Gear Pick: Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit

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Gear Pick: Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit

You aren’t still wearing leathers over boxers and a t-shirt are you? This Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit combines a comfort-boosting compression function while wicking sweat away to keep you cool in even the hottest weather, and the one-piece design sees that occur seamlessly all over your body.

Why We Like It: It works. Not only does the suit make putting on or shrugging off a leather suit a breeze, but it genuinely helps comfort, both by working to prevent muscle soreness (the compression) and keeping you cool (the wicking). Flat seams prevent binding and chafing and the suit even works to prevent the leather suit from binding and abrading your skin in a crash. One you try one of these, you’ll never again ride without it.

Price: $120

Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit
Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit

Less Expensive Competitor: The Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Long Sleeve Shirt ($35) and Under Armour HeatGear Compression Leggings ($40) aren’t designed specifically for riding. Still, they’ll get the job done, but unlike the Tech Race aren’t designed to fit in a racing crouch, so they’ll bunch and bind as you hunch over.

You Should Also Check Out: Buying the Tech Race Undershirt ($85) and Tech Race Underpants ($75) is actually more expensive, but is a more flexible option should you want to mix and match riding gear or wear the items separately.

  • geoff2k

    Any reason this wouldn’t be suitable for wearing under a roadcrafter?

    • Mark37724

      Well, you either you can’t take it off when you’re out & about or brave it and look like one of the Fantastic Four when you take of the Roadcrafter.

    • Honyock Undersquare

      The Roadcrafter is specifically designed to fit over street clothes, so there might be a little extra room inside it if you wear one of these compression suits unless you adjust your measurements when you order from Aerostich.

    • Wes Siler

      I wear mine under my Roadcrafter when I’m riding dual-sport in the summer. Definitely helps make the experience cooler. I also wear some loose shorts and a t-shirt, then I can zip off the suit at lunch or whatever and sit around comfortably and cooly while all my friends boil in their non-easily-removable gear.

  • Dave

    Actual Less Expensive Competitor: (since the Under-Armour aren’t even one-piece) Moto D Racing’s undersuits.

    About $80. There’s a cool and warm weather version, and I really like the foot strap thing that keeps them from bunching in the boots. The cool-weather one is great up to about 85 degrees, the warm one is for really hot days.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I have Rev’IT’s Excellerator undersuit and like it a lot. Asymetric zip, lil zip fly for pit stops. Note on sizing – they run pretty small so get one size up.

  • Piglet2010

    I like the thumb-loops in the similar Dainese product – makes getting into a track suit a little less of a PITA.

  • Geert Willem van der Horst

    Do undershirts en pants that include impact protection (like Dainese norsorex or Forcefield pro pants/shirt) also offer the same compression function? In a kill two birds with one stone kinda way?

    And I’m guessing that you shouldn’t wear anything underneat like I used to…