News: Ducati Desmosedici GP14 Qatar Debut

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This weekend will be the debut of Ducati’s latest premier-class racing arsenal as well as Dorna’s new MotoGP classification structure under the lights of Qatar. The new class buckets are Factory, Factory 2 and Open.

The Factory arena will be for teams willing to develop and maintain 100% prototype machines with proprietary software and limited engines over the course of the season as well as limited fuel for each race. The Open end of the paddock will mainly be comprised of satellite teams supplied with spec software provided by race officials but will be allowed more engines during the season and fuel over the course of each race.


Dorna made a last minute addition to this breakdown by adding a Factory 2 class which will be for teams who begin to dominate the Open field. Any team that wins one race, lands two second place finishes or takes three third places in the Open class will be limited to nine engines from 12 and 22.5 liters of fuel from 24 for the remainder of the season. Additionally, it has been announced that all teams will be restricted to spec software in 2016 so the days of Wild West software development are coming to an end.

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  • Justin McClintock

    Nice frame. Or not.

  • Shea O’Connell

    What’s with high and low level exhausts? Just seems a bit odd, although it would look nuts with a twin-low pipe and an underseat one!

    • runnermatt

      There was a recent article on another motorcycle website that asked the same thing. The basics was that is easier to tune a V4 engine and exhaust if each bank of cylinders has it’s own exhaust. There is more more time for exhaust pulses to clear before the next cylinder opens it’s exhaust valves.

      • Michael Howard

        Makes it easier to keep the exhaust length the same for each bank of cylinders.