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Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack

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The Kriega R25 has long been a RideApart staff favorite, and as one of our go-to bags we are especially glad to give one away to a reader. You’ll find that it performs exceptionally well in the field and you can learn more about why we always gravitate toward this bag by reading our R25 gear review from back in October.

ENTER TO WIN a Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack, worth $189.00 below. The entry period for this giveaway ends at 11:30 pm ET on Sunday January 12, 2014.

You can enter to win once a day throughout the contest period, so the more you enter the higher your chances of winning. Good luck!

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Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack
Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack

How To Achieve The Perfect Fit:

The Kriega R25 motorcycle backpack is supplied pre-adjusted to level-2 on the harness straps. This harness position will fit the majority of riders. Adjust to level 1 for XS and level 3 for XL fit.

Step 1: Firstly push the uppermost harness strap back into the pack, or pull the loose end out, to release the harness-web tension.

Step 2: Shorten or lengthen harness by moving slider on web – equal both sides.

Step 3: Pull harness strap back out of pack, or slide it back in, to tension harness-web.

Step 4: Put on pack and fasten front 2 x harness buckles. Adjust alloy buckles on hip wings by lifting and pulling the nylon cord. Tighten alloy buckles so the wings grip the sides of your torso. The top harness straps should not be a close fit, but not too tight.
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Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack
Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack


  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    This would make for a great start to the new year, indeed.

  • John Goddard

    I don’t want one of these, I need one of these.

  • Sean MacBride Murray

    Been salivating over this bag for two years :-)

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    I have an r15 and love it. Would like the extra space though. Here’s hoping!

  • Pascal Bompard

    Can you confirm that the competition is only open to residents of US and Canada?

    • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky


      • Sjef

        oh.. great, well at least I get RA’s emails now… -_-

        • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky

          We are working on putting together some international contests, so stay tuned. I know it’s a bummer when you live outside the contest area.

          • Sjef

            Nice, we like free stuff too on the other side of the oceaan :)

            • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky

              And I want to give it to you!

  • http://krtong.com/ Kr Tong

    Can i just have it now? Thx.

  • Russ Ward
  • KriegaUSA

    Just wanted to say congratulation to Justin, whose R25 is locked, loaded and ready to ship as soon as we hear back from him. I also wanted to thank everyone who got involved with this competition – especially those who joined the ‘Kriega Krewe’ via social media. We’ll be posting up some cool stuff that we hope y’all will dig, and folks who kindly signed up for our newsletter will be receiving a token of our appreciation (which might take some of the sting out of out not picking up free gear this time) via email in the not too distant future.

    …And stay tuned for more chances to win with Kriega and RideApart.