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Icon Pursuit Gloves

The Icon Pursuit Gloves are a sleek, understated classic. Featuring integrated knuckle armor, a leather touchscreen compatible palm and sheepskin leather for comfort; the Pursuit is a multi-dimensional glove that won’t break the bank. Completing the package with an all-black, minimalist look, this is a great everyday glove that doesn’t scream, “Look at me!”

Why We Like It: The Pursuit combines protection, comfort and style. It’s integrated plastic knuckle armor makes sure your digits are protected while the special leather palm allows you to use touchscreen devices without taking your gloves off. The other nice thing about these gloves is their low-key aesthetic − instead of looking like something the astronauts on the Space Station should wear, they look like normal leather gloves.

Price: $85.00

Icon Pursuit Gloves
Icon Pursuit Gloves

Less Expensive Competitor: At $65.95, the Fieldsheer Soul Ride Gloves are a cheaper alternative to the Pursuits. They feature free-floating knuckle protection and are also touchscreen compatible.

You Should Also Check Out: If you are looking for something with a little bit more armor and different styling, the Icon Device Touchscreen Long Glove at $120.00 offers the same functionality in a longer, gauntlet-style glove.

  • tobykeller

    I had a pair of these (non-perforated), wore them daily for about 2 years. Still have them somewhere. Durable and comfortable.

  • Aaron

    I have the perf version of these without the touch screen stuff. I love them, they are comfortable, low key and cool when it’s hot.

    • Joe Bielski

      And you have the best Avatar!!!

      • Aaron

        Why thank you.

  • Mill0048

    I’ve had the perforated version of these for a while too. Amazing fit, super soft once broken in, and decent knuckle protection, however the palm protection is terrible. I wouldn’t trust these in an accident. Good summer gear or good for those that hate ATTGATT for fashion purposes.

    • Justin McClintock

      I have a pair as well and feel the exact same way. They might be decent against rash, but I hate that my palm feels basically bare as far as protection is concerned. Also, if they’re trying to make the fit that good, they should stitch the seems on the fingers on the outside like JR does with the HIGHSIDE line of gloves.

      • Regder

        I’ll third this. They are comfy, and the leather is very soft. Would not trust when needed though, remember that every stitch and seam is a possible point of failure and this glove has way too many. I retired mine a long time ago and gave them away to an ex.

      • Steve

        I’ll agree with this too on the perforated version, i actually ripped mine after tripping and falling while walking to my bike on some gravel. They are a great summer glove and fit amazing too, but palms are weak at best.

    • Tony Thayer

      I’ve had a relatively low-speed lowside wearing them and they held up way better than the ICON mesh gloves did in a similar situation. The mesh wore through to the palm in the blink of an eye but the Pursuits hardly show any wear. There is a lot to be said for some leather between you and the pavement.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      I only ever knew these gloves from pictures online, so when I saw some in the field I was shocked at how thin the leather was on the palms (1mm? if that?). I’m an Icon fan but I wouldn’t wear these gloves riding anything that goes faster than 25.

  • CaptainPlatypus

    These are listed at $75.00 ($10 off the price given here) on Motorcycle Superstore, Amazon, and Revzilla. Amazon throws in free shipping. Save a little money!

  • Jay

    I have had the perforated version for a while, they’re very comfortable, even when it’s hot, and look good. They’ve held up really well to normal use. Never crashed in them, but like a lot of people are saying, I wouldn’t want to… I’d put them in the “better than nothing” category.

  • AZCreeker

    Jacob,I have them as well and while very confortable, I was wondering if there are any pairs of gloves that have a seamless construction?

  • isaac salas

    How long did yours take to broke in, I´ve had mine since early December and their still stiff, used them daily for a couple of hours.

  • disqus_2158

    These are what I use for my daily commute, and they are really very comfortable and breathable. The palms are a downside as others have pointed out – won’t be too effective in case of a speed slide.

  • Piglet2010

    I have crashed on the track, and many times off-road, and have never even scuffed a glove up, so your contention is false.

    But I still wear reasonably protective gloves when riding, as I might hit a hand if I rolled instead of sliding.

    • Archie

      As you just highlighted yourself, a slide is a very different crash to a roll. As I said in my post, if you tumble and roll it’s almost guaranteed your hands are going to take an impact. You cannot tell me it’s not true given the countless times I’ve seen it happen. You have obviously just been lucky in that regard, don’t try and say it’s a fallacy just because it’s not happened to you.

      • Piglet2010

        But I never put my hands out to try to break the fall when crashing on a motorcycle, push bike, push scooter, shopping trolley…

        • Archie

          Then I’d call you a rare example.

  • Paul Stevens

    I see a lot of Icon gear on both this site, and in a lot of the videos posted online from stunt and street riders. I can’t get the stuff here, but it looks like ordering from the US is an option. Prices are awesome, so what’s the general gear quality like? Their kit looks good too, and I’d love to try one of their lids (I’m a long time Shark user), so it checks all the boxes,