The SoCal Supermoto Experience

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The SoCal Supermoto Experience

SoCal Supermoto School combines DR-Z400’s, a small track, and a light classroom feel into one incredible experience. It is part school and part two-wheeled playground which makes it one of the most fun and productive days you’ll have on a motorcycle. Here’s what to expect.

The SoCal Supermoto Experience

9:00 AM: We arrive at Adams Motorsports Park to some Hollywood stunt drivers drifting around the track within a few inches of each other. A few minutes later, SoCal Supermoto’s creator Brian Murray pulls up in his Sprinter van and asks if we mind helping him bring the bikes down to the pit. You can tell instantly this isn’t going to be like most track schools where you’re treated with kid gloves and like you couldn’t possibly touch anything until you’ve signed away all of your rights on some waiver… I feel comfortable instantly.

9:45 AM: Our class of eight is geared up and Brian begins the classroom portion of the day. He is full of passion and this straight shooter begins by saying that he doesn’t know everything, just that he’s done this a long time and can share what’s worked for him. Lesson number one: BRAP (Brakes, Ass, Push) into the corners and then we’re sent out for our first session to try and put it into practice and to learn the track.

The SoCal Supermoto Experience

10:15 AM: Time to ride. Brian has each of us follow him for a lap to see the general lines and watch his body position, and so he can make sure no one is absolutely terrible. Once everyone has had a chance to follow him, it was playtime for everyone including Brian.

10:45 AM: Back into the pits for another lesson and then more time on the track. Each time we stopped, he would give individual instruction based on what he saw, and then would provide another item or two for us to work on as a class. Each break felt like it came just as my hands or wrists wore out, and magically lasted until 30 seconds after I wondered when we’d get to ride again. Fifteen to twenty minutes on the track, fifteen or so minutes off, with a slightly longer break to eat whatever lunch you’d brought.

1:00 PM: Brian appears in street clothes holding a camera and for the next few sessions on the track, we found him hiding in corners trying to capture photos of us looking way more badass than we probably are.

The SoCal Supermoto Experience

3:00 PM: During the pit meeting, Brian informs us that it’s now time to open the dirt section. While the cones are were moved, he quickly instructs the class on how to handle the brief dirt section of the course. Not how to ride in dirt in general, but what to do for each of the few obstacles in this specific course. This was hugely helpful for the newer riders in our group, while also easily applicable for those of use who would want to apply the techniques to other riding situations.

4:00 PM: Midway through our session, I decide I need to pull into the pits early. My butt hurts, my wrist is sore, and I’m not sure how many more times I can pull in the clutch lever. Why all the pain? I’d been thrashing a supermoto bike for hours! Ripping around turns, sliding around the track, and jumping off of dirt step-ups. When I first arrived, I thought “15 minutes on, 15 minutes off” sounded like a rip off. After six or seven hours, I wished it was more like ten minutes on and twenty minutes off. We got in a ton of riding time, while still having plenty of time to ask questions and discuss technique.

The SoCal Supermoto Experience

4:15 PM: Everyone stops for a group photo and wrap-up. After a day where everyone made such progress and had such a good time, we felt far more like friends than any other school like this I’ve been to. Contact information is exchanged and then it’s time to pack up and head home.

As a teacher, Brian is absolutely fantastic. He’s able to explain things in a way that makes sense and that become applicable but all with the enthusiasm of someone who is sharing what he figured out last week (though we’re assuming that’s not the case).

For the price of a track day where you’d need to bring your own bike you get his expertise and riding techniques, a very full day of riding, and a bike rental (including gas). Whether you’re a beginner or thinking about racing, the SoCal Supermoto School is an incredible experience and a bargain for the price.

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  • Aaron L

    To give you an idea, I flew out from NC to Cali (albeit on almost-expired flight miles), got a rental car, hotel, and 2x trackdays with Brian for *less* than the cost of driving down to FL (JenningsGP) for the only available trackdays at the time (weekend before Xmas).

