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Icon Overlord Jacket Review

We like what Icon has been doing to in recent months to expand its range of motorcycle clothing and gear with a heavy emphasis on quality, safety and comfort.  Recently we got to test and ride with, on a daily basis, its popular Overlord jacket that has been a continual best seller for the company since 2010.

The Gear

If you’re one of those riders who, like me, wears a strange assortment of motorcycle gear simply because it works for you, then maybe you’ll also understand why at times I can look a bit odd on my bike. A few of my friends have even gone so far as to suggest my riding gear has been assembled from a yard sale and that I urgently need an upgrade.

Icon Overlord Jacket

So, for some time now I’ve been looking for a good quality riding jacket that I can wear almost all year round. My criteria was that it had to be well made with good, well-fitting armor and comfortable enough to wear no matter how hot it gets here in Southern California. The armor is an important point for me. Often I’ve found that some of the so called armor in some jackets is nothing more than plastic that is uncomfortable and offers real no protection if you’re unlucky to hit the tarmac.

Icon Overlord Jacket

Icon was apprehensive to let me test the Overlord, as it felt it was more of a sport bike rider’s jacket and was concerned that it would not work for me on cruisers. But based on spec alone the Overlord appeared to be my ideal combination of what I was looking for – mid to heavy weight, good safety points and above all very robust.

Essentially the Overlord is a leather jacket (made according to Icon from premium grade leather), but there are stretch material panels on the arms and perforated leather that together give a high degree of flexibility. Included in the price is removable CE field armor in the elbow and shoulder areas and a dual density CE foam back pad. You can upgrade all of the armor, including the back protector, to D30 for an additional $75.

Icon Overlord Jacket

Inside there’s a quilted, insulated vest that can be removed and a ¾” length zip that can be attached to pants to make it a one-piece fully track legal outfit. The sleeves have a couple of good sized zips that can be opened or closed with a gloved hand and the well finished cuffs fit neatly around gloves.  You also  get a couple of small zippered side pockets on the Overlord’s exterior and an inside pocket that is handy for carrying a phone or a wallet.

There are five colors to choose from in the Overlord range, eye-watering yellow, electric green, a more reserved white, black and the version we tested, black and grey.

Icon Overlord Jacket

The Good

Very nicely constructed, comfortable and, for this rider, a really practical jacket that does everything I wanted. The ventilation works well and although you still get hot at low speeds once you’re on the move the airflow through the jacket is really pretty good. You’re aware of the armor but it’s not constrictive and for a heavy leather jacket it offers a high degree of flexibility. It’s not that expensive either; for the standard Overlord we tested retails at $380. That steps up to $460 for the Overlord Prime and $495 for the Overlord Prime Hero, which feature more advanced armor and different external graphics.

The Bad

This is more subjective than anything. The large Icon logo on the chest is not exactly subtle but if you go for the black or black/gray option it becomes less evident. The round collar is a little large unless you have a neck like a bull. Walking around in the Overlord off the bike makes you look like you’ve been taking steroids thanks to shoulder armor.

Pay attention to Icon sizes. This is quite a tight fitting jacket. For example, whilst you maybe a medium for most of your motorcycle gear with the Overlord you should try the next size up.  Apart from that there’s nothing else to grumble about.

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a really good everyday riding jacket that is easy to wear, has some good all round protection and will probably last you a very long time, take a good look at Icon’s Overlord. The standard version is a decent jacket that does everything we would want and need. That alone will become a regular fixture in this rider’s wardrobe.

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    I’ve been rocking one of these since 2010 (based on previous HFL discussions here and here, and a significant crash test here).

    It’s a great three season jacket, and I pop a heated liner under it when things get colder than 36. The quality on this jacket is what made me an Icon fan, something I have never regretted.

    • http://krtong.com/ Kr Tong

      Sean Smith was a great contributor too. Oh well.

  • Alex

    I have this jacket. It is my only motorcycle jacket. It is a good jacket.

