Four Great Panjo Finds

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Four Great Panjo Finds

Panjo is rapidly becoming the anti-eBay. It’s a place where you can find nearly anything for any bike or adventure you’ve got your heart set on. We gathered four great Panjo finds just in time for the weekend. Each up for grabs at considerably reasonable prices.

Four Items For Sale On Panjo Right Now

2009 KX 100 Pro Circuit Bike

2009 KX 100 Pro Circuit Bike

Fast pro circuit national bike with lots of spare parts available $2,900.


Yamaha FZ6R frame sliders - No Cut - Shogun

FZ6R Frame Sliders – No Cut – Shogun 

These sliders are $25 under ebay MSRP.


F4i Rear Shock

F4i Rear Shock 

Great condition for only $50 shipped.


16x18 Brembo for Magura

FT: 16×18 Brembo For a Magura

Excellent condition, looking to trade for a Magura 13 or 16. The owner was wise enough to keep the original packaging and paid $239.74.

Check out Panjo and let us know what you find.

  • Deeds

    So how much is Panjo paying you guys for this?

    Just kidding, hopefully this site takes off and ISN’T spammed with Chinese knock-off garbage and other spam. Thanks to you guys for undoubtedly helping the site grow.

  • Doug Herbert

    The panjo site doesn’t look at all ready for prime time….why is Ride Apart posting this?

  • zedro

    Annoying navigation

  • Dave Mason

    That Brembo MC is the same price brand new WITH reservoir at Sport Bike Track Gear. None of those prices look noteworthy.

  • Dave

    Panjo is fine if you just hope to stumble across something random to blow cash on, but useless if you’re looking for anything specific.

  • Matthew Bossart

    This site blows…

  • contender

    The anti-ebay? Seriously? I’ll be over on craigslist if anyone needs me. I think my visits to ride apart are going to get far more infrequent.

  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    The idea seems good but the execution is definitely in need of some work. Panjo competitors are juggernauts – it will be a tough site to keep going long term.

  • Bronson

    I haven’t commented here in a long time but thought I’d take the time to log in so I could comment on how crappy the site is. Surely this article is some part of a paid advertisement by them. The site is that bad.