News: 2014 Honda NM4 Vultus Concept Bike

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2014 Honda NM4 Vultus Concept Bike

Is this a glimpse into the future of Big Red? At the Osaka (Japan) Motorcycle Show, Honda took the covers off of two versions of its new production model “NM4,” said to be planned for production in the near future.

Honda often develops keywords for its concept bikes, words that help their design and engineering team to measure the bike against emotional goals. For the 2014 Honda NM4 Vultus concept bike, the keywords were “Neo-futuristic” and “provocative.” The limited photographic evidence that we’ve seen so far seems to suggest that Honda’s designers have hit the target.

2014 Honda NM4 Concept Bike

There’s a definite kinship with the CTX design language, with long, low and horizontal elements prevailing. Full LED lighting, swept-back handlebars and sleek, integrated luggage and bodywork take the visual impact of the CTX family a step further into the future. The Honda NM4 Vultus is announced with a seriously low seat height (650 mm or 25.59″), a 745cc inline two-cylinder engine and a dual clutch transmission, riding on an 18″ front and 17″ rear wheel. The rear tire is 200 mm wide, which should give the bike an aggressive look from the rear.

No word yet on a production date, or whether or not we’ll get to see the NM4 here in the United St.

2014 Honda NM4 Concept Bike

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  • Fava d’Aronne

    I am sure I am not the only one to have thought of Akira…

    • Thomas Whitener

      “The visual creative spark was fired by the futuristic bikes seen in the anime and manga* television and film styles. Known collectively as “Japanimation”, in Japan both genres have long been very grown-up entertainment, woven into the fabric of life; now, the philosophy, attitude, fashion and feeling are worldwide and mainstream phenomena.”

      No, I think that the people at Honda were thinking that too.

      • Heath Collins

        I need to see this thing in red, ASAP.

        • Strafer

          crude ps

        • Strafer


          • Jack Meoph

            nice hahahahaha

            • Heath Collins

              It looks kinda nice… I’m just scared it’ll be lacking similar character and performance that it’s fictional inspiration has.

              • Piglet2010

                Under the skin, it is a NC750X DCT.

          • blackcayman

            it was only a matter of time

          • eddi

            Actually I think it looks better in red. And that’s not my number one color pick normally.

    • Paolo

      No you were not!

  • Archie

    It’s actually starting to grow on me since first seeing it and projectile vomiting on everything within a 45 degree span in front of me.

    Ditch the back rest, make the tail section shorter and cover slightly more of the rear tire on side profile, put a dual-headlamp system on the front cowl where those storage compartments currently are, make the front tire hugger more aggressive to match the rest of the bike, put some more radical wheels on it. Then, put the current Fireblade engine in there and tune it for torque (S1000R style) to justify that 200 rear tire. Add proper brakes/forks and ta-da! You have a motorcycle ACTUAL motorcyclists would be interested in. You can’t introduce such a radical looking bike and expect it to sell using your cheapest, least exciting running gear to move the bloody thing. It could easily compete with the likes of the VMAX and Diavel if they wanted it to.

    • Piglet2010

      “Then, put the current Fireblade engine in there and tune it for torque (S1000R style) to justify that 200 rear tire.”

      If that is your goal, the VFR1200F DCT drive-train would make more sense.

      • Archie

        Yes, because putting one of their most bland and underpowered engines in as a replacement for their MOST bland and underpowered engine is exactly what it needs to spice things up. Not at all what I was getting at, sorry. Like I said at the end, it’s got potential to compete with the already existing “power cruiser” market if they did things right. A yawn-fest DCT V4 isn’t what it needs. Never mind that it’d be impossible to fit any manner of V-configuration engine in that bike.

        • Piglet2010

          “…one of their most bland and underpowered engines…”

          You must not be aware of the 745 and 1312cc Honda V-twin cruiser engines.

          • Archie

            Can’t say I’ve ever ridden one but “one of” saves me there.

  • Justin McClintock

    Honda’s designers used way too much acid in the 70s and are now having some really bad side effects. First, the DN-01, now this. Must have been some strong stuff.

    • Justin McClintock

      And what’s with Honda’s conviction that they need to take the worst parts of a cruiser and a sport-bike and combine them anyway? No. Just no.

      • Piglet2010

        I’m waiting for a hypothetical CRF300M from Honda.

        • Justin McClintock

          That could be pretty cool….which is why they probably won’t do it.

  • Don Fraser

    It’s cool, rear seat flips up to be a back rest, storage inside all that plastic in front, logical progression in design.

  • Slowtire

    Looks like a motorcycle arcade game.

  • Reid


  • Mr. White

    A souped-up, armored scooter for a geriatric Robocop?

  • Khali

    I have read that it is not a prototype, but a production-ready model, that will be ready for sale in Europe in a few months (maybe this summer).

    • Mister X

      I agree, can’t miss the factory sticker on the fuel tank, no concept would have that on it.

    • Charles Quinn

      Well they’ve given it a model year right up front, so I agree, it’s ready to go.

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    It’s rather interesting… but will anyone buy one?

    • Justin McClintock

      See: DN-01.