  • http://www.joycomplex.com/ Jeremy Burnich

    I’ve had the jacket and the matching pants for a couple years now. As a daily outfit it can’t be beat. Reasonable price easily upgradable armor. Good quality. Can’t recommend this package more highly.

    • Reid

      I was considering buying the pants just because they aren’t super duper crazy like the equivalent Alpinestars stuff. Thanks for the endorsement!

  • the antagonist

    Wait a minute? A real review? Not just a paid advertisement regurgitating the manufacturer’s ad copy?


    I’ve owned a couple Icon jackets and they were both top notch, good thick leather, solid construction, and thoughtful attention to details. Their style may not be for everyone, but the quality is certainly there.

  • Jason 1199

    “So, for some time now I’ve been looking for a good quality riding jacket that I can wear almost all year round. My criteria was that it had to be well made with good, well-fitting armor and comfortable enough to wear no matter how hot it gets here in Southern California”

    If you can stomach the price an aerostich transit is worth looking into

  • Justin McClintock

    I like this jacket, but that first bad point is a pretty big one to me. I currently have a Tourmaster Coaster II, and while I like it, it’s getting long in the tooth. I’ll be replacing it with something similarly subtle.

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      I went with the Stealth color way for that reason. From futher away then 8 feet the logo ceases to exist.

  • John

    I know I can google it, but what’s the price of this jacket? I seem to have missed it in the review. I did see that you can upgrade from base CE armor to D30 armor for $75.

    • Tim Watson

      It’s there under the ‘good’ section – starts at $380.

      • John


  • Rob M

    Is it just me or are the pictures in this article lacking? No full jacket picture, no picture on a bike, not even a stock ad pic with some girl hanging off the shoulder?

    • Matt McCuen

      Agreed…surprised I have to google the jacket just to see what it looks like.

    • RandomGRK

      So true, I scrolled up and down a few times looking for a pic of the jacket or someone wearing it. Quite silly actually.

  • Guest

    A photo of the whole jacket would have been nice. ;) (Yeah, I know, bitch, bitch, bitch…)

    • Michael Howard

      Sure would be nice to be able to actually delete a post. Yeah, bitch, bitch, bitch. :)

  • Davidabl2

    “A photo of the whole jacket would have been nice.” This calls for a selfie, Mr. Watson. With or without the ole’ deathtrap..

    • NOCHnoch

      But definitely with Cruiserface.

      • Davidabl2

        Goes without saying :-) So I didn’t feel the need ;-)

  • zedro

    What are the armor differences with the Prime?

    • Tim Watson

      You get Icon CE Field Armor Protector on the elbows and shoulders and foam back pad (as per this version of the Overlord). For the Prime you get the same but also external Icon plastic plates on the shoulders, elbow and back.

  • http://hijosrides.tumblr.com/ Exwai

    The fuck is all this zoomed in pictures? I want to see the full jacket!

  • Paolo

    I own an Icon Motorhead…kept my torso safe on a horrible wreck I had a year ago…too bad I was a wearing a open face helmet…oh well, you live, you learn. The jacket is excellent though, still have it!

  • zedro

    Just noticed, why do the Overlord pants (which could be really cool) have the terrible Icon patches over the knees? Why can’t we have good technical street gear that won’t make the wearer look like a total poseur? Is it not enough to pay you for good gear, do we always need to subsidize the purchase with advertising? I’ll pay 10% more for something subtle! I’m frustrsated because pant shopping is driving me nutso….

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      It’s part of the reason why I really, really like this jacket. The Stealth variant (black on black) is actually less expensive by a couple of bucks.

  • charlie

    I wish there were more options from manufacturers to do away with all the freakin logos.

  • Tom Gabriele

    Great article. Clearly reviewed from personal experience. The other commenters here are right.

  • Piglet2010

    I will be HFL’s, er RideApart’s new gear tester. Just get me an old motard with extra crash protection and a large unobstructed parking lot where I can intentionally and repeatedly low-side at speed.