Gear Pick: Fox Bomber Gloves

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Gear Pick: Fox Bomber Gloves

Fox is known for its quality Motocross gear and apparel. The Bomber gloves are yet another example of their ability to create functional motocross equipment. Featuring a double layered palm, molded ballistic knuckle protection, hook and loop wrist closure and silicone lever grip; the Bomber gloves have pretty much everything you could wish for in a Motocross glove.

Why We Like Them: Protection and style. These gloves have the features you need for when you stray off the beaten path. A mix of protective and comfort features help make these gloves great for not only Motocross but for everyday riding too. Couple that with a reasonable price tag and you’re going to have a hard time saying no to the Fox Bomber Gloves.

Price: $54.95

Fox Bomber Gloves
Fox Bomber Gloves

Less Expensive Competitor: The Fox Pawtector Gloves come in between $36.95 and $38.95. Despite their goofy name, they are quality Motocross gloves.

You Should Also Check Out: At $70.00 the Troy Lee Apex Pro gloves are another great option when it comes to Motocross gloves.

  • Brian

    when you say “….not only Motocross but for everyday riding too….” are you referring to everyday “street” riding? MX gloves are great in how they offer ventilation that street biased gloves don’t generally offer, but that advantage/comprimise is at a cost. They are not engineered to endure the same stresses in an offroad crash that you would experience in a street crash. They will generally shred pretty well in a street abrasion crash.

    • Dave Mason

      I agree. Wouldn’t even consider wearing MX gloves on the street. I’ve crashed on dirt, track and street and I won’t wear anything without hard palm sliders and hard wrist protection for track or street. Even wish MX gloves had some hard wrist protection. Broke my wrist last summer crashing an XR80 in the grass! D-oh!

  • Michael Howard

    How long have you worn these? Reviews I’ve read say the durability leaves a bit to be desired (ie, wearing through from rubbing against the inner grip, the rubber “air intakes” on the fingers coming unglued, etc).

    • Martin

      There’s a chance that nobody at RA actually owns a pair of these. Hard to say though, since they don’t include that kind of info in the Gear Pick posts.

      • Michael Howard

        It does sound more like an advertisement than a review.

        • Wes Siler

          Ads are never disguised as content on RideApart.

    • Hugo

      I”ve talked to ppl that have used these for a few years, and if anything I’ve always heard the very opposite. That they’re durable especially for a well ventilated glove. I have a pair I bought a few months back, I haven’t put many miles on it, but they are miles better than the troy lee design gloves they’re replacing (protection wise), and even those have lasted me a few years no problem.

    • Wes Siler

      In my experience, they’ve held up as well as any other lightweight motorcycle glove. No, they’re not going to last as long or be as tough as a full-leather gauntlet. But, they will be cooler in very hot temps, easy to take on and off and yes, do provide adequate protection for in-town riding.

      • Michael Howard

        Thanks for that info. In the piece above, there’s nothing to indicate that any RideApart staff had ever worn the gloves.

  • Pitcrew

    When i had my 848, i actually used these. Held up great when i laid it down in a rain storm at 40mph around a corner. Only the carbon knuckles took a lil beating. I use them mainly for DH mtb racing and even with a few minor falls, they’ve held up for the past 2years.

  • Jason Channell

    I can send a pic of what these look like after 2 years of wear if you want. I bought a pair and they have held up pretty well for $50 gloves. The close tabs go first, and they get a bit stretched out over time.

  • philip

    $29.99 + free shipping all day long on eBay. And yes, they’re great gloves :)