Gear Pick: Spidi Back Warrior

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Gear Pick: Spidi Back Warrior

Spidi, the Italian gear manufacturer, has been around for over 30 years. In addition to making everything from top-notch race suits to everyday leather jackets, they also offer back protection. The Spidi Back Warrior is their reasonably priced, high performance back protector. It features level 2 CE certification, an adjustable belt and is under 30mm thick. A huge area of coverage combines with the thin, flexible form factor to ensure both good safety and comfort.

Price: $149.95

Spidi Back Warrior
Spidi Back Warrior

Why We Like It: Two important things to think about when searching for the right back protector are the level of protection it provides and fit. We like the Back Warrior because it is highly adjustable, fitting riders from 5’4” – 6’3” and comes with Level 2 CE Certification. It also doesn’t hurt that it folds up to make storage super easy. Bottom line: if you’re looking affordable back protection this is a safe, comfortable, convenient option.

Spidi Back Warrior
Spidi Back Warrior (detail)

Less Expensive Competitor: At $90.00, the Icon Stryker Back Protector is good deal less expensive. It also features CE Certification and adjustable straps.

You Should Also Check Out: The Forcefield Pro Sub-4 Backis another great option and only slightly more expensive than the Back Warrior. It is flexible and comfortable while affording a high level of back protection.

What is your go-to back protector of choice?

  • Geert Willem van der Horst

    How about the breathability? This one looks sweaty to me. And that’s THE irritating factor of my current back protector. Right now I think I will go with the Dainese Manis for replacement, but I still have to try one out.

  • eddi

    Mine is an Icon Stryker Vest. Ribs and collar bones protected for $60 bucks more. Light and comfortable. Fits under my jackets with no problem.

  • Scott Saunders

    The top pic looks like a different product than the other two photos.


    training to become the ronin. this is perfect