Gear: Rev’It Lombard Jeans Review

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Gear: Rev’It Lombard Jeans Review

Rev’It Lombard Jeans
Rev’It Lombard Jeans

The Good

They look good. Even this OCD aesthete is totally happy with their design.

They fit well. As in they look like something a stylish young man in 2014 would wear normally, regardless of their on-bike functionality.

They’re flexible and comfortable from the first wear, stretching and moving with your body to facilitate freedom of movement.

While they’re never going to be as safe as a proper pair of leather or textile riding pants, they should do a pretty decent job of adding protection at city speeds.

They fit true-to-size in both inseam and waist measurements.

Rev’It Lombard Jeans
Rev’It Lombard Jeans

The Bad

This 30×32 size — the closest they had in the press department — is a little too short for me. I typically wear a 34-inch inseam. Hence the lack of shots of me wearing them; they make me look like Steve Urkel.

At a price of $270, the Lombards carry quite a premium over regular denim.

The knees are cut to work and look good without armor, so adding it adds bulk in that area and does make them fit very tightly through the knees while in a sport riding position. I actually prefer this arrangement as I don’t want jeans to sacrifice style, but it’s something to keep in mind. Presumably, the hip armor would do the same.

Some…larger gentlemen have complained of a tight fit in large sizes.

Rev’It Lombard Jeans
Rev’It Lombard Jeans

The Verdict

The Lombards are the real deal. Significant all-over protection, real on-bike comfort and solid armor options combined with genuinely credible looks. These are the jeans you and I have been waiting for. Take care choosing the correct size and order these with confidence.

  • ReligionOfPeace

    Too bad it has Cordura and not kevlar for the panels – I was reading some studies that show Kevlar is supposed to be a lot better for abbrasion resistance.

    • Ben W

      You’ll find studies that show quite the opposite in favor of Cordura, too. Here’s my take, for what that matters: Aerostich’s Roadcrafter suits are the most popular riding suits by far and have used Cordura all along. They’ve worked time and time again. So, studies and technicalities are great, but there’s a lot of practical evidence behind Cordura. Beyond that, Kevlar liners are remarkably warm in the summer.

      So, that’s the issue. There have always been cheap Kevlar options out there. Premium fabrics (such as the denim weave seen here combined with Cordura) demand a higher premium, but solve many of the problems folks have with the cheaper alternatives.

      • Piglet2010

        The Kevlar lined jeans are nice for riding around town when it is below 50° F – keeps the chill off one’s knees.

        • Ben W

          Good point. Not sure why you got down voted for that one.

          • zedro

            He has a stalker that always down votes him (not kidding)

            • Piglet2010

              Yep. :)

            • Jesse

              No justice. I’d noticed that universal downvote, too.

              Some folks need to get out and ride more.

  • ReligionOfPeace

    Also where are the pics with you wearing them? Specially with the armor in?

    • Generic42

      From the article
      “This 30×32 size — the closest they had in the press department — is a
      little too short for me. I typically wear a 34-inch inseam. Hence the
      lack of shots of me wearing them; they make me look like Steve Urkel.”

      • Wes Siler

        Thank you for reading the article and comprehending it before commenting.

        • RandomGRK

          Still would have been funny :)

  • killian101

    Maybe a comparsion between these, Maple Moto, draggin, and deth killers is an order…

    • Wes Siler

      These offer significantly more protection than DK while also giving you the option for armor. They’re a slimmer, more modern cut than Maple and much thinner and more comfortable to wear while offering equivalent protection.

      • killian101

        That’s really to know…my maple jeans are showing they age and need replacing. Thanks

      • PattonStrength

        Do you have the leg opening measurements on these?

        • Wes Siler

          The sizes are going to vary, I’d check with Rev’It (or RevZilla, no affiliation) directly.

          • Andy Yun

            Wait, Revzilla and Rev’It are unrelated?

            • Guzzto

              Totally revit are a European brand that’s been around for ages (1995) Ride apart seemed to stumble across them in the last couple of years and have been reviewing them as they make great gear.

              • Andy Yun

                Thanks for clearing that up. I thought they were because of confirmation bias, I guess.

              • Lourens Smak

                Rev’it is a Dutch brand.

                • Stef

                  Seriously!? didn’t know that, that’s awesome!

