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Greasy Hands Preachers

A new motorcycle enthusiasts film, The Greasy Hands Preachers, is currently in the final stages of editing and will be released later this year in the U.S. if the directors can find sufficient backing.

The feature documentary was shot entirely in Super 16mm film and follows motorcycle riders and their bikes in California, Utah, Nevada, France, Scotland, Spain and Indonesia.

It’s now close to being finished – filming will be completed in March – and it has already caught the attention of Belstaff, BMW Motorrad and Motul, who have offered support and financial backing.

The Greasy Hand Preachers is the work of two Californian film directors and producers Clement Beauvis and Arthur de Kersauson. They have also written and produced two earlier motorcycle films, Long Live The Kings and Riding September, which have both won awards,

De Kersauson said the idea for the latest film was inspired by classic motorcycle movies of the past such as Easy Rider and On Any Sunday. He said: “We realized that we were not alone and that a lot of people want to see a beautiful motorcycle film shot in film not HD. Since Easy Rider or On Any Sunday not much has been made on motorcycles.

“With the help of friends, and our three fantastic partners and backers, we have been able so far to shoot our film almost entirely. Now we need the help and support of our community to finish post-production and allow this film to be released this year and maybe one day become a classic.”

Essentially, The Greasy Hands Preachers looks at the motorcycle community, why people ride and the craftsmen who design and build their own motorcycles to ride, tour or race. It looks at riders and bike builders and who they are and why they have such a passion for motorcycles.

De Kersauson added: “A biker crossing a beautiful landscape is an image that, for most, conveys the idea of freedom. However, the mechanic who builds and repairs this bike remains perceived as proletarian with dirty hands, a man who is without a doubt dominated in the economies of knowledge. How did this generalized devaluation of manual labor create the image of a man in his garage as a prisoner of his own intellectual and financial misery?”

Final filming is scheduled for this March with The Greasy Hands Preachers scheduled for release later this year.

However, Beauvis and de Kersauson are still looking for additional funds to allow them to complete the film and have created a Kickstarter campaign to allow them to do this. Further information is available at: or at The Greasy Hands Preachers Facebook page

  • Jack Meoph

    “Since Easy Rider or On Any Sunday not much has been made on motorcycles.”

    hahahahhaha I guess not much that appeals to them anyways.

    The premise sounds good though. Anyone who owns a motorcycle and takes it in to a shop for service and repair appreciates the knowlage and skill of their tech, and usually spends a good deal of time finding the right one and then sticks with them (until it goes south, which it always seems to do. why is that?). But Willem Defoe did a movie in 1981 called The Loveless about some bikers going to Daytona, and they did some wrenching in that movie. Not sure how art house you can get with turning a screw driver and then riding around the desert at sunset, but I’m sure these guys are going to give it their best shot.

    • mikki sixx

      ‘Brittown’ was pretty enjoyable. The bikes are beautiful and the folks in it are very likeable. Maybe not as landmark as ‘Easy Rider’ or ‘On Any Sunday’, but not as dated either [Mild Burn Intended]. Its also on Hulu Plus, so that right there should do it for anyone.

      • Jack Meoph

        Thanks for the tip. I don’t have Hulu, but I put it on save at Netflix. Torque gets no love, ever. :(

        • Zack

          +1 for Torque!

    • appliance5000

      Brown Bunny

      • Jack Meoph

        That was one of five that popped into my head after reading that line. What’s interesting about today, the web (youtube, facebook, vimeo, etc.), and cheap video recorders, is that now there is more ways than ever to film ANYTHING and have an audience as soon as it’s posted. How many short vids of MC riders I’ve watched, I’ve lost count, and there’s no end in sight.

  • Reid

    As one of the commentors at the Bullsh*t Hipster Motorcycle Videos said, “what will happen when all these hipsters finally shave their beards?”

    • PattonStrength

      That site kills me every time I go there.

    • Scott T

      Thanks for referencing that site, had never heard of it before. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    • Guzzto

      BHMV is pretty funny and most of the targets of their derison kind of ask for it, however they shouldn’t lump legends like Shinya Kimura in with the guys from Brooklyn selling $100 Tshirts (the ones whio have been riding for 3 weeks) I loved the John Renwick video, two old geezers doing what they love.

  • William Connor

    There have been a few movies that are good. The Faster series, Long Way Down and Around, several other ones. This looks like it could be decent. Hardly earth shattering but we will see. Why We Ride was pretty self congratulatory back patting and not very deep frankly.

  • Robert Horn

    BMW ended their factory involvement with WSBK – and now they fund…this?
    Didn’t BMW also kick funds into some event called “Wheels and Waves” that all the cookie cutter blogs rave about, yet it seems that only the same bloggers, desperate trend hucksters, and a handful of fashion victims attended – all photographed to look like there were more than 2 dozen dullards standing around?

    • Jack Meoph

      Unabashed self-promotion doesn’t stop at pop singers and the Kardashians.

  • Davidabl2

    After watching most of that preview(I didn’t last all the way thru it)… I think I’ll just watch the Hendrik Hansen Shinya Kimura video again:

    And then that one that the bank in Taipei did about those elderly Taiwanese guys ;”Dream Rangers”;

    Seriously, I am glad that there’s some hipsters-on-vintage bikes movies, I really am. But just how many of them DO we really have to see?

    • Dennis Hightower

      Anyone here planning on getting old? If so, watch “Dream Rangers” embedded above…

  • Kyle

    A hipster walks into a biker bar….

    • Davidabl2

      …with his penguin under his arm
      And says:

      • Kyle

        Hi, I ride the CB out front… is that a vintage Levis jacket?

  • Darran Wilson

    They better be paying Daniel Johnston royalties for the use of his music. Don’t make me walk down the road and tell him…