    As a rookie racer and lifelong rider, I still feel like I learn more than I was expecting to every time I go. 3 SCSM trackdays and counting! Can’t wait to go back.

    • EvilEE

      Fiancee and I were there with Aaron for the Sportbike Fundamentals class around Xmas. I can’t say enough good things about SCSM. She and I will both be making it an ‘Every time we’re in LA’ ritual. Simply the best $200 you can spend related to motorcycling.

  • shaffewill

    Awesome! I’m even more excited to go next month! I’ll be there for the 4-year anniversary, Sportbike Fundamentals class.

  • Jessica Asuelime

    Thanks for putting this up! I’ve been wanting to give this a try but wasn’t sure if it was worth the money haha. Definitely glad to see the layout of the day so I won’t be as nervous going in. Thanks!

  • Wes Siler

    Nice leathers buddy.

  • Jesse

    Awesome write up, Sean. Still waiting for my first ‘real track day.’ I might instead look around for something like this a closer to home. SoCal, awesome as it is, is still a little bit of a commute from Boston.


    After the current CRF250L, two Suzuki DR650s, and a KTM Duke I, I think I’m probably ready for this! It’s been on my to-do list for awhile, thanks RideApart for the final nudge!

  • Piglet2010

    For those in the Upper Midwest, you can also take a supermoto class on the Road America Motorplex on a rental DR-Z400SM.

    They should have the class schedule up within a month:

    • joe handy

      The company that was running those closed (Total Rider Tech), so I hope someone else picks up the slack. I really wanted to do one of these this year.

      • Piglet2010

        I think the classes will be run (the bikes belong to Road America) – probably should not say anything more at this point.

  • Daniel Silverman

    SoCal Supermoto is great – that’s why I’m out there almost every weekend.

  • Aaron

    I wish I lived in SoCal. Do these types of schools exist outside of CA?

  • Geert Willem van der Horst

    Such a shame that Amsterdam isn’t around the corner. I’m seriously considering a trip to California though. SoCal Supermoto will be on the top of the list!

  • PattonStrength

    Signed up for the middle of March — entirely previous to this article. Looks like I made the right choice.

  • Clint Keener

    I’m doing it Feb 8th. Can’t wait! I want to do the sportbike fundamentals class as well.

  • Justin McClintock

    Would absolutely love something like that to come to Atlanta.

  • metric_G

    I always wanted to go to do this, (I rode sumos for a years), I guess its time to get it done!

  • Nathan L

    I took the class last month and it was the best day at the track I have ever had. Coming from auto track days, it is the bargain of the century (definitely not a “rip off”)! Track time, bikes and fuel for a reasonable price? Seriously? I’ve spent more just for track time. Brian runs a tight but casual event that allowed for a wide array of skills and personalities. I can’t recommend it enough. Now go!

    • PattonStrength

      Recommend full leathers, or is MX gear ok?

      • Nathan L

        Most were in leathers but they would allow MX gear too.

  • Andrew

    Brian is a great guy, the trackday is a great value, and I can’t wait to attend again. For anyone who is on the fence, or worried about having enough skills, just sign up and show up. Riding on the track with Socal Supermoto is one of the safest and most focused places to push your riding skills and experiment with new techniques. I had so much damn fun!

  • Brian

    @SeanMacdonald – I wonder how your experience matches up to Daniel’s experience previously written up?

  • DrRideOrDie

    Bucky is my hero

  • Brian Collins

    Seven of us are flying in Thursday for our class on Friday! can’t wait!

  • Generic42

    I’m planning my summer trip now to include this class.

  • Beale

    I’ve done two SCSM tracks days and plan on doing some more this year. I can’t say enough good things about how Brian runs the days. It’s a relaxed yet organized day that has enough focus on riding and improving to have you riding far better by the end of the day. My off road riding skills have dramatically improved and I’ve been riding dirt bikes for 41 years.