      • Charles Quinn

        I like it better than the DN-01 though. At least they’ve gone the whole hog here. Side-on it’s a really coherent shape (although it may not be a shape everyone likes). And I love the way that front-on it seems to be saying to the baggers, “Nah, that’s not a batwing. THIS is a batwing”.

      • Piglet2010

        The Vultus will be half the cost of the DN-01.

        • Justin McClintock

          And in the US, the same sales.

          • Piglet2010

            I predict double the sales – 4 instead of 2.

    • Piglet2010

      In the all important South/SW-Asian market yes. In the US and Europe, probably not very many.

  • JP

    8 inches longer than a Ninja 1000 (which has a bigger engine).

    59.6in/1445mm vs 64.7in/1645mm

  • Jack Meoph

    I don’t understand the cruiser/lounge type seating, on this or any other bike. I thought Honda was heading in the right direction with their new 500′s, and then this: back to being weird and ugly.

    • Scott Otte

      It took me a while to figure out where you would put your feet. I kept on thinking to myself there is no way they would have forward controls… apparently I’m wrong.

    • Mr. White

      Nothing says sexy and high performance like a backrest.

      • Michael Howard

        Though, to be fair, if you’re not leaned forward in a “sportbike crouch”, you need SOMETHING to help you deal with the massive acceleration from that powerhouse of an engine.

        • Piglet2010

          Sarcasm aside, that is why Carpenter Racing put a backrest on their 240-HP modded Triumph Rocket III.

    • Michael Howard

      A company CAN make a variety of vastly different bikes, ya know. ;) A company the size of Honda should be making just about everything imaginable.

  • IRS4

    I’,m going to join the “don’t knock it til ya tried it” school on these types of bikes. Could be a lot of fun, if word about the Gurney Gator was any indication.

  • anthony

    A leather clad bishoujo makes it look better

    • Jack Meoph

      I would buy one, now that the accessory has been added.

      • Thomas Whitener

        I’d buy two.

    • Rob M

      Leather makes pretty much everything better.

      • eddi

        Nothing says sexy and sensible like motorcycle leathers on a lady.

  • kevin

    Looks to me like the CTX700 in even more ridiculous space-odyssey bodywork. I’m sure it’s the same engine as the new NC750…

  • Campisi

    The engine can’t drop below 5,000 even when you’re changing gears.

    • chris ordanez

      Twin ceramic rotors.

  • Charles Quinn

    This is only a step further than the pimped out megascoots that already roam the streets of Tokyo. Not sure it will make much sense anywhere else. But it did make the front page of the BBC website …

  • Charles Quinn

    Wait, you can change the background colour on the clocks? I’m getting one.

  • markbvt

    Oh good, it’s a DN-02. Because the DN-01 was so wildly popular…

    • KC

      DN-02! That’s brilliant. Actually it makes the DN-01 look good.

      Overall, I like Honda’s engineering prowess. They’re masters of metal. Plastic? Not so much.

  • Stephen Mears

    Suzuki should just make this. Start things off right:

  • hunkyleepickle

    while i appreciate original design…i really cannot see who would buy this, in any country. A north american sized design, and asian market design lines and features. I’m so utterly confused….

  • John

    It’s hideous. RoboCop screwed Alien and this popped out.

    WTF can’t Honda build something actually cool, like a CB500X off roader or an ST800 or a nake ST1300 boulevard cruiser or something. Sheesh.

  • KC

    This is a Honda Integra scooter dressed for a costume party. I understand that part, but a chain and gears for the final drive? If you want something as easy to ride and own as a scooter then why something messy and high maintenance as a chain? Go with shaft or belt drive.

    I don’t mind a chain on a motorcycle. It’s light and efficient. The trade-off is a little messiness now and then. I’d think a scooter is more about “twist and go” and bring it in for service now and then.

    • Ansuz

      One can also say the Vultus is an NC700X dressed for a costume party => Vultus not a scooter => Chain is fine

      Side note: Scooters are defined as motorcycles with a step through frame. This does not have that.

  • Chris Cope

    3 feet from port to starboard; you won’t be filtering with this. But I still genuinely like the look of it — especially with the panniers on it. If/when it comes out I will definitely give it a test ride. As @ThinkingInImages:disqus pointed out, though, a chain seems like a bad call. Looking at this bike, especially with panniers on, the chain doesn’t look terribly accessible. That factor could change my mind against one of these. I am assuming Honda with this and the CTX range is mostly targeting people who would prefer to pay a mechanic to handle maintenance and such. But do they expect you to visit a garage as often as would be needed to maintain a chain?

  • Speedo007

    The population is getting older, not blind.

  • Scott

    I actually like the way it looks. It’s a bit under powered and heavy but with any luck there will be some improvements.

  • Luke

    Wheelbase looks really long. I’m sure it won’t be fun in twisty roads, but for someone who want the cruiser experience without any comparison to the HD crowd, maybe? If it were just slightly shorter/smaller, I could see it as an entry bike for those who want style over function/history. Sort of like the original Audi TT – it wasn’t the best performing car at it’s price point (or the most luxurious, etc…), but it made a strong style statement and if you didn’t have experience driving other sports cars at it’s price point, it was a lot of fun.

  • Truthbot

    Looks kinda weird. Would look better without the backrest. Nice to see Honda trying something new.