New Yamaha Sport Bike Reveal Coming?

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New Yamaha Sport Bike Reveal

It looks as if something is brewing at Yamaha as it has just launched a teaser website that gives glimpses of a twin-cylinder small capacity sport bike that it will reveal next week.

The countdown video, which has a bit of sci-fi flavor to it, to the new Yamaha sport bike shows very little of the new bike except for brief glimpse of a line drawing, which looks very similar to the YZF-R25 concept track bike that Yamaha revealed last year.

Designed purely for circuit use, the R25 had no lights or mirrors and had slick tires but hinted that Yamaha was looking seriously at the small engine sport bike category.

For some time, the company has made no secret of the fact that it was looking to introduce a brand new 250cc and a 300cc sport bike. It has already registered the Yamaha R3 name around the world, which would be suitable for the larger engine model, while it has been suggested that the R25 name from the concept bike might be applied to the 250cc version.

The chances are that here in the U.S. we will see just the 300cc Yamaha R3 and not the 250cc, which will be offered in countries where there is an engine capacity restriction for novice riders. We’ll be following up on this story when full details and specifications are released next Tuesday.

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  • MichaelEhrgott

    The FZ-07 parallel twin is coming to Canada. Fingers crossed that it will make it here to the U.S. cause that would be awesome!

    • Michael

      The FZ-07 would be a very compelling offering. A roughly $6500 naked bike that produces 75 hp and weighs just under 400 pounds wet is a real winner! I just recently purchased a Honda CB500F and love it. However, I might consider an upgrade to an FZ-07 if it makes it to the US.

      • Reid

        If the FZ-07 comes to the states and doesn’t have the same problems as the FZ-09 (snatchy throttle and no option for less than crummy suspension), while retaining its virtues (strong performance and good value) then it’s going to be pretty dang hard not to judge myself harshly for having bought my lovely, overpriced Austrian steed.

      • hunkyleepickle

        I’m less excited for the FZ-07 in Canada, just because it has a parallel twin engine, correct? I’m just not that big a fan of that configuration, although i understand how desirable it can be for its practicality and economy….

        • Michael

          Yes, parallel twin. Should a motorcycle have more than two cylinders? Even high performance cars (e.g., BMW three series) have four cylinder engines. Does a motorcycle really need three cylinders or four cylinders?

          • hunkyleepickle

            Well a ninja 650 parallel twin will never perform like a zx-6r inline 4 cylinder, and a CBR 500r will never be a CBR 600rr inline 4 cylinder. Like i said, as far as economy and overall urban practicality goes, parallel twins are amazing. But you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would say a parallel twin has the character or performance of a triumph triple or BMW inline 4. So maybe ‘need’ is the wrong way of looking at it. no motorcycle really needs more than say 40-50 hp, but thats not really the point.

            • Mykola

              “Supersport” was never in the design brief for the EX650 motor or the new Honda 500s. The only 2-cylinder sportbikes I can think of are 90-degree v-twins, but I wonder what would happen if a manufacturer really tried to make a red-hot inline-twin.

              • Sjef

                Yamaha did in the 90′s its called the TRX.
                Just bought one and the noise is heavenly.

        • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

          I believe it’s a 270 degree crank though, just like a Husqvarna Nuda (ever heard that bike with an akrapovic? it’s awesome.) Gives it “character” similar to a v-twin. The “boring” parallel twins like the cb500 and ninja 650 are 180 cranks. There’s a lot more to it than just the number of cylinders.

          • Piglet2010

            Wasn’t the Nuda engine based on the current BMW parallel-twin?

            I prefer a 180° crank in a parallel-twin, such as the Bonnie and Ninjette have, or a V-twin with an offset crank for an even firing order.

    • RyYYZ

      Yeah, it’s up on Yamaha Canada’s website, which I was just looking at, already – listed as an ’05 model.

      I’d like to see a Fazer-07 or Fazer-09, with a half fairing for a little wind and weather protection. It’s pretty much either of these needs to make a decent smaller sport-tourer.

  • hunkyleepickle

    I can see it now, new R3, revised R6, and in a year or so an R9 with their lovely new triple engine from the FZ-09. I would be very interested in a sub 400cc focused sport bike, i.e. the R3 or KTM RC390. Just promise me it won’t be totally budget minded like the trend has been going, and colour me excited!

    • zombarian

      Budget minded isn’t all that bad if your’e willing to do some work yourself, someone will likely find an inexpensive shock option for the rear and then you just have to deal with the front suspension and maybe the brakes.

  • Craig McMillian

    I sooooo hope they bring a small displacement sports bike to the US. Not everyone needs a liter bike haha

    • PaddingtonPoohBear

      Amen! I get plenty of thrills on the littlest Ninja. =)

  • James

    Where’s wes?

    • Chris McAlevy

      Left the site; said something about it being a really ugly parting on his facebook. drama drama etc, i assume.

      • Mister X

        A lot of growing up to do with that boy, still, sad to see him go though.

    • James

      Wasn’t he the face of HFL/RA?

      • Scott T

        RideApart launched in May 2013, Wes made the announcement that HFL had been acquired by RideApart in Aug 2012, so I would say he was more than just the “face” (he also described himself as co-founder and vice president of RideApart). Seems like something crappy happened.

        • James

          With so many RA articles mentioning how important it is for the entire motorcycling industry to capture the younger demographics, you’d think they’d find a way to hold onto wes. Instead RA has someone who is in his late 40s/early 50s, described as a VETERAN of the auto industry, and began as a cruiser editor for RA.

          • Scott T

            Too true, and the quality of the articles has gone down noticeably since Wes’ “disappearance”. No actual riding impressions, lots of re-worded manufacturers statements, and very short articles. I’m just hoping Wes resurfaces soon, cause while he may have been opinionated and polarizing, his writing was worth reading, a rarity in motorcycle journalism.

  • Andrew Pickle

    I would love for it to be a small displacement 4 cylinder, if only for the sound. I love looking up clips of the ZX-2Rs, CBR250RRs, etc.

    • Flying Couch

      I’d love it for the sound and also for some variety – we’ve got a twin from Kawasaki, a more relaxed, more undersquare twin from Suzuki, and a thumper from Honda. Would be neat to see a screaming four-cylinder added to the array.

  • Piglet2010

    If it comes with a Showa Big Piston Fork and Balance-Free shock I am interested. Otherwise, meh.

  • KC

    It looks a bit like an RC390 (that’s good), but with Yamaha’s stronger dealer network (that’s better). I’m interested.

  • Innis O’Rourke

    That “reveal” was so disappointing

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    A scooter… blah.

  • Michael

    That was the absolute lamest teaser ever! They revealed the TriCity scooter this morning. There was no information about the second product, presumably a small displacement sport bike.