Gear Pick: Bell Vortex Band Helmet

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Gear Pick: Bell Vortex Band Helmet

The Vortex is yet another helmet high quality helmet by Bell that is chock full of features and innovation. Some highlights include: Velocity Flow Ventilation with FlowAdjust, Nutrafog II anti-fog shield, a ClickRelease shield swap system and Snell M2010/DOT certification. Coming in at a light, 3.96 pounds and with a reasonable price tag, this is a helmet you should definitely take a look at.

Price: $179.95

Bell Vortex Band Helmet
Bell Vortex Band Helmet

Why We Like It: The Vortex is a surprisingly affordable helmet for how many features it comes with. It has ample ventilations control, a removable and washable liner, integrated speaker pockets and a noise reducing wind collar. Couple that with its DOT and Snell certification and you have yourself an excellent helmet for daily use that won’t break the bank.

Less Expensive Competitor: At $156.95 the Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet is a DOT and ECE certified helmet for a bit cheaper than the Vortex.

You Should Also Check Out: The Bell Star is the older brother of the Vortex. If don’t mind spending $649.95 then you should absolutely check out the Star.

  • Dave

    The Bell RS-1 is in between the Vortex and Star. The RS-1 fits the high-performance street-rider spot, where the Star is designed for racers.

    • Piglet2010

      I picked up a Star because I liked the looks and it was 40% off. A better lid than the Vortex, but certainly not three times better at three times the price.

  • Lee Scuppers

    I actually like the graphics on that one.

    • mikki sixx

      I was thinking a very similar thing: This is the first helmet with graphics that I like.
      I can put the bucket I usually puke in when I see helmet graphics away.

    • Piglet2010

      I like it, except for the Bell logo in front* being in prominent red – so on my Vortex I cover it up with an Aerostich sticker. The ears come from here: – the suction cups did not hold strongly, so I glued them down before riding.

      Only complaints I have are the top vents rattle, and the cover on the chin-strap magnet started to peel off, so I had to sew it back on.

      *My Bell Star is logo free in this area.

      • Piglet2010

        No idea why the picture repeats, and Disqus will not let me edit.

  • Jack Meoph

    I have a few Icon Alliance helmets, and they fit my head almost perfectly. I use one on my scooter, but I now use Suomy’s when I’m on my MC’s. I’ve been looking at Bell’s off and on, and they are on the list of helmets to try out when I need a new one. And I saw those graphics the other day on a 70′s era Dodge pickup.

    • hunkyleepickle

      We must share head shapes then, cuz i find the alliance to be one of the most perfect fitting helmets for my noggin, this side of a Shuberth SR1 anyway.

  • phoebegoesvroom

    Hnnngh…those stripes!

  • 480272

    Is there a matching suit? !!

    • Lee Scuppers

      OMG I would so totally go for a matching suit.

      • hunkyleepickle

        jeez we’re like a bunch of ladies! haha, but seriously…. a matching suit would be boss:)

  • zombarian

    But how’s the value? And if this is actually a review instead of an ad where are all the first person pronouns mentioning anyone’s experience with it?

    • Wes Siler

      Right, so editorial content is NEVER advertising on RideApart. Period.

      The Vortex is a good, entry-level full-face option. We haven’t ridden in this new graphic, but it’s neat, so figured our readers would want to learn about it.

      • Piglet2010

        One caution is the Bell Vortex runs small – I wear an XL Vortex but an L Star.

  • Ken

    Holy craps that’s groovy. Does this mean juvenile tribal splatter vomit graphics are offcially dead? Can I dance on their graves yet? If someone has finally reappropriated motorcycle helmet aesthetics from pubeless, excitable MotoGP riders blocked on Red Bull, then I salute them. Good for you sir/madam.

  • Suby555

    Oh yes, this is on the list.
    Any thoughts on this vs the Icon Airmada? Pretty much the same price.

    Nailed it down to those 2. gotta find a place to try them on i think.

  • Amber

    This is awesome. A modern version of this one! I agree the logo on the front needs to go.

    • Guest