Bell Helmets Commemorative Star Carbon COTA Helmet

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Bell Helmets Star Carbon COTA Helmet

Tribute helmets can be hit or miss. We think this one is a hit.

Bell Helmets has partnered with Circuit of The Americas (COTA), the still-new racing facility outside of Austin, Texas, to create a special commemorative version of their Star Carbon helmet. A “limited number” of the special helmets will be produced, according to a COTA press release. Pricing is $699.95, nearly the same price as the regular Star Carbon with graphics. The Circuit of The Americas Special Edition Bell helmet is available online from the COTA Store.

Bell Helmets Star Carbon COTA Helmet

Continue Reading: COTA’s press release, announcing the partnership>>

  • Aaron Averett

    I kinda dig it. I don’t think I’d want to actually wear it, but it’d be a pretty cool objet d’art to put on a shelf in my office, or my house or something.

    Edit: Not for $700, though. At that price, I’d rather have one of those spiffy schuberth ones that I could actually wear.

    • Justin McClintock

      I kinda feel the same way. That and, while in my head I know Bell does make some good stuff, I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of a Bell helmet being $700.

      • Piglet2010

        I paid $350 for my Bell Star – local metric dealer had lids on sale.

  • Gabe

    I’d be more likely to buy one if it didn’t have the COTA logos all over it. But I like the idea.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    I have never been a graphic helmet kinda guy and probably never will. Nothing is cooler than matte black or white in my opinion. Cheaper too!

    • Jason Fogelson

      I like a little bit of individuality on my helmet, and this one struck me. I liked the unexpected wood grain, kind of ironic over a carbon fiber shell. Not for everybody, but definitely eye-catching and a nice tribute to COTA.

  • Reid


  • JP

    Your site isn’t dead now, but it will be dead pretty soon. I expect anyone associated with RideApart to not get any “exclusives” or test-ride invitations in the near future.

    • Jason Fogelson

      JP — thanks for reading. Hope your business goes well, too.

      • JP

        Well now I just feel like an asshole.

  • Bones Over Metal

    This just in, Bell helmets sells helmets with graphics on them!

    • Jason Fogelson

      Funny — but you won’t find this helmet on the Bell site, only in the COTA store site. So, we thought some folks might be interested when the press release crossed our desks.

      • taba

        I appreciate it.

        Overseas now, but from Austin, I might get one of these. Should annoy the locals.

        • Jason Fogelson

          Send us a picture of you riding with yours when you get it, taba! We’ll run it on the site.

      • Bones Over Metal

        As a reader we give you guys a hard time because we know that RideApart is capable of being a great site. Keep striving for perfection.

  • David

    That’s really slick! I like the design. Its loud but not completely outrageous for the street.. Very Texas. I like the gear heads-up. I read and used a lot of HellForLeather reviews when I was first getting in to motorcycling. I like a lot of these limited run or “only sold by one vendor” items that aren’t your generic Revzilla product.

  • Paul Cypert

    I almost always favor the one color matte helmet…but as a native Texan this is pretty awesome.

  • Davidabl2

    Doesn’t “Meets or exceeds DOT, ECE 22.05″ ;-(

    • Piglet2010

      Pretty sure this is a Snell 2010M lid like other Bell Stars.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Nice i guess, but rather unappealing to anyone who isn’t american, given the graphic, imo. Then again, Texas is basically the centre of the known universe anyway right? /s