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Watch The TT Legends Documentary Right Here

If you’re a big fan of motorcycle endurance racing and the Isle of Man TT, then don’t miss out on an eight-part official documentary series that has just premiered online. This in-depth series follows John McGuiness, who has won the Isle of Man TT more than 20 times, Cameron Donald who has won twice and Australian Simon Andrews who was the fastest newcomer at the TT in 2011. You can watch the first episode of TT Legends right here.

For the next seven weeks, a new program from this eight-part documentary will be uploaded onto the HondaProRacing YouTube channel.

The first episode, called: “Meet The Team” is running now and takes a close look at the personalities behind the motorcycle racers, what makes them tick and what they have to go through to get ready for the TT or an endurance race.

Now, the second episode is live. It follows the team as they race at the Bol d’Or, the most famous endurance race in the world.

And, here’s the third episode, in which the team races the infamous Northwest 200.

And episode four begins the Isle of man.

While episode five continues it.

This internationally acclaimed documentary, first shown on British TV, was made by Gaucho Production, which was granted exclusive access to the Honda TT Legends team throughout an interesting, diverse and challenging season.

From Japan to Germany and from Le Mans to the Isle of Man, the documentary kicks off with the famous Bol d’Or, a 24 hour race at the Magny Cours circuit in France. Then Doha, Germany and Japan for the famous Suzuka 8-Hour before the Honda team returns to France for the Le Mans 24-hour. Each race brings its own, distinct challenge for the team and you will find compelling viewing in each episode.

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    This will be Excellent. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the link.

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    This….is great

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    Hate it Maybe i have selective hearing but it seemed like every blurb was just, “It hurts.” “I crashed.” “I don’t know why i’m doing this.” “Eventually it’s just painful.”

    • Chris McKendry

      Not sure what you expected it to be? Maybe all smiles and unicorns in a short highlight clip, but I would think the point of documenting a season is to expose the hardships that a race team endures. Plenty of positive points in there as well. McGuiness in the kiddie pool as they call him the laziest one was hilarious!

      • Kr Tong

        A kiddie pool at a hot race track? That’s unheard of! He really must be super lazy.

        • Chris McKendry

          I’d give him a run for his money…in the lazy department that is, lol.

          • Kr Tong

            Good for you. I’m not looking for sunshine and rainbows. In fact, there are no sunshine and rainbows in motorcycling. It’s basically cigarettes: Looks cool in a video, is self mutilating, irrational, everyone who does it thinks they can control it, and everyone either gets help and recovers or dies doing it. This video simply validates that argument, and anyone who watches this and continues to ride is an idiot who is going to die.

            Is that the motorcycling you’re into? I’m not.

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              …Lighten up dude!

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                100% serious. What do you have to say now?

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                  Did your girlfriend leave you for a real motorcycle rider or what? What do I have to say now? Take it down a peg or two there, keyboard warrior. Trollin’ trollin’ trollin’….

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    Main page banner link to this article goes to the Deth Killers Jeans review?

  • Dan

    Very well done, especially for a factory video. Basically impossible not to like McGuiness.

  • KeithB

    Looking forward to more in this series.