      • Demonic Southpaw

        Slimmer than the Maple slimslim/skinny jeans or slimmer than the Maple straight legs?

      • Sam Bendall

        Wes is correct. I am currently wearing a pair of the Lombard jeans and I am a stickler for good fashion as well as protective materials when riding. Rev’it is doing a great job melding textile technologies and contemporary fashion. These jeans look fantastic and just feeling the material you know there is something durable between you and the pavement. I keep my KNOX knee pads in all the time and you cannot even see them unless you aim to look for them. I am very pleased with this product and even on days I am not riding, I am wearing them. They are that comfortable.

    • the antagonist

      Seconded, and don’t forget the Dainese and Alpinestars offerings.

      • taba

        Yeah, I just ordered two pairs of Alpinestars’ Hellcat jeans.

        Would like to hear what you think.

      • imprezive

        For what it’s worth I posted a review of the new Dainese Montanas on Revzilla. I live in LA so I managed to try on quite a few jeans before buying them and they were definitely the most normal looking jeans I found. The D6s looked good too but were a little more skinny jean.

    • Christian Youngblood

      Are they more protective than DK because of the armor or is the fabric a significant step up too? My skinnies feel a little naked lacking armor but I always thought that at least I had decent abrasion protection. Am I wrong on that one?

  • Stef

    Awesome stuff! This is good progress.

    Is there some visual test with for example a dummy draged behind a car with these and other moto pants? Just to get an better idea of how much worse this is against leather. I’m not a statistics guy…

  • Clint Keener

    Will you be comparing these with other Rev’it jeans as well?

    • Wes Siler

      When/if we get them in. The press samples sound limited at the moment.

  • carbureted

    While I understand that the tested pair was a bit short for Wes, it sure would be nice to see the jeans in their entirety on a model. Yes, safety is important, but obviously if you’re buying motorcycle JEANS, some amount of fashion is involved. Nice article otherwise.

    • the antagonist
      • carbureted

        Cool. I should have thought to look on RevZilla. They look pretty good. My comment still stands for the article itself though.

      • Pablo Perez

        Those actually look decent, I can’t remember the last time I thought that about a motorcycle jean. Rev’it seems to be putting out some tasteful products, I see some of them in my closet in the near future.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      Are you insinuating Wes *isn’t* a model!?

  • Juan Sanchez Garcia

    I just bought them. They look great, but I was thinking about returning them, as the knee armor falls much lower than ideal, offering little protection for my knees… At first I thought that I could be my leg shape/dimensions, but the pockets for the knee armor are actually really low in my opinion (look at their position on the picture with the jeans turned inside out).

  • imprezive

    As a, ahem, larger gentlemen (6′ and 215lbs) I tried them on and they definitely don’t fit. The waist is massive and the legs are super tight through the quads. Moving down a size made the waist fit but the legs uncomfortably tight. I tend to wear higher end jeans so I’m used to a tight fit but these were cut all wrong for me at least.

    • Vitor Santos

      I am also 6 with 207 pounds and have the exact same problem. I had the 36waistx36inseam and but they werer to long, tight on the quads and to big on the waist. End up buying 34×34, now the waist is just right put the quads are indeed tight, iam hoping they will break in with time…

  • Curtis Caulfield

    The fact that they did not have your size isn’t something that belongs in the good/bad part of the article IMO.

  • HollywoodRider

    hmmm. kind of strange there is not one pic with you wearing them. It’s a conspiracy! There has got to be somebody on staff who could have modeled them and given some feedback.

    • Wes Siler

      If you have a 30 inch waist and 32 inch inseam, feel free to come by and i’ll take a picture of you in them.

      • HollywoodRider

        You’re making me blush– I guess we’re all a bunch of fattys. So I discovered this site during the whole Range Rover/squids incident and I don’t know how you guys do it, but it’s incredible that the staff has the energy to engage with comments. I work in publishing, and I can’t think of another site that actively engages with visitors. Love it.

        • Wes Siler

          Would you believe that, back during my Jalopnik days, I was actually one of the first journalists of any kind to totally embrace the community and participate in it? Doing so has served me extraordinarily well to this day. The way I see it is, I work for you guys.

      • Bacis

        I’ll take you up on that offer if it still stands. I’m closer to a 29/32, but I’d be curious to see how they fit.

