Gear of the Day: Leatherman Crunch

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Gear of the Day: Leatherman Crunch

Tools for the Road: Leatherman Crunch
Locking pliers aren’t always graceful or precise, but if you didn’t pack a tool roll and have to remove bolts or find a solution for the shift lever you broke, a locking plier can get you out of a bind. Or at the very least give you something to shift gears with to get you home. Leatherman Crunch features locking pliers that spread wide enough to clamp 1″ pipe.

Yes, it’s obviously not only a locking plier but can perform a few extra jobs as well. The Leatherman Crunch includes a serrated knife, file, Phillips screwdriver, 3 slotted screwdrivers, the always essential bottle opener, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, ruler, lanyard attachment, wire stripper, and hex bit driver. All interior blades lock for optimal safety and power. The Crunch even comes with Leatherman’s 25-year limited warranty.

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  • Stuki

    I love locking pliers. They’re the JerryRiggers’ tool of choice. Can sorta kinda be pressed into service for anything.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      The ‘Locking Pliers as substitute brake lever’ is a favorite.

      • ontarioroader

        Sounds like fun, I’ve used a pair as an improvised shift lever before [very, very gently]

  • Jack Meoph

    What happened to the life-time warranty? In my case it doesn’t matter, because in 25 years I’ll either be dead of sitting in a wheel chair pissing myself. But think of the children! I still have an original Leatherman. I sent it in for some warranty work because the tip of the blade snapped off, and when I got it back about the only thing they didn’t replace was the frame. Good company and solid tool.

  • Doug Herbert

    I’m a bit of a snob with my pocket knives. My all time favorite is a CRKT M16-12ZER Tanto rescue knife. But a close second is the Leatherman sidekick. It’s not fantastic at any one thing, but it has a bit of everything, and is good enough to save me from going and getting real tools quite often.

    • Daniel

      If that’s your all time fav knife, I don’t think you qualify as a “knife snob.”

  • Hooligan

    A Leatherman is part of my tool kit. Which comprises of a selection of allen keys, an adjustable spanner, the Leatherman and loads of different sized cable ties. What did we use before cable ties? – well bits of twisted wire was a favourite.

    Anything that cannot be fixed with these things is what the Recovery service is for.

  • michaelse

    Hmm, I was considering buying a standard plier multitool to carry under my seat at all times, but this honestly seems like a better option. Can anyone comment on the quality of the Crunch?