weather departments at a reasonable price.

Price: $249.95

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot
Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot

Less Expensive Competitor: The $129.95 Thor Blitz Boots are a solid, non-waterproof alternative to Alpinestars Scout.

You Should Also Check Out: At $449.95 Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex boot is fully CE certified and also waterproof.

  • eddi

    Those are some serious Jekyll&Hyde look boots. Outer side, wild technical look; all straps and padding. Inside, one seamless slab impossible to tell from any other boot, riding or otherwise. No flashy high-contrast logos or other panels. The buckles actually look modestly serious, not like they were pulled out of a cheap sci-fi show. I know the boots reviewed here start from the idea, “these will keep your feet and ankles in one piece” but the road racer look chases me off. Take the Thor Blitz you suggest as an alternate. Too much style. Ditto the Toucan. To my eye these are a happy medium.

  • Brian

    another boot in this realm to consider is the Falco Mixto boot.

  • David P.

    I’ve been wearing the Scout for a few years through all types of riding- sport, touring, dirt, etc. They are extremely comfortable, even for long days, but are supportive enough for standing in the saddle for long periods. My first pair started leaking at the seams, but Alpinestars leak-tested and replaced them under warranty at no cost. The second pair have been absolutely flawless even in the heaviest of downpours! They’re probably not as protective as the next-level full-on dirt or enduro boot, but the subtle styling and comfort makes them perfect for everyday wear, especially on trips where you may find yourself walking around town and not wanting to look like a stormtrooper. Everything but the skinniest of jeans will fit over them!

    • Lee Scuppers

      I wouldn’t say “all but the skinniest” will fit over them. I’d say all but some Carhartts (not the 100097′s) won’t, at least in my closet.

      Great boot, just don’t expect them not to be bulky.

  • Justin McClintock

    I keep thinking I’d like a pair of these. I need to find somewhere I can try them on first. But if I do…yeah, I’ll probably buy them.

    • Piglet2010

      Just be aware if you do try the Scouts, they get much better with a bit of break-in. I was dragging the rear brake, and had trouble shifting and walking in my new Scouts – all these issues went away with a couple of of weeks of use.

      If you do order online, get one size bigger than normal, as they follow Alpinestars oddball sizing – I wear the size 10 and my other shoes/boots are size 9.

      As for protection, I was happy to have them on when I crashed going down into a gully and had the TW200 land on my foot.

      Nice boot for cool weather riding, but like all non-vented boots, they get to be a bit much in really hot weather.

  • Aaron Averett

    Those are surprisingly sedate looking, for Alpinestars.

    The linked page for them mentions that the sole is stitched; does that mean that it’s replaceable?

    The non-replaceable soles is the thing I really hate about all the really expensive motorcycling boots. Once you wear the soles down, you have to go buy new ones for $350+. If these things could be resoled, I’d be… sold. Ha.

    • Jason

      Yes, the soles can be replaced.

  • I Have the Hat

    This is just one reader’s vote, but I would like to see the RevZilla links come back. I never agreed with the complaints about them and it saves me having to manually go to and look up the product.

    • msay

      Yeah, I missed when that happened, and why for that matter.

  • atomicalex

    Hmmm. Sizing might work. The styling is sooooo un-Alpinestars! Actually wearable!

  • Piglet2010

    A boot is the luggage compartment at the back end of a saloon.