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AGV Pista GP Helmet

AGV Pista GP Helmet

AGV Pista GP

The AGV Pista GP helmet was designed with the help of Valentino Rossi, and brings a number of revolutionary upgrades over standard shaped helmets. The Pista GP is a project that started in 2009 with the soul purpose of creating a track focused helmet for those weekend track junkies. The helmet itself has a radical shape, which completely changes the way the helmet handles the wind at speed, and we’re already seeing companies like Shoei moving their helmets in that direction. The field of vision is 15° wider and the total area of the visor window is 9% larger than the previous helmet, without compromising it’s level of protection. The interior of the helmet itself has been shaped to match Rossi’s head; a technology that, while not currently available, is getting a whole lot closer with 3D printing. We can’t wait to see what helmets look like in a few years based on the work that AGV has begun here. $1399.95

If you’re looking to nerd out and really dive into what AGV undertook in creating the Pista GP you can check out their dedicated website, Italian Legendary Protection.

  • Samushko L Tangerine

    But will you be able to get one without massive 46′s all over it…

    • Lourens Smak

      Yes. There’s also the AGV Corsa, which is the same helmet but more real-world oriented, for example with normal vents that open and close, instead of the holes with removable plugs that the Pista has… Corsa is also a bit heavier and cheaper, ehhh less expensive.

  • Ayabe

    Word around the campfire is Wes is bailing. Sad to hear that, bigtime.

    • Jack Meoph

      So that means like 2 original articles a month? Some guy (who drives a Prius) will come in once a week and poorly edit the manufacturers press releases. hahahaha

      • HellomynameisAG

        damn I guess this place is going to the …..

        • Kr Tong

          I would love it if this means Tim’s forced to ride sportbikes.

    • Clint Keener

      That sucks!

    • El Isbani

      Weak man. Who’s going to school the n00bs into not killing themselves?

    • taba

      Re-start HFL, Wes.

      • contender

        Maybe even bring Grant back? Please?

        • Jesse

          The Wes, Grant, and Sean show (revised) would be a treat. I’d even go back to paying a yearly subscription.

          • taba

            Jamie and Adey too. I’ll pay.

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      That’s a whole new kinda suck.

    • From_Dust

      According to his LinkedIn you are correct “EIC at RideApart June 2012 – March 2014″ currently listed as freelance writer and copy writer.

    • Kumo Yokai

      Didn’t see that coming….very sad indeed.

    • james_russeIl

      I would too, considering what this place has turned into. The “Cars that wish they were bikes” article is a pretty good metaphor for this website.

  • Fresh Mint

    Why would I want a helmet shaped to some other guys head that isn’t my own? Even if he’s had an awesome career – for $1400 i want something that fits me ideally not someone else.

    I just dont see how this is a selling point

    • Gordon Pull

      While it may be fit to Rossi’s standards, the helmet has the ability to fit a variety of head shapes due to the customization of the internal padding.

      • Fresh Mint

        Yeah but read how the artilcle words it.. “The interior of the helmet itself has been shaped to match Rossi’s head” I’m sure AGV’s fancy expensive helmet fits many people.. But whats the point of even making this a selling point? Buying a helmet shaped for Rossi’s head is like buying a suit shaped for his body.. Unless you share the exact/similar head shape, and you’re fanatic enough to know what Rossi’s head dimensions are; that ‘selling point’ does nothing for me except incite fear of ordering this online because it’s made for some other guys head.

        Stupid call by AGV IMO.

        • Gordon Pull

          That’s not AGV’s copy; that’s RideApart’s.

  • infresig

    “soul purpose” — good one

  • Louis

    Why would you say Shoei is, “going that way”?

    As a person who has been in sales a very long time, anytime I hear someone trying to pitch a product by comparing it or use another product as the bench mark, it makes me want to purchase or persue the opposing product.
    It makes me believe even those pitching the product need to justify themselves because their product can not stand on its own merit.

    The more or your articles I read, the more and more I see a pattern. I hope AGV and Danese give, or gave, you a bunch of nice free stuff for this write up.

    Another editorial commercial

    • Kr Tong

      So you dont see the rf1200 going that way with its big notch cut out of the back and similar field of view? That was the first comment i had when i tried it on. “Hey, this is like the pista.”

