Gear Pick: Firstgear Torrent 20L Backpack

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Gear Pick: Firstgear Torrent 20L Backpack

For convenience both on bike and off, nothing beats a backpack. The problem with conventional backpacks like your 15-year-old Jansport is that they don’t offer enough protection from the elements and have the extra features motorcyclists want. The Firstgear Torrent 20L is a economical and practical backpack for a biker who needs a waterproof pack with decent storage space and some comfort features.

Price: $60

Why We Like It: At this price point, the Firstgear is a relative bargain for the features it offers. Although the strapping mechanics are relatively conventional, the sternum strap, ergo straps and channeled air mesh back pads should make it a good alternative to more expensive options.

Less Expensive Competitor: If you aren’t too keen on carrying loads on your shoulders and would rather strap it to your tail, Firstgear also offers a Torrent 25-liter duffel bag with the appropriate D-rings and handles to attach it.

You Should Also Check Out: The Kriega R30 is four times the price of the Torrent, but is top to bottom, a fantastic pack. At $240 it’s not feasible for everyone, but if you can scrounge up the dough, it’s worth a look.

  • runnermatt

    At this price I will probably pick one up.

  • gap2

    I love waterproof backpacks. I bought one about 7 years ago and have used it so much that I have black duct tape around one shredded shoulder strap. So I was glad to see this backpack at $60, rather than $150-250, and ordered one a few days ago. Still glad to have the old one too!

  • Piglet2010

    Will it survive a slide into a gully below both a rider and a TW200 – my inadvertent test of riding pack durability?

  • Albert Phan Tran

    I strap this backpack down with Rok straps on my TW200. Haven’t tested in heavy rainfall yet but it seems waterproof and quality has held up so far

  • Sentinel

    I have a similar pack to this one that has no real strap management. Those straps and the cord will be whipping around and hitting you and the pack constantly, which is of course terribly distracting and irritating; not the kind of thing you want going on while out riding at all. I’ve learned my lesson and will never by a pack that doesn’t have built in strap/cord management. If this pack did I’d likely buy one.

    • charlie

      Just use some tie wraps. I don’t understand the problem.

      • Sentinel


        • charlie

          Not sure why you’re so upset. It’s a compromise. Spend more on the Kriega for strap management or less on this one that doesn’t have it. You can buy a pack of 100 zip ties on Amazon for less than 2 bucks. Problem solved. Of course it’s not a Kriega but it’s a waterproof pack with decent ergonomics for $60. Sorry, $62 with the zip ties.

          • Sentinel

            It’s impractical, and on the road adjustments would be a huge PITA;,so not for me thanks.

  • Philip Azzara

    What about its durability? If it’s going to come apart at the seams after one season I’d rather just spend the extra money on the Kriega, which, if I’m not mistaken, comes with a ten year warranty. I’ve been looking for a good riding backpack, and for the price the Torrent seems great, so long as it’s well-made. Also–if I could knit-pick–what countries are these packs manufactured in?

  • Kr Tong

    Big fan of their duffle series.

  • Vincent Lehmann

    I’d like to have some insight into what you can put in this.
    I have a military 35L ( 3Day pack ) that I carry all day, everywhere, it’s constantly stuffed because I’m really bad at managing what I put into it. But can’t wrap my head into what a 20L would accept.

    Is a laptop, a disc block, 1 or 2 books, a bottle of water, a knife, a writing pad, and a T shirt + socks realistic for a 20 L backpack ?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Emil B. Larsen

    What about the Boblbee Megalolopolis Aero? Granted it is expensive, throw in a few choice accessories it gets even worse, a total of just north of 500 USD. But it is a back-protector with CE Level 2 certification. I can pack very lightly for a weekend away, you don’t want too much weight on your back anyhoo. And you don’t feel it pulling in higher speeds, even above 150 mph. Whole heartedly recommended. A costly option yes, but I believe it’s worth.