  • clumzer

    made for midgets

    • eddi

      Or more specifically, the size chart stops at a 38 waist. And it seems they run to a true size rather than an inflated measurement (38 = 40). I wear old-man jeans and the world can take it or leave it. For those who can fit in them they look like they’ll keep your youthful hide intact.

  • mms

    Somebody please review the Rokker jeans for women, nobody has accurate fit information, and Revzilla will not stock them in womens sizes, so if you want them you gotta order them from overseas.

    • susannaschick

      actually, I have their Broadway on a long-term test. Article here should be coming soon, with pix on the “model” ;-) Yes, they’re short for me, but I have a 34″ inseam to my ankle. Otherwise they’re great! I even wore them dancing at Red Bull’s Day in the Dirt.

      • mms

        I think those are the Rev It womens jeans… Revzilla does stock those. Looking forward to the review! But dang, the Europeans get such cool gear (check out Esquad). I want a pair of the Rokker Revolutions (waterproof!) so badly, but either the womens size 26 jeans have 25″ hips, or their size charts are messed up. If you convince them to send you a sample pair and do a review of THOSE, everybody wins.

  • Bklyn Yoo

    How do any of these so-called motorcycle jeans compared to heavy denim like Iron Heart 25oz, or even their 22oz?
    They may not have kevlar or cordura but they’re helluva lot thicker/ heavier than these moto pants, I’m sure.

    • Wes Siler

      I rotate Iron Hearts, Death Killers and just plain ol’ Levi commuters. All of these, including the Rev’Its, DO NOT offer equivalent protection to a real pair of motorcycle pants. The motorcycle jeans do, however, offer a little more than those Levis. Compared to the Iron Hearths, the Rev’Its are thinner, more flexible and easier to wear.

  • Piglet2010

    Nearly twice the price of Aerostich PROTEKT Jeans ($147 with knee armor) – worth it?

  • engageit

    No one ever seems to mention RST jeans!? I still don’t know why. They look great, fit well, have armour which you can move up and down quite a bit, have kevlar (at least the kevlar ones do, they do make jeans without kevlar), and they are crazy cheap for what you get (~$160)! You can find them at SPORTSBIKESHOP.CO.UK, who carrya few pairs, and you can find lots of them on ebay. Just check out the RST site to see which pair you want before you go hunting on ebay.

  • Dolphin Henry Overton IV

    Agreed with everything said. I have a pair and love them. The fit is a bit weird however. I wear a 33×30 or 34×30 depending on the style of regular jeans. I wear a 32×32 in these, go figure. I would recommend trying them on if possible, or at least buying from Revzilla so you can return for the proper size.

    Also, if you haven’t worn this type of denim before, don’t be discouraged by the stiffness. They break in nicely. I wore them to work for a day and they felt much better.

  • ontarioroader

    Does anyone have any experience with Hood motorcycle jeans from the UK?

  • Kr Tong

    I’d like someone to take a glass shard or a footpeg, or some other rogue pointy object to these pants and tell me how deep the incision goes.

  • Rob

    Can anyone comment on the Lombard’s ability to fit over a pair of proper riding boots?

    Specifically, A* Supertech R on a smaller guy…I don’t want to have to tuck them into the boots.

    • Wes Siler

      Absolutely no way those are going over the SuperTech Rs, those boots are bulky! Your best bet for real sport boot protection under jeans is Dainese Axial Pro Ins.

      • Rob

        Thanks Wes. I had that fear, and unfortunately (fortunately) was just given a pair of Supertech R’s for Christmas. Sounds like I am going to have to suck it up and look a little goofy until I get to where I am going, or I’m still in the market for a pair of sturdy “normal” shoes/boots for the bike. Rev’it recently introduced some fashionable new boot options for the street.

  • anon

    Personally I’m a huge fan of Lean Angle Jeans. They look great, come with really nice forcefield armor and there are no extra seams across the legs because they have kevlar backing over the entire length. The down side of all that kevlar is they can get hot when it’s warm out.

  • Arno

    So the bonus question is, where’s the proof they work?

  • John

    “regular jeans offer zero protection”

    This is obviously not true. They sure saved my hide once and at 70mph. Better than, say, dress slacks, by a mile. Just remember to rotate as you slide.