      • Louis

        The RF1200 is not a race purpose built helmet in the Shoei line like the Pista. A Pista would be more direct competition for a Shoei X12 or Arai Corsair.

        However even the RF1200 has a larger eye port opening than the Pista which seems like an important aspect to a race helmet.

        As far as Shoei following AGV’s design that is pretty laughable, to give you some insight the RF1200 goes back to using a shape a lot like the RF1000 or RF900.

        Sorry but AGV is not reinventing the wheel here.

        As for saying the Pista is the best track helmet on the market, we’ll that is 1000% subjective. Let’s just state facts and not be fan boys. Nothing is ever the best anything in this world. You have to compare features and benefits and find what you as an individual feel is best for you.

        Anything that cost more does not mean higher quality, better performance, or actually worth the value put upon it by a manufacturer.

        I have read many reviews about the Pista helmet, by companies which are very reputable, that have said this helmet is under whelming. They stated issues like poorly engineered visor base plates, clumsy interior straps to remove and reinsert the pads, and other very basic issues. So does 1400 really buy you a better quality product?

        And lastly about your statement about what I sell vs what I buy. I purchase the products I feel make the most sense for my company to carry. Any sales professional will tell you that using others as your barometer to justify your position is a poor sales tactic.

        If this helmet is so great it should not compare to anything. I would pitch it as the most highly engineered helmet in AGV’s long history of engineering, and then rattle off the featured.

        Not this helmet is so great that Shoei is making some of their helmets look like this helmet…..

        • Kr Tong

          I’ve owned an RF1000. The RF1200 helmets are nothing alike in regards to visibility. Cardboard dense cheek pads? Sure, they both have that, but the design of this viewport is something that hasnt been seen before the pista.

          1400 is for carbon fiber and rossi stickers. Buy the corsa for 700, or the veloce for less. The design of the pista is trickling down the entire product range.

          • Louis

            OK but what is 700 or less getting me? At what point do they go from carbon fiber to fiber glass to polycarbonate shells?

            if the viewing port is not that good for lateral visibility at 1400 does it get better for less?

            I am not trying to debate every aspect of the helmet with you, I have tried it and I thought it was nice. Did it blow my socks off no.

            To be honest my whole gripe with this has more to do with ride apart’s editorial commercial style of product reviews.

            The more I read the more I see they have a select few brands which to them are the end all and be all. So that is not objective journalism, it’s an editorial commercial, Which Is Sad Because I know they have talented writers and can be more subjective.

            • Kr Tong

              Yeah i’m not trying to debate every aspect either. Simply stating that other brands like Shoei are hot on AGV’s heels with the same design, so comparing the two helmet makers is about right.

  • Jack Meoph

    The cut-away in the back of the helmet is the one feature that should be applied to “most” helmets. Even when I’m just sitting on any of my bikes in a normal riding position, the back part of the helmet will always hit the collar of my jackets. This is any helmet/jacket combo that I have, and I have a few. The higher aperture is also an improvement. When I use get in a more aggressive position, the top part of the helmet would invariably get shoved down into my field of vision, limiting how far ahead I could see. $14K? nope, but $500, yep.

  • Kr Tong

    The only downside is that this is a “spirited” riding helmet only. Your direct field of few downward is pretty limited, like you would be while sitting upright. Mid corner your vision opens way up.

  • mms

    Clicked on this article hoping for a ride report, not a blurb! Was looking at these recently. There is a much more detailed write-up for this helmet on revzilla, as well as some pretty informative customer reviews.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Not to say this isn’t a great helmet, i’m sure it is, but i kind of can’t wait to see the first guy rolling around town in his 1400$ Rossi replica lid. I think i’ll giggle to myself just a little. I personally can only convince myself that helmet quality is worth the price up to about Arai level prices, for majority street riders anyway. Even Arai gets a little silly pushing a grand for their replica helmets…..

  • Diego Martinez

    Just an FYI, it would be, “sole purpose of creating a track focused helmet”, and not, “soul purpose of creating a track focused helmet”.

    • Harve Mil

      Soooooouuullll purpose!