Husqvarna 701 Concept Bike Video

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Husqvarna 701 Concept Bike Video

Although it was shown at the EICMA Bike Show in Milan last December, the Husqvarna 701 Concept has now appeared in a new video shot this week by Piers Spencer-Phillips, a senior CTG designer at KISKA.

The Husqvarna 701 Concept, as well as all of KTM’s transportation products, was designed by a team of KISKA transportation designers. The 701you see here is ostensibly a KTM 690 SMC that is fitted with KTM’s 690cc single cylinder engine.

In an odd video posted on YouTube this week, Spencer-Philips filmed the Husqvarna 701 in the KISKA transportation design studio in Austria. He makes a reference to the 701 but says the video was done and edited in 45 minutes really to test the capability of his Canon camera than to show off the concept Husqvarna.

The footage shows close-ups of the 701’s steel trellis frame, fuel tank, suspension and exhaust and not much else.

Husqvarna was acquired by KTM in March of last year after BMW decided to offload it. KTM has made some references as to what it hopes to do with Husqvarna but the 701 was the first tangible bike, that has appeared since KTM bought the company.

  • Kr Tong

    Anyone rememrber all of the accolades and design awards the hypermotard won when it came out? This thing looks what, ten times better?

    • Zanpa

      Still not as good-looking as the Nuda :(

      • Kr Tong

        I can’t compare this to the nuda because the nuda’s not a supermotard. The nuda is a thing with a paper airplane for a front fairing a duck tail, a 900cc bmw motor, italian design cues and a swedish badge. It’s all very interesting but very confusing and I dont imagine ripping on it at all. This thing just speaks to me. It’s so freaken scandinavian that i could imagine ikea selling them off aisle 64 in a cardboard box labeled SÜMO with forty umlauts.

        I’m so excited about this thing i already have my gear picked out.

        • Kr Tong

          Damn why can’t i delete images after they’re attached? scratch the spidi gloves. I just want some blue gloves to go with the helmet. Or maybe just black. Anyone else a motorcycle fashionista? Just me? Okay then..

        • Stuki

          Looks more Apple IBike than Scandinavian to me, but what do I know.

          KTM could probably use an outlet for their tech that targets nice, sensible urban hipsters who just know that Scandinavian social democracy is best; in addition to the utterly insensible Redbull drunk brawlers and hooligans their main brand seems to define as their target demographic.

  • John

    One of the ugliest bikes ever made. What even is the point? They need to find an identity for Husky pronto. IMO, they would be WAY better off if they rebranded Husky doing old school scramblers, trail bikes, dual sports, even getting into commuter bikes and another things that compete with other brands, rather than competing with themselves, which is pretty much foolish.

  • Reid

    KTM’s ownership of Husqvarna is, to me, the equivalent of Chevrolet AND GMC making trucks that differ only in slightest, most inconsequential ways.

    • Kr Tong

      I would hope that it would go like that but it doesn’t look like the bikes will be sharing much, if anything, across brands. KTM has designated Husqvarna as solely dirt, while KTM will focus on street and track.

      I really, really, really want this bike.

  • Denis

    Great looking husky, but man is that front ugly especially that headlight

  • derestricted

    hahaha, no Piers is not the companies design leader and he didnt design this bike. He is the senior CTG (Color trim and GFX) designer. This bike was designed by the KISKA Transportation design team. Kiska is NOT the advertising agency for KTM either, it is the full service design agency. There is pretty much not a single fact correct in this report. LOL.

    • Aaron Kirkland

      Amazing. Love your blog, by the way, been following for a long time.

  • Nick

    I think it looks great! I like the tiny light and number plate. they just need to put some effort into actually designing a license plate holder/signals and it will be awesome

  • roma258

    I actually really liked the direction Husky was going in under BMW (Nuda, TR650, updated TE line), now they’re just KTM design exercises :(

  • Guzzto

    Well that a giant leap backwards ( design wise) from the bmw Nuda

  • John

    A quick review of the Husky line shows that it is 100% in competition with a virtually identical KTM product. That’s a major problem.

    They might want to keep a few race bikes for heritage purposes, but they need to differentiate and fast. Shouldn’t be hard, all they would have to do is make some motorcycles that are practical or comfortable and voila, NOT KTM.

  • runnermatt

    From what I have read KTM’s CEO bought Husqvarna, not KTM itself. Seems kinda of awkward for a business transaction though. I haven’t heard if there was some other transaction afterwards.

    Also, I had also wondered if Husqvarna motorcycles was in any way historically related to Husqvarna lawnmowers and power equipment. The logo before the name confirms it.

    Lastly, everyone is right about KTM owning a brand that will directly compete against each other. I guess they could just rebadge the bikes with different styling and maybe engine/suspension tuning. The automakers have been doing it for years now.

    • Piglet2010

      All other businesses were separated from the original weapons manufacturer in 1959, later to be purchased by Electrolux, who in turn sold the motorcycle business to Cagiva in 1987.

      One would really need a flow-chart to show all the variations in ownership from 1689 to the present.

      • runnermatt

        Cool thanks for the history.