Gear Pick: Sidi Canyon Motorcycle Boots

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Gear Pick: Sidi Canyon Motorcycle Boots

Sidi has been helping revolutionize motorcycle footwear since 1969. Sidi Canyon Motorcycle boots are yet another example of their forward thinking and innovative capabilities. The Canyon is completely waterproof, using a Gore-Tex inner liner to keep water out while allowing your feet to breathe. A dual velcro strap system allows you to fine tune the boots fit and a mix of integrated plastic and high density padding provides impact protection.

Price: $360.00

Why We Like It: A simple aesthetic, jam packed with all the features you want in a boot. Unlike many of the boots on the market with similar features, the Canyon boots don’t look like something that belongs on the space station. While looks are not the most important issue at hand, having a pair of boots that you don’t dread wearing is a good selling point.

Less Expensive Competitor: At $249.95 the Alpinestars Scout WP boots have a similar look but come at a lower price point. They are also waterproof and have integrated protection throughout.

You Should Also Check Out: For $367.00 the Aerostitch Combat Touring boots are comparable in style and features.

  • NOCHnoch

    *…don’t look like they belong in a…

    Please hire an editor.

    • Jack Meoph

      I thought the Grammar Nazi’s were finished in 2013. ;)

      • Michael Howard

        So writers/publishers shouldn’t know their trade? Do you accept leaky pipes from plumbers? When someone writes for public consumption, their writing can and should be held to a certain standard — at least grade school equivalent would be nice. Lack of proofreading shows a lack of professionalism. This is an ongoing problem here at RideApart and it reflects poorly on the site.

      • Lee Scuppers

        Heil Strunk.

    • E Brown

      Why hire someone when people will do it on the internet for free? :)

      • Michael Howard

        Because proofreading kinda needs to be done BEFORE a piece is released to the world?

  • Jack Meoph

    I don’t like the buckler thingy. Another piece of hardware to get hooked on something, and it probably doesn’t do much because Sidi’s run thin anyways. If you have a wide foot, Sidi’s aren’t for you. I’ve been wearing Sidi’s exclusively for over a decade now. They are great MC boots, and you can replace the sole on them, which is a plus.

    • Michael Howard

      Yeah, and I think that buckle sort of contrasts with the subdued style of the rest of the boot. Just looks a bit out of place to me. Maybe if the buckle hardware was black.

    • Piglet2010

      I find SiDi moto boots fit me fine, and I can only wear their “Mega™” width push-bike shoes.

    • tobykeller

      These particular Sidis are pretty wide in the footbed. I’ve had TCX boots that I can barely stand due to my wide feet, but these were comfy from day 1.

  • Raph

    I’ve had a pair for 3 years, they’re currently getting me thru the Colorado winter.

    • contender

      I think I have had mine for four, and this is their second Colorado winter. Love them.

      • Raph

        actually, what’s winter 2010? Now that the New Year just passed I’m going on 4 years as well. One of my buckles is hurting but it stays and they still keep me dry and toasty.

  • appliance5000

    Least expensive competitor may be the Icon Reign : $170.00 If I’m wrong about similar protection let me know now because that’s what I’m wearing.

    • zion

      The only downside I see with the Icon’s is that you can’t resole them.

      • Piglet2010

        You may be able to have them resoled – I have had a couple of pairs of boots successfully resoled by a cobbler using hot adhesive to attach the new sole.

        • zion

          Okay, I’ll rephrase it… you can’t resole them “reliably”. Hot glue/adhesive as a resole usually has a very short lived life.

  • Kr Tong

    Thanks for showing us this boot. I love how it’s so elegant and understated… borderline formal, but because this is sidi, world leader in mechanical-looking footwear, they HAD to throw at least one of their prized buckles on there. Would’ve been fine with a simple velcro strap or nothing at all but no, had to do it.

    • anthony

      check out the rachetless Sidi Road Gore-Tex Boot

  • tobykeller

    Had mine four years. Great protection : comfort ratio. And still waterproof! Only thing i don’t dig is the buckle… it gets stuck closed occasionally if it’s under tension.

  • Scott Otte

    I was wearing these when I tumbled down the freeway. One of the heels was almost torn off, but my feet and lower leg survived pretty good. I was hoping to have them for more than a few months. I wonder how they are for walking.

  • anthony

    Aerostitch Combat Touring offer very little ankle protection and do not feature Gortex. Pick up a pair of SIDI On Road Gore-Tex Boot. Better all around and looks cooler to boot!

    • kent_skinner

      I have the On Road, and really enjoy them. I’ve ridden as a commuter, as well as some mild off-road (usually dirt roads, but occasional goat trails) in them. Super comfy and waterproof. I can leave them on for an 8 hour ride, and not bother to take them off till I go to bed. There’s even OK for some light duty hiking.

      The only thing they are missing is much ankle support.

      • enzomedici

        I have the On Roads too and love these boots too. They are my fall, winter, spring commuter boots and my feet never get cold even with just a par of regular cotton socks and I’ve ridding down to 19F. I also wear these up to the mountains playing in the snow with my kids and never get cold feet either. I was worried about the velco initially, but that has held up just fine over the last year. These are fantastic boots.

  • Zamboni9

    Yet again no Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots love? I know they don’t provide you guys with a free pair but man these boots rule. Whole ADVRIDER thread dedicated to them. My waterproof Balance boots work great on the bike and great for actually walking a bit. Just shoveled out the driveway in them, they were warm and dry, then took the Ural for a spin in them. They work fantastic on the DRZ as well.

    Please review these boots, RideApart.

  • Karen

    Those are awesome looking…but for men of course…am I right?